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20 Must-Have Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Meta: Luxury bathroom accessories can transform an ordinary space into something truly special. These bathroom accessories can spark the luxury you want – and most of them do it for a quite affordable price. 

When you want to create a luxurious look for your bathroom, you don’t necessarily need a designer and contractor to change things up. Sometimes all you need are a few affordable options that transform your space from “meh” to “wow.” These are some of the best luxury ideas for bathrooms, from small rooms to large spaces. 

1. Floating Shelves

Rather than go with the usual storage options, try the same floating shelves you might install in your living room or dining room. Use them to hold something lovely, like pretty containers or even a vase of flowers. The shelves bring a blend of homey luxury that makes your bathroom feel like a place where you could truly relax for a while. 

2. Hidden Storage

If you don’t like the idea of storage out where you can see it, consider hiding it away in an unexpected way. A dresser or bureau that would be at home in a bedroom can look quite stately in a bathroom. It’s a touch of luxury that brings the “wow” factor none of your guests will expect, and serves as storage for everything from toilet paper to extra towels. 

3. Upgraded Faucets

Sometimes it takes one statement piece to make a bathroom look like a showplace. A nice waterfall faucet can do that. So can a faucet that has an elegant sculptural curve high above the sink itself, lending plenty of room for washing your hands or even washing linens in the sink. You can even opt for touchless faucets or those that are triggered by motion. How about faucets with built-in lights? The options are endless. 

Modern white bathroom sink with faucet

4. Rainfall Showerheads

Switch out your usual showerhead with something that brings a touch of true luxury. Rainfall showerheads allow you to feel as though the rain is pouring down over you, while waterfall showerheads can be more powerful, unleashing a wide stream of water that turns a basic shower into a true experience in relaxation. Want to go for true luxury? Opt for double showerheads! 

5. Towel Warmers

Stepping out of the shower into a warm towel is a true “ah” moment. Choose a towel warmer that allows you to warm the towels just a bit – perfect for summer – or really turn up the heat and create a spa-like warmth to knock away the winter chill. The towel warmer itself might be a small drawer, a towel rack, or a box that holds several towels at the ready. 

6. Dramatic Lighting

The typical light in a bathroom comes from overheads, sconces, and lighting above a mirror or medicine cabinet. Turn that idea on its head with an attractive lamp on the counter, lighting that glows from underneath the sink, or even strips of lighting above the shower. Add luxury points with dimmers that allow for everything from bright task lighting to a romantic glow. And when it comes to that lamp, make it a show-stopper: Whether it’s a Victorian flair, a retro lava-lamp style, or a unique shape that immediately draws the eye, this is a luxury that can fit into any budget. 

7. Eye-Catching Containers

Everyone needs the basics – Q-tips, cotton balls, tissues, and other small necessities of the bathroom. Since you must have them, why not make them appealing to look at? A series of interesting containers that hold a variety of those necessities can look great sitting on a polished tray. Suddenly, even the cheapest little requirements of daily cleaning look like luxurious little elements of the bathroom design. 

8. Boxes and Baskets Everywhere

If you’re looking for unique storage, go with boxes that you wouldn’t expect to see in a bathroom. A few good examples include baskets that might be better suited to a garden, sturdy apple boxes with the farm’s stamp clearly on the side, or washtubs that have seen better days but fit perfectly in your rustic atmosphere. 


9. A Shower Bench

If you have a shower with enough room, place a bench at the back of it. You can choose a bench that can be removed on a whim or go with one that is built in and made of luxury materials, such as bamboo or marble. Just make sure the bench is rough enough to make a solid seat, as the last thing you want is to slip off the bench while you’re reaching for the loofah! 

10. Matching Towels and Mats

When you choose linens, towels, mats, or shower curtains for your bathroom, make sure they all match. Though it seems like a simple detail, it says you spent a great deal of time curating the ideal look and color for the room, and that alone adds a touch of luxury. Go with the plushest you can find and make a point of choosing things that are rather unique – for instance, rather than standard towels, splurge on bath sheets. 

11. Elegant Mirrors

Mirrors can serve as a way to make a small bathroom look much bigger, but they also serve as a focal point in a larger bathroom. Choose a mirror that speaks to you. It could have unique colors on the frame, unusual materials, or etching that makes it look much more elegant than utilitarian. Careful placement of those mirrors can make the room seem much bigger, especially if it reflects a view from a bathroom window. 

Luxury style light gray bathroom with nature view 3d render

12. True Artwork

Rather than the generic, water-safe artwork that often appears in bathrooms, go for something real – something handmade, perhaps, or chosen from a print collection of an artist you particularly love. Encase the artwork in a moisture-safe frame to keep it pristine. There are few things more surprising and delightful than finding a work of fine art in an unexpected place. 

13. Clear Stackable Drawers

These drawers can hold everything from cosmetics to extra razors, all neatly organized. The drawers allow for easy access and the clear style allows you to see everything at a glance. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so you can easily customize them. Create a stack of drawers that fills up a particular space or scatter them around the bathroom – the choice is yours. 

14. Handsome and Sturdy Hooks

You can never have too many hooks. Use them for bathrobes and towels, as well as those little extras, such as hanging up a satin bag filled with cosmetics. The hooks themselves can be architectural marvels that catch attention even when they aren’t in use. Go with extra pizazz with a few hooks that sparkle or bring unusual colors to the room. 

15. Rocker Light Switches

This is one of the most affordable luxuries you could incorporate into your bathroom, but once you do you will wonder how you ever lived without them. Rocker switches turn on the lights with a simple touch. If you have your hands full – or your hands are wet – you can easily turn the lights on and off. These can be especially helpful for the elderly or small children, but anyone can benefit from the change. 

16. Detachable Showerheads

Even if you opt for the lovely rainfall showerheads, make sure that at least one showerhead is detachable. Also known as shower wands, these are luxurious additions that make it much easier to bathe and come in exceptionally handy if you have small kids or pets. Look for one that has multiple modes so you can move from a gentle mist to massage features with the turn of a dial. 

17. Bathtub Tray

Relaxing in a freestanding bathtub is perfect after a long day. Why not make it a longer soak? That’s made easier with a bathtub tray that sits across the tub, offering a place for you to rest a scented candle, cup of your favorite tea, and a good book. The bathtub tray can also hold towels and other necessities when not in use, creating a nice look as well as surprise extra storage. 

18. Lazy Susan

If you have little space and hate reaching behind bottles to get to boxes, a Lazy Susan under the counter can be a fantastic piece to add to your bathroom décor. A very nice Lazy Susan, perhaps one made of unique hand-turned wood, can sit right there on the counter and bring practicality plus a stately “wow” factor. 

19. Unique Soaps in a Nice Dish

You might remember those little rose-scented soaps in an equally rosy dish that were for “guests only” – but no guests actually used them, so they wound up dusty and forlorn. Look for soaps that your guests will really use, such as a nice bar of hand soap from a local shop along with a delightful dish to hold it. Look for scents that will urge your guests to reach for the soap just to get an extra whiff of it before they step out of the bathroom. 

20. Forever Flowers

Though some fake flowers are obviously fake, taking the time to find the ones that look so real you can almost smell them is worth the effort and the money. Though succulents always work well for bathrooms, especially ones with low light, sometimes artificial flowers are the best choice – especially if you want something lush and full to complement the rest of the room. Opt for flowers that either match the colors on your wallpaper or bring a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette. 

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