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Frequently asked questions

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we have encountered. If, however, you do not find the answers you are looking for, we invite you to contact us directly and a representative will gladly get back to you within 24 hours.

Bathtubs & Sinks
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Why are other stone resin bathtubs found online so much more expensive?

Badeloft USA sells its products directly to its clients and rarely does business with retailers and wholesalers. Being the exclusive US seller of Badeloft bathtubs, we can offer you products at the most competitive price.

What is included in the shipment of the bathtubs?

Each tub is wrapped in a commercial grade plastic wrap with Styrofoam lining the top rim. All of our tubs arrive with a standard pop-up drain plug already installed and lined up with the integrated overflow system which makes it completely free standing so it can, in essence, be installed anywhere in the room. You can use our EZ-Drop-in Drain (some restrictions apply) or your plumber will need to purchase (from a hardware store, etc.) a flanged tail piece and p-trap to attach to the bottom of that inch and a half diameter threaded drain coming out of the bottom of the tub. Please refer to each product’s More Information section for further info.

What is included in the shipment of the freestanding sinks?

The shipment includes the sink, drain system and pop-up plug. Some of our sinks come with built-in overflow protection included. Please refer to each product’s data sheet in Downloads for more information.

What is included in the shipment of the wall-mounted sinks?

The shipment includes the sink, the pop-up drain plug, and hardware. A set of stainless steel wall-mount brackets is included with all wall-mount sinks except the WT-07. Please note, not all of our wall-mounted sink models feature a pop-up drain plug or a built-in overflow. Please refer to each product’s data sheet in Downloads for more information.

What is included in the shipment of the counter top sinks?

The shipment includes the sink and the pop-up drain plug. Please note that our counter top sinks do not feature the built-in overflow. Please refer to each product’s data sheet in Downloads for more information.

What is UPC? Why should I care if a product is UPC/cUPC tested and certified?

The Uniform Plumbing Code™ (UPC™) and Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code™ (cUPC™) are designated as the American and Canadian national standards, respectively. These codes are designed to provide consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing systems. Commercial construction projects, as well as many residential construction projects, normally require specified products to be certified. Badeloft sinks and bathtubs are UPC/cUPC certified, facilitating their use in all types of projects.

Is the weight of the tub something I should consider when buying a Badeloft USA bathtub?

Provided that the building is structurally sound, the weight of the filled bathtub (i.e., approximately the weight of 5 adults) should not be of concern. If you do not know if your building can support this weight, please consult an engineer/architect.

What is the insulation capacity or heat capacity of stone resin?

The insulation capacity of stone resin is very efficient; however, the surface area of the bathtub is large and hot water evaporates. To extend your bathing time for as long as possible, we recommend that you run the water hot to start and cool it down as the bath fills up.

What is the difference between a matte and gloss finish?

Regarding the finishes, it really comes down to your design, what kind of look you are going for and personal preference. The biggest difference between the two is one is shiny and one is not. For our tubs, the Matte finish is the better seller. It gives a more contemporary, modern look. Most clients feel, if they are going to buy a tub like ours, they want it to be the focal point of their bathroom and if the toilet and sinks are already in a Glossy finish, the tub being in Matte will help it stand out or ‘pop’ more. However, like anything in Matte, it shows ‘use’ more often and (depending on how often it is being used) requires a tad more conscious proactive cleaning. i.e. a little spray and wipe down after use, etc. The Gloss will be a tad easier to clean due to the sleekness of it. A great quality of Stone Resin is after time, if you accidentally scratch it, scuff it, smudge it, even chip it, you can fix it. You cannot do the with acrylic, fiber glass, iron tubs. It is easier to fix the Matte finish as you do not have the added extra step of re-applying the gloss polish to the compromised area with the Gloss finish, however, both can be fixed. To see these two styles for yourself, please request a free 4”X4” material sample from Badeloft USA.

Do the wall-mounted sinks and counter top sinks already have sink holes for the faucets?

All of our sinks do not arrive pre-drilled faucet holes. This way, you have the choice to use either a wall-mount or deck mount faucet. The sink holes for the faucets can be easily drilled in 5 minutes if you read and follow the drilling guidelines below:

Click here for a guide to Drilling Faucet Holes

What is Prop 65?

The “California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986” (‘Proposition 65’) was enacted to ensure that California based customers be properly warned when a product contains a substance known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. The law requires the State of California to publish and maintain (annually) a list of substances to be available to the general public. Additionally, the law requires that businesses properly notify residents of the State of California about the presence of these substances in the products they purchase, or that may be present in their homes, workplaces, or that otherwise may be released into the environment. The specific list contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic substances including manufacturing and construction chemicals, pesticides, tobacco, food-additives, solvents, household products, drugs and byproducts created from a specific product usage.

For further information on Prop 65

Please visit

Are Badeloft USA products Prop 65 compliant?
Currently, yes. We constantly evaluate our products to ensure they comply with all state and federal regulations, including California’s Proposition 65.

