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Stone Resin Guide: Common Questions About Stone Resin

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by Badeloft | April 14, 2018

A common question in home improvement is what material to choose. There are quite a number of different materials on the market, each with their benefits and negatives-essentially you often get what you pay for. Fiberglass looks nice enough but is very flimsy, copper is very sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, but costs a fortune in comparison-stone resin on the other hand falls in the middle of the materials spectrum, it carries a nice sheen and luster of polished stone, is very durable, will raise the value of your home and all at a price half of natural stone.


What is stone resin?

Stone resin is made by taking shards of stone, binding them with a strong adhesive and molding them in with a special resin. The resulting mixture is then capped with acrylic or other coatings to ensure that the surface and core is protected and scratch resistant. And, because it is made from resin, the material is much lighter than normal stone without losing it’s durability.

What common items are made from stone resin?

Stone resin can be formed to make a number of common home items such as tile for flooring, bathtubs, sinks, showers, garden stones and even some jewelry as well.

stone resin counter sink

What are the benefits of stone resin?

In addition to being lightweight and affordable, there is a reason this material has a bit of an edge when compared to other commonplace bathtub materials such as acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain and cast iron. The material will not warp overtime unlike fiberglass and acrylic, nor will it break, shatter or chip due to heavy impacts from accidental drops or falls like porcelain will and, as stated before, the material is as durable as cast iron with being four times lighter than it. It is non-porous, meaning it will not absorb water unlike fiberglass and acrylic, which means the structural integrity of it will never change, it also has excellent heat retention on par with higher end materials like enameled steel and copper. And lastly, stone resin is very eco-friendly, made from recycled materials with an entirely green production model. With the added benefit of being a durable material, it will also not create waste as stone resin bathtubs will last several lifetimes.

How to clean and maintain stone resin

Surprisingly, stone resin is also quite easy to maintain and clean, as most stains or dirt can be washed away with water and can also be polished easily as well. Simply use a soap based solution or any non-abrasive cleaners to remove any buildup or stains down the line. Avoid using acidic based cleaners or abrasive cleaners as it will damage and remove the finish over time.

How long does stone resin last with good maintenance?

With good care and proper maintenance, stone resin can last a lifetime easily.

stone resin sink

Is stone resin breakable?

Stone resin is quite durable-it can withstand heavy impacts, much better than either acrylic, fiberglass or porcelain, though it is advised to not drop heavy objects in your bathtub often. While bathtubs tend to crack or break, stone resin is a more durable material that can withstand heavy usage. The nature of the material also will not change, allowing it to retain its shape over long periods of time, something that is not characteristic of either acrylic or fiberglass tubs, which will warp over time due to water seepage.

How heavy is stone resin?

While it is considerably lighter to natural or cast stone, stone resin is still quite heavy as it is formed from raw materials, primarily the stone you select in addition to the resin mixture, so take care when installing.

Why should I buy a stone resin bathtub or sink?

In addition to having a sleek and modern design, stone resin is also quite durable, lasting the test of time. For your bathtub or sink, the material also has excellent heat retention, allowing for longer baths or warmer washing, coupled with being quite easy to clean. All this combined with the fact that the material is quite affordable, the better question is why shouldn’t you buy a stone resin?

Stone resin is a wonderfully flexible and easy to maintain material that comes in a wide variety of styles and colors that look great and provides a solid foundation for any bathroom or space. Whether you are in the market for just another sink or you are looking into a more substantial upgrade to your bathtub or shower, consider buying stone resin.

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Lucy Amaral
Lucy Amaral
9 months ago

Is the resin bathtub become yellow after 15 years?

9 months ago
Reply to  Lucy Amaral

our stone resin bathtubs do not yellow after 15 years. We have a warranty to ensure that your tubs are protected: