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20 of The Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas for 2022

Looking for ways to improve your bathroom? Here are some of our favorite ideas for 2022 on how to enhance your space and slowly transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of relaxation with proper lighting tips.

1.  Integrate ceiling lighting

The ceiling can provide an excellent location for your bathroom. The extra height allows it to provide ambient lighting to a large area while kept far away from the water, but it will still need ventilation to deal with the steam. 

2. Use dimmers

Whenever possible, use dimmers to give yourself better light control. An effective dimmer switch can transform your bathroom, allowing you to change your mood and feel whenever possible. In addition, dimmer switches will also save you more money on energy bills.

3. Keep bathroom lighting hidden and out of sight

Clever use of recessed lights helps keep your bathroom more organized while providing full illumination. Recessed lights are tucked neatly along the wall and ceiling, so they won’t take up space or present a hazard. 

4. Create a spa atmosphere with strategic lighting

Utilize accent and ambient lighting to create a spa-like environment in your bathroom. Use a light dimmer to help establish the mood for a relaxing bath or even just a comfortable escape to read. 

5. Use bold fittings to create a statement

Bold fittings can help create a unique statement for your bathroom. In addition, items such as gold framed mirrors, ornate and intricate bathroom accessories or artisan cabinets can help establish a specific atmosphere or environment that is unique to your bathroom.

6. Candlestick sconces

Candlestick and similar style sconces can help bring a more classic feel to your bathroom. In addition, many are available in unique shapes and patterns, giving you more freedom in how you want to customize your bathroom’s aesthetic. 

7. Add a rustic aesthetic

Invest in more wooden furniture and utlize more vibrant colors to create a rustic aesthetic. Install a large open window with natural lighting, use natural wood to create your vanity and paint with darker, rustic colors. By relying on natural lighting, you can transform your bathroom into a woodside retreat and make it feel homier. 

8. Add a modern aesthetic

Invest in darker colors and natural stone like granite and quartz to create a streamlined design. The darker colors contrast well with gold and silver trimmings to create a modern aesthetic that pairs well with any fixture or lighting choice. 

9. Old-style lanterns

Invoking lanterns can create a bathroom aesthetic that is brimming with character. Incorporate unique designs and add your spin to the lantern design. Use recycled materials or different metals to your liking to create a DIY project that is bristling with potential. 

10. Colored lampshades

Creating colored lampshades allows you to add variety and new color to your bathroom space. Lampshades provide a blank canvas to incorporate whatever color choices you want and use the lighting to transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat or an active room. 

11. Backlighting for mirrors

Utilize proper backlighting for your mirrors to make getting ready a breeze. Through clever task lighting, you can ensure that your face will be perfectly illuminated.

12. Install decorative lighting

Decorative lighting such as chandeliers can help to make your bathroom seem more stately and grand. Also, invest in ornate light holders and wall lights to help establish a more refined look for your bathroom. 

13. Reflect lighting with mirrors

Installing additional mirrors can help capture the lighting in your space, stretching out the benefits of the space. With clever light positioning, you can use your mirror to help illuminate areas that may previously be hard to reach.

14. Lighting can be art

Use abstract shapes and designs to utilize the lighting as art. Lighting provides a large degree of creative freedom, so you are only limited by your imagination. You can transform fixtures into personal statements with any material you want to use. 

Modern Bathroom interior design on white wall.

15. Layer different styles of lighting (ie ambient, task, accent in one area) 

Layering different styles of lighting can allow you to illuminate the bathroom strategically. For example, use ambient lighting for your general space, task lighting for the mirror, and accent lights for the toilet and shower. 

16. Choose antique fittings to create a glamorous and classical look

Incorporate antique fittings and more classic designs to establish a glamorous and classical look. The best part about using fittings is that you can pair it well with any bathroom theme, and the effect is similar. By incorporating more antique designs, you can create a timeless look that is difficult to compare. 

17. Use strategic locations for task lighting (specifically the mirror)

Utilize the full space of your bathroom and place lights strategically. Task lights are designed to illuminate a given area, making it ideal for the mirror to help with personal hygiene and apply makeup. Wall sconces are popular as they can provide task lighting without being intrusive to the rest of the space. 

18. Mix materials to create character

Clever use of materials can add to the character of your bathroom. Consider using abstract materials like recycled items, metals, and objects unique to your tastes. Clever use of the materials can help you add more depth and personality to the space.

Bathroom in New Luxury Home

19. Utilize natural lighting 

Natural lighting is always a plus. In addition to providing illumination to your bathroom, it helps improve our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, helps us focus, and elevates our mood. For that reason, even just a simple open window can make your bathroom seem more vibrant and alive without needing additional fixtures.

20. Consider non-traditional lighting

Non-traditional lighting sources can greatly add to the style of your home. For example, many objects can be used for a pendant light, such as leftover copper pipes, glass, old mason jars or recycled bottles. Non-traditional lighting sources can add to the atmosphere of the home and show off more of your style without losing any function.

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