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Can You Add Large Tiles In A Small Bathroom?

Yes, you can add large tiles to your small bathroom. The installation is quicker, and the tiles require less maintenance than smaller tiles, but there are also a few

Advantages of Using Large Tiles

There are many advantages of using large tiles in your bathroom. Below are the most common and useful advantages that you should consider.

1. Durability

Large tiles are more durable and tougher than smaller tiles due to the thickness of the tile itself.

2. Water Resistance

Larger tiles are more water-resistant than smaller tiles because there is less space for water to be absorbed. In addition, the lack of grout lines eliminates much of the water problem that smaller tiles deal with. 

3. Fewer Grout Lines

Larger tiles mean fewer tiles to place, which results in fewer grout lines. The lack of grout lines makes it much easier to clean when compared to small tiles. 

4. Quicker Installation

Large tiles are much quicker to install compared to small tiles because the tile itself is larger, covering a wider area. Quicker installation times can also reduce labor costs compared to small tile installs.  

Disadvantages of using large tiles

While they have many benefits, large tiles do come with some noted drawbacks:

1. More Expensive Installation

Larger tiles can be more expensive to install simply because they are heavy and unwieldy, requiring multiple people. So they can be more expensive initially, but they will reduce installation time. 

2. Surfaces Must Be Completely Flat

The surface of your bathroom needs to be completely flat to install large tiles; otherwise, they won’t bond properly, and you will encounter issues down the line. 

Types of tiles shapes and materials


  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Subway Square
  • Hexagon
  • Hybrid shapes


  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Vinyl
  • Pebble
  • Glass

Tips on how to use large tiles in a bathroom

Large bathroom tiles can have incredible effect on your bathroom style and feel. There are many different ways to consider how to incorporate larger tiles in your bathroom. Here is what you should consider before you start adding new large tiles to your bathroom.

1. Measure The Space

Measuring the space is crucial before starting any project as any mistakes can compound, creating larger issues down the line. When calculating the amount of tile needed, you want to multiply the length of the area by the width to find the square footage. After, you want to add extra footage to account for waste, usually 20 percent of the square footage. This gives you an accurate reading of how many tiles you need and how much space you plan to cover. 

2. Buy Enough Tiles

Based on the information you just obtained, you want to buy more than the minimum of tiles you measured. Stopping a project because you ran out of materials will be much more costly, so buying extra is better. Typically you want to order 20 percent extra than what you need and save the extra tile for future projects.

3. Prepare Before You Begin

Ensure that your working area is clean, smooth, and solid. If any aspect of your work area is dirty, the tiles won’t adhere correctly and may crack or loosen due to the uneven level. So, take the time and properly prep your area before working.

4. Use A Diagonal Pattern

Optical illusions can help save materials by making a small space seem large. A diagonal pattern layout can simultaneously emphasize the length and width of your tile. However, before you start, draw a layout of the pattern, then mark, measure and cut tiles to the appropriate length-the rest is straightforward.

5. Avoid Shiny Tiles

Glossy tiles may be appealing, but they can be very slippery and dangerous. Most tiles are rated according to their slip resistance, so you can avoid this and order the correct tiles for your bathroom. 

6. Keep It Simple

Remember to keep things simple. Too many bold colors and patterns can overwhelm a space. Instead, stick to using one color for the lights, floors, and walls, and introduce a secondary color here and there. You want your colors to contrast and compliment each other, so less is more.

Remodel Your Small Bathroom With Large Tiles Now

Large tiles provide many benefits to a small bathroom and can transform the space. In addition, Badeloft offers a wide selection of high-quality centerpieces for your remodel, with various styles and colors to choose from. To view our selection of products, click here. Or, for a free sample swatch, or if you have any questions about our products, contact us here.

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