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About Badeloft's Stone Resin

Our Material

Stone resin is a premium material that utilizes the exceptional properties of dolomite.

Badeloft products are made from the highest quality stone resin (CaMg(CO3)2). Most of the stone is calcium carbonate: which is why we chose it for our bathtubs and sinks. We believe that once you feel the difference, you’ll be in love with the material as well.

How do we craft our stone resin? The process is simple. First, we start out by lining a mould with a gel coat. This provides protection from ultraviolet rays and adds a protective coating. This also allows us to create a dull matte finish or a shiny-glossy one. After the gel coat, we blend the stone resin mix with a binder and heat the end product. Then, we pour this into the mould. Once the stone resin has cured, the mold is removed and we put the final polishes on our product.

This material is top-of-the-line for adding luxury and flair to your bathroom without breaking the bank. While stone resin provides a beautiful, modern aesthetic, it is also functional. Stone resin is easy to maintain and still has the best features of natural stone.

Lasts a Lifetime

The durability of stone resin means you enjoy your bathtub for a lifetime. With proper care and maintenance, a stone resin tub can last anywhere from 50-100 years.

Luxury Look

Meant to emulate the look and feel of natural stone, stone resin provides a highly luxurious look. The sleek designs mesh well with any modern bathroom and can easily elevate your current bathroom.

Easy to Install & Maintain

The bonding process makes stone resin very durable and easy to maintain. Simply wash with warm water and dry with a hand towel to keep your bathtub or sink in perfect order. With our EZ Drop-in Drain, installing your tub is much easier for your plumber.

Heat retention

Stone resin is non-porous and traps heat when warmed. This means extra heat retention for bathing and more enjoyable bath times.


We performed rigorous testing with Escherichia Col (E-Coli) and Staphylococcus(Staph), finding no microbial activity on the material. This means that the unique properties of stone resin prevent bacteria from forming and growing, creating a safe bathing environment and a cleaner bathroom.

High durability

The unique manufacturing process creates a highly durable material but much more flexible and lighter than other materials on the market. It can sustain heavy impact and continual contact with water without diminishing its vibrant color.

Modern Luxury for Your Bathroom

The material looks and feels like natural stone, which pairs beautifully with the sleek design of modern fixtures.

It is constructed from mineral composites with 65% comprised of high-quality calcium and magnesium carbonate. This mixture blends with the remaining 35% of a flexible resin which creates a highly durable material with natural bacteria-fighting properties. The smooth edges contrast well with natural and artificial lighting, making it ideal for a centerpiece in your bathroom.

Dolomite’s main component is calcium magnesium carbonate – CaMg(CO3)2–  a white mineral with a crystalline structure.

Stone resin utilizes dolomite and is made by bonding acrylic polymers and natural materials, creating a material that is non-porous and unaffected by fluctuating moisture or humidity. Because of the bonding process, stone resin offers superior resistance to bacteria, mold, dirt, stains, heat, chemicals, scratching, flaking, and breakage.


Along with its high durability, stone resin is easy to clean and will last a lifetime due to its sound engineering. Stone resin is also much lighter than natural stone which makes it easier to install.

Stone Resin structure


calcium carbonate



Stone resin features

Stone resin material has many advantages and provides the following benefits to your bathroom:

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