How can I order your products?
In a personal conversation with one of our trained representatives, we will fix a delivery date that best suits your needs, subject to the availability of the product(s). In this context, we also have the ability to address and clarify all open questions. Afterward, we will send you an email confirmation of your purchase order.

When do I have to pay for the product?
All amounts shall be paid in full when ordered. This will reserve your order for you so that it does not sell out.

How far in advance should I order Badeloft USA products?
It depends. We stock many of our products and can promptly ship them. However, some products may have delivery times of up to 8 weeks. We recommend that you get in touch with a Badeloft USA representative so that we can discuss availability and a delivery timeframe. We further recommend to all of our clients that once they know the exact model and finish they want, to go ahead and place the order as soon as they can. This way we can get your name on the product(s) and try to make sure we have them in stock and ready to ship when you want/need it. Once ordered, we can safely store your order until you are ready for us to ship.

Can I choose my exact desired delivery date?
It depends. Although we strive to be as accommodating as possible, we use several different shipping companies depending on what we are shipping and the clients’ location, as such, cannot guarantee an exact delivery date. Normally, with any freight shipment (tubs and/or larger sinks), once the clients’ order is picked up by the carrier from our warehouse, you will receive an email with tracking info. Once the carrier gets to the clients’ area, they will call the client to organize a day for them to deliver. Smaller sinks will ship via FedEx or UPS Ground.

Does the shipping company bring the products into my house?
No. The bathtub is delivered curbside/driveway. The shipping company cannot move our products into your home. If you ask the driver, they may be able to use their pallet jack to roll it into the driveway garage but again, they do not have to. You should bring the bathtub into your garage so that it stays dry while you make further arrangements. DO NOT try to maneuver the tub still crated through the house. Since the tub is strapped to the pallet underneath the crate, if the crate is tipped, the straps could possibly damage the tub rim due to the weight of the tub. Before you bring it into the house, it is best to fully de-crate the tub and then wrap the tub in a packing quilt of some sort and then duct tape all around it. This will protect your tub and your walls when you maneuver the tub through your house.

How is the bathtub packaged when delivered to my home?
We take pride in the safe packaging and delivery of our products. Each tub is wrapped in a commercial grade plastic wrap with Styrofoam lining the top rim. Then, the tub itself is strapped to a wooden pallet and then a huge crate goes over the tub and is strapped to the pallet as well.

What happens if the bathtub is damaged during delivery?
It is very rare that damage occurs during transit, however, no one and no shipping company is 100% perfect all of the time. This is why we ask the client to please do an initial inspection of the product before they sign for the freight. If the product has in fact been damaged, please contact Badeloft USA as soon as possible to resolve.

Click here to see our Shipping Guidelines

The following is a video that outlines the installation of a Badeloft Freestanding Sink.



How do I care for my Badeloft USA products?
Badeloft USA bathtubs and sinks can be easily cleaned with common household cleaning products. Do NOT use acidic cleaners as they will corrode the stone resin.

What if my tub gets scratched or stained?
If you find a stubborn scratch or a stain, you can remove it using fine sandpaper. Sandpaper is also a great way to renew your bathtub after several years of use.

Is it possible to repair broken areas of my tub?
A break-off caused by an accident can easily be repaired with our emergency kit. Badeloft USA will happily provide you with an emergency kit upon request.

Can I use bath oils?
Yes, there is nothing wrong with using bath oils in our bathtubs. Just remember to rinse off the bathtub after you use it in order to prevent unwanted sediments from settling in your tub.

Click here to view the Cleaning Guide

The Badeloft USA return policy

We understand that sometimes purchasing products online can be difficult. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return your product within 14 days from the day that your product was delivered. In the event that 14 days has passed, the return of your product is within our sole discretion; however, we strive to be as accommodating as possible. If you would like to exchange your product for a different Badeloft USA product, we would be happy to discuss your options.

Return process:
1. Please call us 1.877.892.3445 to discuss the issue.
2. Client will be in charge of 100% of the outward (original) shipping plus 100% of the return shipping.
3. There is a 10% re-stocking and handling fee for any and all returns.
4. If you prefer, you can pay for the return shipping at your expense. However, since we are a volume shipper and qualify for discounts, it may be best for us to handle the return shipping, but it is up to you.
5. We will request payment for the 100% return shipping up front.
6. When the item is returned to us in good original condition, we will refund your original order price within 3 days of receipt.

Badeloft Special Order information

Badeloft stocks most of its products, but we also have some special order products. These products include smaller sizes, colors, and custom finishes. Once you order and pay in full, the product will be added to our current production line and it will take approximately 6-12 weeks for these products to be produced and to arrive to our warehouse in Oakland, CA. Once we receive your product we can store until they are needed or we can ship right away.

Returns/refunds will not be accepted/allowed for any and all special ordered products.