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Are Heated Bathroom Floors Worth It in 2022?

Yes, heated bathrooms provide an efficient heating source for your bathroom. They require no maintenance and can greatly increase your home’s resale value. So let us look at heated bathroom floors and the benefits they can bring to your home. 

What is a heated bathroom floor, and how does it work?

A heated bathroom floor puts a heating element in the tile of the floor, which, when activated, provides heat. This heat can either be generated through electric cables or through running heated water through the tubing. Since heat will pass through it, the floor material needs to be relatively thick, conduct heat and be resistant to water and heat damage

Heated floor pros

Heated floors provide a large array of benefits to the home:

Uniform heating

Heated bathroom floors provide uniform heating that heats the floor and the entire bathroom. Compared to HVAC systems, heated floors provide more even heat, ensuring the entire floor is warm. 

Energy Efficient

Heated floors are 25% more energy efficient than traditional HVAC as you don’t need to heat the entire home, just a small area. With more energy-efficient heating, you can drastically cut back on your heating bills and in addition, heated floors can warm up your bathroom much quicker than traditional HVAC. 

Saves space/discreet

Heated bathroom floors are hidden from view, ensuring that they aren’t intrusive or clash with your design aesthetic. Additionally, heated floors are silent compared to traditional HVAC systems that are large and noisy.

High Resale Value

Heated bathroom floors add value to your home, increasing its resale value. 


Heated bathroom floors are perfectly safe and can help improve your air quality. In addition, once they are installed, they require no maintenance.

Heated floor Cons

There are a few drawbacks associated with heated floors:

Installation process

The installation process for heated floors can be lengthy, requiring you to completely replace your existing flooring. 


Occasional repairs are needed from time to time, requiring a licensed professional to remove your flooring to fix the problem. 


Heated bathroom floors aren’t cheap, but they are cheaper in the long run. Compared to traditional heating methods, heated bathroom floors are a much more efficient option

Floor Height issue

Heated floors can increase your floor’s height by at least one and a half inches, creating a tripping hazard so it’s best to add in heated floors with a new remodel. 

Types of Heated floors


Electric heating provides heat through electric cables embedded in mats. These mats are then installed underneath bathroom flooring surfaces to provide heating. 


Hydronic heating systems utilize heated water that then passes through tubes that are attached to panels beneath the bathroom flooring to provide heat. 

Bathroom heating alternatives

There are many alternatives to keeping warm in your bathroom. Here are some affordable options available to you:

Wall Heater

An electric wall heater is mounted on the wall and provides supplemental heat to your bathroom. Many of these models have thermostat controls, however they aren’t very energy efficient. 

Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack operates by using heated coils to provide radiant heat. This can be a great way to provide the right amount of heating for your towels

Heating lamps

Heat lamps utilize radiation to heat a small area. Although heat lamps are small and can be placed anywhere, the heat only radiates from the area below the bulb, and having it close to areas with water is not advisable.

Natural light

Don’t forget the wonders of natural light. Consider installing a large window to increase the amount of natural light that fills your bathroom

Heated bathroom floors provide your bathroom with a luxurious way to provide efficient heat. Although they aren’t necessary for every bathroom, they can greatly improve your comfort level. So consider a heated floor for your bathroom to make your next winter more comfortable. 

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