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25 Luxurious Bathroom Ideas for 2024

Who doesn’t want a luxurious bathroom? Bathrooms are necessary for any home, so make the space your own with upscale touches that make you want to stay in there and pamper yourself silly. From a waterfall showerhead to a steam room to a freestanding tub, there are many ways to make your private space pop.

The best news is that you can have most of these luxurious options in even the smallest of bathrooms – with the help of a good interior designer and architect, you can create a bathroom that you can’t wait to show off to guests. Though some of these luxury bathroom ideas seem wildly extravagant, most of them can be modified to fit into tighter budgets, too. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity.  

1. Showerheads Galore

Modern, minimal, loft bathroom design with adjustable chrome shower holder, rain shower head, green creeper plant reeded glass partition t in sunlight from window on gray polished cement wall for interior design decoration, toiletries product background 3D

First, there was the traditional, fixed showerhead. Then came removable and adjustable showerheads, which gave you more control over bathing time. The new luxury is rain showerheads, which create an oasis of water around you. These showerheads can turn your bathroom into an outdoor spa, and there’s no rule that says you must have only one of them.

2. Floating Cabinets and Shelves

Floating cabinets and shelves open up the space in a way that traditional vanities and shelves simply can’t, which can be a boon for a small bathroom. The way they “float” opens up the space, making it feel more luxurious. And it’s not something guests will expect to see, which imparts a “wow” factor that gets attention immediately.

3. Stone Tile

You’ve long seen stone tile on the floor in all areas of a home, but what about on the walls of the shower? It immediately lends an air of luxury that you simply can’t find with traditional tile and certainly not with an acrylic shower surround. Choose stone tile in a bold color with natural lines etched throughout for a truly remarkable look.

4. Unique Accent Lighting

Who says that the only lights in your bathroom must be bright, glaring overheads? Though there is certainly a need for them, it’s nice to have a soft, gentle light in the bath. Look to lamps that suit your style, planted safely between two deep sinks, or sconces on the wall that cast unique shadows around the room. This takes your bathroom from a useful space to a spa-like event.

5. Statement Tile

Choose an area of the bathroom as a focal point and create a mosaic of tile that reflects colors and shapes you love. Don’t go with a pre-made mosaic (unless that really speaks to you) – go with something that you put together by hand, small piece by tiny piece, until you have something uniquely you.

6. Windows to the Outside

Does your shower touch an exterior wall? Installing a floor-to-ceiling window or even a glass wall can bring the outside in and make you feel as though you are bathing in an outdoor oasis. Just make sure the glass is clear for you but opaque from the outside so you still have the privacy you need.

7. Freestanding Tubs

Most people expect to see alcove tubs – bring that “wow” factor with a stately freestanding tub. The elegance is unmatched, and you can get that look without breaking the bank. A freestanding tub instantly transforms your bathroom into a showplace and fits in well with any aesthetic, from classic to modern.

8. Unique Walls

Shiplap, textured wallpaper, sponging techniques, tile mosaics that reach to the ceiling – your walls can be the showstoppers. Look at the wide variety of unique options available to you, keeping in mind that most of them can be used in even the tiniest of bathrooms.

9. Industrial Style

industrial lights trend 2018

Think back to the industrial revolution and the clean, sleek lines you might see in lighting or the more modern look of sinks you might find in a massive restaurant kitchen. Bring those into your bathroom and watch them transform into something with surprising charm.

10. Pieces of Sculpture

A handmade bowl sink with personal accents, sconces that look like they belong in a museum, or even artwork on the walls (protected in moisture-proof cases, of course) are all fantastic ways to bring a sense of artistic flair to a room that most people see as practical.

11. Walk-in Tubs

These marvels of safety might be marketed to seniors, but they are fantastic for anyone. After all, even the healthiest among us love the idea of stepping into a tub for a long, relaxing soak. You can get massage jets, handheld showerheads, and more. It even works great for growing families.

