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10+ Custom Bathroom Features That Will Take Your Bathroom to The Next Level

Looking for ways to upgrade your bathroom without committing to a full remodel? Here are some easy ways you can improve your space without breaking the bank:

Heated Floors

Heated floors are an inexpensive way of providing heating for your bathroom. This is ideal, especially for areas that experience intense cold. While it may not be as efficient as a full heating system, heated floors can make nighttime bathroom excursions much more enjoyable. You can choose between either electrical heating or hydro heating for your floors. 

Shower Controls opposite to the entrance

Although it may seem like a small adjustment, opposite shower controls will ensure that you can easily adjust the temperature and spray of your faucet without having to experience the extremes of both hot and cold temperatures. Traditionally, you simply have to let the water run until it reaches the adjusted temperature, which can waste much water. With better faucet positioning, you can avoid this by simply adjusting your shower immediately. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials can give your bathroom a much more grounded and luxurious feel. Consider incorporating elements either natural stone or wood. These materials are aesthetically vibrant and will give your space a unique atmosphere to which you can tie the rest of your bathroom’s decor. 

Storage Niche

Bathtub niche NS-04-WHT_1

Storage is always a premium in the bathroom and whether you want to display your items outright or keep them hidden from view, storage niches provide a great opportunity for tidying up the space. Consider storage niches such as hidden compartments and drawers to help you organize your bathroom and keep it from appearing like a cluttered mess. 

In-drawer Outlets

Keep your outlets hidden from potential hazards such as water or excess moisture by placing them in your drawers. This also removes tangles of cords from sight while adding to your safety. Implementing this is easy-simply consult an electrician or professional to move the sockets to your vanity.

LED Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting can help illuminate large areas of your mirrors or vanity that your standard lighting may miss. This can help you get ready as you can more visibly see your face and make necessary adjustments. Vanity lighting can also help boost your safety at night as many of these lights are touch or voice-activated. 

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are pretty affordable these days and are much more hygienic than traditional faucets. Many of these faucets can also be voice-activated, making it much more convenient. These faucets are also ideal for those with injuries or movement impairment, as you don’t have to lean over the entirety of the sink just to turn it on. 

Open Shower

Consider an open shower if you feel like you need more space. Expand your shower and waterproof the surrounding area to give yourself some much-needed room. This will make your bathroom feel much more open, so long as you remember to incorporate additional ventilation to prevent growth or unwanted elements. 

Empty minimalistic shower room with a window in the ceiling, a niche for bath accessories and a heated towel rail. Front view.
3d render

Steam Shower

A steam shower is similar to a sauna, utilizing a humidifying steam generator to produce steam isolated in a singular area. Steam showers are an excellent substitute for a full bath and are much less expensive to install and maintain. Steam also promotes better breathing and is great for easing sores and cold and clogged nasal passages. 

Separate Water Closet

Consider installing a separate water closet or area for just your toilet. Installing a separate smaller bathroom is a great way to utilize your existing space, freeing up your shower room and making it feel less cramped. Choose a strategic location, such as an area with heavy traffic, to install your water closet. 

Heated Towel Rack

Keep your towels warmed and ready for use with a heated towel rack. The great thing about a towel rack is that it can be placed anywhere in your bathroom, giving you both storage and comfort as the towels can be warmed up in advance before you take an extended bath. 

Built-in Television & Entertainment

A television or a sound system could be what your bathroom needs. With a wide degree of ample space, you can mount your tv opposite your bathtub and relax. Additionally, you can implement a sound system to create more ambiance and atmosphere during your baths if entertainment isn’t suited. 

Double Vanity

Consider a double vanity if you want more space and functionality in your bathroom. A double vanity allows you to accommodate two additional sinks, adds extra storage, and another space for a mirror or centerpiece if you so choose. Another vanity also gives you more of an excuse to show off your material choice, so choose something aesthetically pleasing such as marble or granite. 

 Improved Ventilation/Large Fans

Anyone knows that moisture is a constant threat in the bathroom so ventilation is a must. Consider upgrading your existing space with larger fans to help cycle out moisture and keep your bathroom comfortable. No one wants to use a muggy or damp bathroom. 

Bathtub Hearth

Although it may seem far-fetched, consider adding a hearth or fireplace near your bathtub for added comfort. Adding a hearth will elevate the appearance of your tub and make it appear much more elegant and rustic. It also ensures that your room stays comfortable while you bathe.

make your bathtub appear cozier and help keep the room at a regular temperature while you batheFor obvious reason, stay 

Benefits of adding custom touches to your bath

Adding custom features to your bath creates a unique bathroom to your tastes which is difficult to match on the market. 

Unique aesthetic

By adopting your sensibilities and style, you are able to create a bath that is more suited to your tastes. This also ensures that you always have the features you want without having to pay a premium for it.

More affordable

Adding features yourself is much more affordable than following a pre-fabricated outline. This allows you to save money on materials and labor and put it into other aspects of home repair.

Greater Control

Custom features cover a wide range of additions and give you a greater degree of control over what you want to keep and leave without sacrificing functionality.


Custom features are generally more flexible than pre-fabricated features, meaning you can add or remove anything that doesn’t work for your home.

More possibilities

Custom features allow you to design your bathroom any way you like. There is no limit to what you can add to your bathroom, so long as it doesn’t present a safety hazard.

Hopefully these features can give you a good starting point for how to improve your space. Remember that you have a great deal of flexibility in adding features, so if something is missing in your bathroom, consider ways to add to the space.

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