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Freestanding Bathtub Accessories by Badeloft

The right bathtub accessories can transform your bathroom into a spa or a calming oasis. Caddies can make bath time fun again by providing you with an easy-to-access space for your entertainment, whether electronic or food, while also maintaining a strong natural look. Our caddies are made from 100% natural wood to help create a more luxurious look. We also offer side tables for additional storage needs and bath pillows to truly transform your bathing experience. 


Badeloft’s caddies are designed with your bathtub in mind, securing correctly to the sides of the tub, preventing any slippage or mishaps-allowing it to support a small amount of weight such as a meal, snack, or a relaxing glass of wine. To further your comfort, we provide bathtub tables made from sturdy acrylic to store toiletries or your entertainment of choice. Lastly, we offer headrests and bath pillows to make the most of your bathing experience. These are secured to your tub and allow you to enjoy your bathtub however you wish.


Installation projects can be quite a daunting task, so Badeloft is committed to assisting you every step of the way. Our website features extensive guides on the remodeling process, giving you the power to pre-plan every step before purchases or decisions are made. We outline every detail and facet of the process, allowing you to review models with other users and preview your final build to see if it suits your home. With Badeloft, we aim to simplify bathroom installation so you have more time to enjoy your bathroom.


Our freestanding faucets are designed with chromed brass to create a luxurious accent that only grows more beautiful with age. Chromed brass also eliminates smudging or water prints to maintain a sleek look that pairs well with any bathtub you choose. Our faucets seek to blend modern design with sharp angles to provide an artful delivery of water to allow your bathtub to fill up quickly and hold its water retention. With single-handle or rosette controls, we aim to provide more control for your bathing experience.

All our caddies are made from European oak, strengthened with layers of polyurethane, making them 100% water resistant, so you can easily enjoy your comforts without worrying about damaging the material long term. Our side tables are made from acrylic, making them durable and sturdy while being easy to clean and maintain. Badeloft bath pillows and headrests are made with a combination of foam and mesh to provide easy cleaning and help to prevent mold or mildew growth. Finally, our drop-in drain consists of an 18 gauge epoxy-coated metal deck flange, perfect for assisting you with installing your bathtub. If you have further questions about it, please click here for a more detailed look at the drain and its applications


  • All of our accessories have a 14-day return policy
  • We provide a 10-year warranty on all faucets

Sample Materials

To preview any of our materials, call 1-(833)-Badeloft today or visit us here to request a free sample and see how our products fit into your home.


All of our products are delivered curbside. Please have someone present to examine the contents and sign the invoice. Below you can find our shipping costs for all our products. 

Product Shipping Method Estimated Shipping Costs(within the USA)
Bathtub Via Freight US $199.00 West

US $299,00 East

Freestanding sink Via Freight US $119-199
Wall-mounted sink Small items via UPS

Larger items via Freight

US $89-199
Countertop sink Small items via UPS

Larger items via Freight

US $29-199
Faucets UPS or FedEx Ground US $19