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Our Warranty

Badeloft Limited Warranty

Badeloft  USA,  LLC  (“Badeloft”)  products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship  (the  “Badeloft  Warranty”), subject to the limitations set forth below.

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Residential  Applications  (10-­‐Year  Residential  Warranty):

All  Badeloft  stone  resin  bathtubs,  sinks  and  Parts  purchased  for  residential  use  only  are  warranted  here under  for  ten  (10)  years   from  the  date  of  original  purchase,  subject  to  the  limitations  set  forth  below.  As  used  herein,  “Parts”  means  all  mechanical   working  parts  of  drains  and  freestanding  faucets  and/or  fillers  (including,  without  limitation,  ceramic  disc  cartridges  for  both   side  valves  and  pressure  balance,  thermo  cartridges,  stops  and  diverters).

Commercial  and/or  Industrial  Applications  (2-­‐Year  Commercial  Warranty):

All  Badeloft  stone  resin  bathtubs  and  sinks  purchased  for  commercial  and/or  industrial  use  (whether  in  whole  or  in  part)  are   warranted  hereunder  for  two  (2)  years  from  the  date  of  original  purchase.  For  the  avoidance  of  doubt,  the  Badeloft  Warranty   does  not  apply  to  Badeloft  Parts  purchased  for  commercial  and/or  industrial  use  (whether  in  whole  or  in  part).

Smart Toilets (3–Year Residential Warranty):

Electronic Part Warranty (Three Years):

The electronic parts, specifically referring to the smart bidet seat part, and any other components capable of separation from the porcelain, including but not limited to the kick button, flush valve are warranted for a duration of three (3) years.

One-Year Replacement Warranty:

In the first year of purchase, Badeloft USA® provides a one (1) year replacement warranty. Badeloft USA® will directly replace the product for the customer.

Three-Year Replacement Parts Warranty:

For the subsequent two years (totaling three years from the date of purchase), Badeloft USA® will provide replacement parts to the customer to address any issues or problems with the Product.

Porcelain Parts Warranty (Lifetime, Limited to One Installation):

The base part, referring to the porcelain component, is warranted for a lifetime. This warranty is limited to one installation and is non-transferable.

Limitations  of  the  Badeloft  Warranty:

Regardless  of  intended  and/or  actual  use,  the  Badeloft  Warranty  is  limited  to  products  purchased  directly  from  Badeloft  in  the   United  States.  The  Badeloft  Warranty  is  further  strictly  limited  to  the  original  purchaser  of  the  product  and  is  not  transferable.   The  original  sales  receipt  must  be  provided  to  Badeloft  in  order  to  exercise  the  Badeloft  Warranty.  Additionally,  the  Badeloft   Warranty  does  not  cover  the  following:

  1. Loss  and/or  damage   resulting  in  whole  or  part  from  installation  error,  product  abuse,  misuse,  neglect,  improper   maintenance,  abrasives,  corrosion  and/or  accidents,  whether  or  not  caused  or  performed  by  a  professional;
  2. Any  and  all  Badeloft  products  that  are  subjected  to  any  type  of  harsh  abrasives  (including,  without  limitation,  detergents   and/or  window  cleaners);
  3. Loss  and/or  damage  due  to  normal  wear  and  tear;
  4. Loss  and/or  damage  caused  by  hard  water,  calcareous  deposits  and/or  sediments;
  5. Loss  and/or  damage  sustained  in  a  natural  calamity  (including,  without  limitation,  fire,  earthquake,  flood,  thunder  or   electrical  storm).

Limitation  of  Liability:

Badeloft  is  not  responsible  for  any  labor,  shipping  charges,  and/or  damages  whatsoever,  incurred  (whether  in  whole  or  in  part)   on  account  of  installation,  removal,  re-­‐installation,  repair  and/or  replacement  of  any  Badeloft  product,  as  well  as  any  incidental   or  consequential  damages,  expenses,  losses  (whether  direct  or  indirect),  arising  from  any  cause  whatsoever.  Furthermore, Badeloft ’s liability for any loss of and/or damage to the applicable Badeloft product is limited to the replacement value thereof.

Other  Provisions:

To obtain Badeloft Warranty service, please contact Badeloft directly.  Badeloft products that are deemed defective (which determination will be at the sole and absolute discretion of Badeloft) must be returned to the Badeloft warehouse for inspection prior to replacement.

Badeloft reserves the right to make  Badeloft product specification changes without notice or obligation,  and to change or discontinue certain models.

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