Are Large Bathroom Mirrors In Style?

The answer will largely depend on your style and personal tastes. A large mirror helps tie your bathroom together, and many styles blend well with modern and classic tastes. So let us explore the mirror styles available and see if they are the right fit for your home.

9 Types Of Large Bathroom Mirrors That Are In Style in 2022

If you are looking for a stylish addition to your bathroom, here are the large bathroom mirrors that are in style currently:

1. Circular Mirrors

Circular remains a staple of both modern and classic design. However, a large circular mirror can create a more relaxing aesthetic and is certainly not a trend that will go out of style anytime soon. 

2. Curved Edge Mirrors

Curved styles remain a popular choice; the shape of the mirror is excellent for softening the angular bathroom spaces. 

3. Iron Edge Mirrors

Arched mirrors with iron edging are versatile with any color scheme. However, keep in mind that the mirror can be pretty heavy and is not suitable for hanging.

4. Geometric Shape Mirrors

Geometric shape mirrors offer an exciting design that pairs well with modern bathrooms. Simple framing helps to keep the focus on the unusual form.

5. Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors offer a practical and manageable option for your bathroom. The unique frame can mesh with any decor you’d like, such as wood or metal, to provide a rustic feel or a more modern one. 

6. Collage Mirrors

Collage mirrors offer a simple way of decorating a large area of a bathroom wall. The mirror fits well with both vintage and modern designs, and you can obtain any array of similar mirrors for cheap and combine them into a collage for inexpensive wall decoration. 

7. Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are never going out of style as they compliment the use of the mirror, allowing for better viewing light and a reflecting surface for applying makeup, skincare, brushing your teeth, or general hygiene. 

8. Venetian Mirrors

Venetian mirrors provide vintage and classic aesthetic to any space. While it isn’t suited for every bathroom, the classic style can add a hint of refinement to any bathroom.

9. Hanging Mirrors

Hanging mirrors remain popular because they are easy to install and blend well with many different color schemes. Instead of having one large, stationary mirror, you have multiple mirrors that can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. 

Types Of Large Bathroom Mirrors That Are Out Of Style

As with all fashion, eventually, some mirrors fall out of favor due to their impracticality or design. Here are some mirrors that simply aren’t in style anymore:

1. Mirror Walls

Mirror walls have fallen out of popularity simply because they are way too large for any bathroom. The design can be overwhelming in a home environment and creates too much exposure. Additionally, dirt and debris is highly visible in a mirror that large and any cracks will require complete replacement, making it impractical. 

2. Oval Mirrors

Oval mirrors have fallen out of style as round, square, and rectangular mirrors have effectively replaced it. The other shapes provide easy pairing and framing options, whereas oval mirrors look and feel dated by comparison. 

3. Bevel-strip Mirrors

The bevel strip mirror is out of fashion primarily due to its large size and conflicting design. In addition, the attractive quality of the mirror now looks dated as it clashes with both modern and classic designs. 

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