12. Classic Black and White

Black and white designs can look stunning in any bathroom. Heavy on the white means your bathroom looks a bit bigger; heavy on the black makes it look stately and even adds a dose of mystery. An all-black toilet draws the eye and adds drama that a white toilet simply can’t match. Add a few accessories in bright pops of color to draw the eye.

13. Luxurious Showers

Marble and other stone tile can make a bathroom look luxurious, but why stop there? Double showers, especially those with waterfall showerheads, can make you feel as though you’re in the tropics. Use frameless shower doors for a seamless look that lets your thoughts drift away. Steam showers are pure luxury that will make you want to spend more time in the bathroom than any other room in the house!

14. Shower Benches

There are few things more relaxing than sitting down in a steamy shower. Shower benches that line one wall of the space are ideal for giving you a leisurely place to relax as you bathe, as well as a spot to sit down while you dry off and take your time rejoining the world outside the shower doors.

15. Traditional Furniture in the Bathroom

traditional master bathroom.

Who says only certain types of furniture can go into the bathroom? If you have the space, consider a small settee or armchair with luscious upholstery, a lamp that would be right at home in a dining room, or a bedroom bureau turned bathroom vanity and storage. These unique touches can truly make the space your own.

16. Unique Storage Options

Attractive floating shelves can hold small items. Lovely vessels that hold necessities can be pops of color, sleek canisters, or clear containers. Long cabinets along the floor or cabinets that rise to the ceiling can fit into even the smallest spaces. You can choose to have those cabinets open or closed, but if they are closed, consider using marble or unique tile as the drawer or cabinet fronts.

17. Stunning Floors

Remember the idea of mosaics on the walls? Look down at the floors for a wealth of beauty made of unique tile. It’s an unusual and luxurious move to make the floor the focal point of your bathroom, but it can truly transform the space.

Modern mosaic bathroom interior design

18. Open Shelves

Floating shelves are all the rage, but so are open shelves of all types. A floor-to-ceiling organizer with open shelves not only allows you to showcase elegant storage containers but also makes it very easy to pull out whatever it is you need right when you need it.

19. Wet Room

A wet room is a space in which everything can withstand moisture, thus giving you a wider range of design options. Your shower doesn’t have to have a door, for instance, and can open right into the space where the stately clawfoot tub sits. The only thing you need to worry about is where to keep the towels.

20. Towel Warmers

Speaking of towels, there are few things as comforting as stepping out of a shower into a toasty-warm towel. Towel warmers with an array of settings allow you to feel a touch of warmth or some serious heat, which makes it even nicer with the changing seasons.

21. Unusual Ceilings

Though it might be tough to create mosaics on your bathroom ceiling, it can be done. The more likely scenario is a gorgeous skylight, vaulted ceilings, or murals painted on the space above. Each can draw the eye and makes an especially lovely view if you are soaking in a comfortable freestanding tub.

22. Wading Pool Sinks

These shallow sinks are a delightful change from the ordinary and provide you with a strong talking point. The shape of the sinks allows for more room underneath for storage, and the wider length can create a striking profile. Two sinks side-by-side divided by a lovely plant can make a gorgeous impression.

23. Architectural Style

This incorporates clean lines, unusual angles, unique ceiling ideas, and so much more. The sky is the limit with these details, which lend true character to the space. Consult with an architect and interior designer, giving them license to go wild and see what thrilling sketches they bring.

24. Unique Collections

Who says that collections belong in bookcases and curio cabinets? Collections that seem to suit a bathing space – such as tiny thrones grouped above the toilet or doll-size umbrellas to add a touch of whimsy to the shower – can make your bathroom something guests will rave about for years to come.

25. Mirrors Galore

Even the smallest bathrooms can handle large mirrors that enhance the space. Choose one or two high-quality mirrors that serve as a focal point. Interesting materials, unusual shapes, and colorful frames – or no frames at all – can help establish the look. If you want to do something really special, go with backlit mirrors.

Creating a luxury environment in your bathroom can make you want to spend more time in there. And who wouldn’t love a longer shower or a deeper soak? Make sure you can have those things in a space that relaxes and inspires you.

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