15 Bathroom Updates That You Should Consider Now.

With the current state of things, it can be a beneficial time to look at updating your bathroom and starting a new home project that is straightforward and simple. Below are 15 ideas that you can undertake at any point during this pandemic, and while many are straightforward and simple, some are more time intensive than others, so keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that there is a difference between master and regular bathrooms, as master bathrooms will take much more work to complete than a regular bathroom, so plan accordingly.

How to make bathroom updates safely during Covid-19

The most important step before updating your bathroom is staying safe. With the current climate with Covid-19, it is key that you keep minimal distance and have social interactions kept to a minimum. Below are some important steps to take when hiring a contractor during this time; if you choose this direction with your projects.

  • Keep minimum safe distance
  • Keep social interactions to a minimum
  • Practice good hygiene
  • Use disposal cleaning surfaces and covers before undertaking any project
  • Apply disinfect and cleaning solution regularly.

15 bathroom updates for 2020

Think about a new bathroom theme

A bathroom’s theme can greatly influence it’s initial mood and appearance to guests. Common bathrooms usually follow some form of theme, whether it be modern, nautical, classic or retro. What theme suits your house will be dependent on you, but if you’ve been using a particular theme for a long while, it may do good to change it for something else for a breath of fresh air. This update can be done DIY, although depending on how extensive you want to change your theme, you may require professional assistance if you want to replace bathtubs or sinks.

bathroom theme.

Painting your bathroom walls

Sometimes, a different color can make all the difference in the world. By painting your bathroom walls, you can drastically affect the mood and feel of the bathroom, either with bright colors for a warmer tone, or darker colors for a more modern feel. The best part about this update is that it doesn’t take too much effort and can be achieved at a very affordable price without requiring any safety precaution besides proper ventilation.

painting bathroom.

Adding New Mirrors

Mirrors and windows always make a great addition to a bathroom. Although it may add another object that requires some upkeep, having additional mirrors in a bathroom can make your bathroom appear much larger than it actually is. Having multiple mirrors adds a more inviting feel to the bathroom, while also providing a place where multiple people can get ready and organized. This update can be done DIY without any additional assistance.

adding mirrors.

Organizing Existing Storage

Storage is an important aspect of any bathroom, and it is important that any bathroom contains an area to store any number of useful items. While you can certainly add new cabinets and shelves, you can simply organize your existing storage. This of course helps those in your household find items immediately, but also helps to make your bathroom look more presentable with objects being organized instead of being stored haphazardly. This can be done by yourself with no additional assistance needed.

existing storage.

Installing new sink fixtures

Although it may seem costly initially, new sink fixtures can provide a breath of fresh air to an older bathroom. The existence of polished gold, brass or nickel can do wonders to change the feel and appearance of an old bathroom while ensuring that your sink fixtures are switched out to avoid rusting or maintenance problems down the road. This step can be DIY, but also may require professional help if you are inexperienced.

faucet and sink.

Adding New Tile Patterns (without replacing)

Updating your tile patterns can be another possible source of changing the feel of your bathroom. Although many tile patterns will require swapping out the existing tile, there are several patterns that do not require replacing your existing tile patterns. This is an easy DIY project that can both change the mood of your bathroom while updating the feel of walking in your bathroom itself. This update can be DIY, but may require professional help if inexperienced.

adding tile patterns.

Painting your bathtubs

As stated previously, adding color to your bathroom is always an added plus. Painting your bathtub can drastically change the mood of your bathroom, with brighter colors adding more life and virility and darker colors adding a more modern flair to your bathroom. Additionally, painting your bathtub also provides a cheaper alternative to installing a new bathtub if you want to update the look of an older tub. This update can be DIY with proper ventilation.

painting bathtub.

Adding a new bathtub

If you don’t want to paint your bathtub, adding a new bathtub or shower is also another great option. With the addition of a new bathtub or shower, you can add a whole new dimension to your existing bathroom that wasn’t available before. Perhaps you had a wall drop-in, and now you purchased a freestanding tub, providing a greater degree of space to add more fixtures. The addition of a new bathtub can greatly add a whole new avenue of possibilities for you. Professional assistance is recommended for this update.

new bathtub in 2020.

Installing new sinks

Sinks may not appear as vital as bathtubs or other fixtures, but adding a new sink can greatly improve the tone and appeal of a bathroom. By having additional sinks, you can greatly increase the number of users in your bathroom, which makes your bathroom much more versatile. Perhaps you had just a simple vanity drop-in sink before, and now you have an additional wall-mounted sink installed. In addition to the sink improving the usability of your bathroom, it is also aesthetically attractive and unobtrusive in terms of space. Professional assistance is recommended for this update.

installing new sinks.

Adding new bathroom rugs

New rugs can be a welcome change. Bathroom rugs in general require constant maintenance as they are in an environment that is constantly wet and damp. By changing your rugs, you are not only improving the mood of your bathroom by adding new designs, but you are also improving the health of the rugs by swapping them out and allowing them to dry. This update is another inexpensive and simple option, and it can greatly enhance the mood of your bathroom by making it seem more welcoming if you have comfortable bathroom rugs available for your guests to walk on.

adding new rugs to bathroom.

Updating Shower heads

Low water pressure is a common problem that plagues many showers. A common fix to this problem is updating your shower heads, which provides better options for showering. While many updates on this list are aesthetically pleasing over function, this update is less about changing the atmosphere of your bathroom and more about creating a more pleasurable experience for those in your househ This step can be done DIY without any additional safety measures taken.

updating shower head.

Adding Shelves

More fixtures and vanities are always a welcome thing. By adding more shelves to your bathroom, you can increase the number of objects on display. Perhaps you can add live plants to your bathroom, or have it function in a more practical sense, with having more space to store toilet paper or bathroom necessities. With more storage space, you can make your bathroom appear more self-reliant and welcoming to guests. Professional assistance is recommended if inexperienced.

adding shelves.

Brighten up your bathroom

Brighten up your bathroom with natural light or artificial light. Adding more light to your bathroom can put a whole new light on your bathroom, no pun intended. With a larger window installed or strategically placed lighting, you can create a more cozy environment to your bathroom as opposed to a poorly lit little room. Lighting makes an area seem more attractive, and either through a natural or artificial source, you can certainly make visitors feel more welcome. This update is DIY but professional assistance is recommended if inexperienced.

bright bathroom.

Adding new hand towels and accents

New hand towels can provide a welcome greeting to your guests. New hand towels, vanity accents and fixtures can help create a more comfortable setting in any bathroom. Since hand towels are inexpensive, this is a great update to undertake as you can experiment with different colors and designs so that you can ensure that your bathroom displays the correct mood you desire. This update is DIY and very simple and straightforward.

towels and accents.

Rethinking your cabinets

Cabinets are a main staple in many bathrooms, both providing storage as well as providing an aesthetic boost. Rethinking your cabinets can greatly improve the mood of your bathroom while being fairly simple and inexpensive. Perhaps you want to do glass doors, so that the contents are displayed easily, or you want to install a mirror door to the cabinet so it has more function. Perhaps you want to do away with the cabinet together and just have shelves and racks for storing. There are a multitude of options available that can both boost your bathroom’s appeal while improving its function. This update is DIY thought professional assistance is recommended if inexperienced.

new cabinets.

Updating your bathroom can create a whole new atmosphere for your guests and the rest of your household. As discussed above, there are a multitude of options available and you are welcome to spend as much as you are comfortable with, so don’t hesitate to update your bathroom today. 

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