Benefits of a 2 Person Freestanding Tub

Finding your old bathtub too small for your growing household? Or maybe your current bathtub makes you feel cramped and unable to relax? Then perhaps you should consider a larger bathtub that can easily accommodate you and your family. Let us look at some of the benefits a larger bathtub can bring you and see if a 2 person freestanding bathtub is the right fit for you.  

What to consider before purchasing a larger tub?

Before purchasing a large bathtub, here are a few factors to consider: 

Who will use it?

When purchasing a bathtub, a large consideration should be who will use it? A small bathtub is ideal for elderly and small children as they are low to the ground and the smaller size makes them easier to climb in and out of. Medium to large sized bathtubs are ideal for young adults who tend to be taller individuals, allowing them to more easily access the larger sized bathtubs. Who ends up using your bathtub is important as you must consider the needs of your household carefully. 

How easy will it be to install?

Bathtubs are large objects, requiring at least 2-3 people to install. The benefit of a freestanding bathtub though, is that it can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. On the other hand, a drop-in bathtub requires pre-sighting for your bathtub and a build up recess for it to be placed in. With assistance, bathtubs are very straightforward and easy to install, so long as you measure the appropriate space and clear it out before installing. 

How often do I need to clean and maintain?

Generally, larger bathtubs will require more maintenance than smaller bathtubs. How often you will need to clean and maintain your bathtub will also depend on the material of your bathtub. Cheaper material such as fiberglass and acrylic will require deep cleaning at least several times a month to prevent rusting or permanent damage. More expensive materials such as copper, stone resin and cast iron can go for several months without anything more than a simple wash with warm water. It is for this reason that you should consider more expensive materials for your bathtub as it will save you a great deal of time and labor. 

Is the bathtub too large for 2 people? 

Some bathtubs can be quite large and the extra space may not be appropriate for your bathroom size. Before looking into a 2 person freestanding bathtub, check to see if the bathtub size is appropriate for your home. Some bathtubs can accommodate anywhere from 4-6 full grown adults so it is important that you choose a bathtub that is suitable for your household. 

How does the tub feel?

One of the most important aspects of choosing a new bathtub is how it feels. If the bathtub isn’t comfortable, then it isn’t worth the money and effort to install it. One way you can ensure that you are happy with your purchase is to go to different store showrooms and test out bathtubs before purchasing one. Remember that your bathtub should be comfortable in any position, whether it is prone, sitting or a full recline. 

Common freestanding bathtub sizes for 2 people

These are the common sizes of a 2 person freestanding tub.

  • On the small end, you have 61 inches, which has a width of 31.5 inches and a height of 23.6 inches. This remains true for the 62.9 and 63 inches as these bathtubs are very similar in size with small increments.
  • A medium sized two person bathtub starts at around 66.9 inches long with a width of 33.5 inches and a height of 22 inches.
  • The largest of the medium sized bathtubs comes in at 70 inches with a width of 35.4 inches and a height of 22.5 inches. Lastly, we have 72.8 and 74.8 inches, which provides a generous width of 32.7 inches and 47 inches respectively and a height of 23.6 inches.

Benefits of a larger freestanding bathtub 

Large freestanding bathtubs provide many benefits to the user such as better aesthetics and promoting better health.  

Popularity/better aesthetic

High popularity means that you are provided a better aesthetic for your bathroom. Popularity also means your bathtub is available in a wider variety of higher quality materials than unpopular bathtub styles. This means you have a greater selection of materials, styles and color types available to you. Popular bathtubs also result in a greater number of skilled professionals that know how to install and maintain your bathtub which ensures the longevity of your bathtub. Lastly, with a more popular bathtub, your bathroom will appear more modern and aesthetically vibrant to visitors and guests. 

Resale Value

As stated previously, freestanding bathtubs increase the resale value of your home. This is a result of the high popularity of freestanding bathtubs in combination with the higher quality of material in their construction. A shower addition will also help in this regard to boost the overall value of the bathroom. On average, a freestanding tub allows homeowners to recoup at least 60% of their investment, making it a very attractive addition to your home with little drawback. 

Good for multiple children

Due to its large size, freestanding bathtubs can easily accommodate multiple people at once. This is great for households with multiple children that cannot bathe themselves. Their large size can allow parents to bathe alongside their children to prevent any accidents and creates a more comforting bathing experience due to the increased size. 

More room to relax and soak

The primary benefit of a large freestanding bathtub is increased room to relax and soak. If you happen to be a taller individual, you may find that on average, most bathtubs are difficult to actually sit in and a larger bathtub can actually allow you to relax with your whole body submerged. A full body soak can also provide a large number of health benefits as it will massage your joints and muscles and can be a great way to de-stress your body. 

Large bathtubs make fantastic additions to any home that has the space for it. So the next time you are on the market for a new bathtub or remodel, consider a larger sized bathtub. It will provide you with an attractive centerpiece for your bathroom and more importantly, a relaxing oasis for your entire household to escape after a long day’s work. 

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