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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas 2024

Looking for bathroom remodeling ideas? Here are some of our top picks for 2024 along with the benefits they can bring to your home:

Benefits of remodeling your bathroom 

Remodeling your bathroom can easily transform your home for the better. Here are the primary benefits a remodel can bring to your bathroom:

  • Added value
  • Improved Design
  • Better Aesthetics
  • More functionality
  • Better Safety
  • Improved Energy Efficiency

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2024

When remodeling your space, remember to keep it simple and reduce costs. Here are some of our bathroom remodeling ideas for 2024:

Design the Bathroom by Yourself

Although it may seem appealing to hire a bathroom designer, they can be quite expensive, and most importantly, they only sometimes have your sensibilities in mind. While designers are ideal for larger projects, bathrooms are a great place to start for you. Their simple layouts and plans allow you to create your style moving forward. Start slowly, choosing your floor and wallpaper first before moving on to appliances such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. 

Install Fan Timer Switches

Fan timer switches make a great addition to any bathroom as they provide greater control over your ventilation and save you energy. Fans are essential to any bathroom to help move and dissipate moisture after a shower or bath. Generally, fans can run unnecessarily for hours before switching off, so fan timers remove this sink from your energy bill and create a much safer environment without losing functionality. Many switches can be set in 10-minute intervals, allowing you to choose how much time you need.

Paint your bathroom 

Hiring a professional painter is great for your entire home, but consider painting the space yourself for your bathroom remodel. Not only will this save you a significant amount of money, but it’s a great way to test out different colors in the space to see what appeals to you. Also, bear in mind that with cabinets, fixtures, and vanities, there isn’t that much available room for you to paint, so this job can easily be accomplished within a day. 

Add Outlets to Your Vanity Drawers

Outlets for vanity drawers are a great way to save space without losing functionality. In addition to saving space, vanity outlets reduce the number of loose wires in your bathroom, which can minimize potential accidents. In any bathroom, space is a premium, and outlets are remarkably easy to install, making this a great addition that will save space and money with rewiring costs in the future.

Heated Tile Floors 

No one likes stepping on the cold tile floor in the middle of the night. If your household experiences uncomfortable weather conditions, consider heated tile floors. Available in either electricity or hydro variants, heated floors are easy to install and are a great remodel choice as they add comfort and value to your bathroom. Heated floors are much more cost-effective than any other heating solution for your bathroom

Install a New Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is a great focal point in any bathroom and will make the space much more attractive than a conventional bathtub. In addition to the timeless look that a new freestanding bathtub has, it is much easier to move and install when compared to a drop-in bathtub. Coupled with the numerous material variants available, you can truly customize your freestanding bathtub as you see fit. When reselling your home, a freestanding bathtub is considered to easily increase the value of your home compared to other bathtub types, making it a worthwhile investment. 

Install an Undermount Sink

An undermount sink creates a sleek, uniform look for your sink, hiding much of it below the counter. This emphasizes your counter and vanity, allowing users to appreciate the space fully. With the sink installed underneath the counter, you are also provided with much more counter space for your toiletries and other bathroom essentials. However, keep in mind that as a trade-off, you have less space underneath your sink when compared to a drop-in sink. 

Heated Toilet Seat

A bathroom remodel provides a great opportunity to swap to upgrade existing fixtures. A heated toilet seat is a great option to keep you warm during the cold winter months, and if you have the budget for it, consider a bidet. There are many options for upgrading your toilet with smart technology, such as automatic flushing, self-cleaning, and other useful features, so consider upgrading your toilet for your next remodel. 

Consider a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet provides your bathroom with much-needed space and isn’t intrusive. They provide ample space for a mirror and some can incorporate charging ports with either outlet extensions or USB devices. Although they may look outdated, medicine cabinets are still a great bathroom storage option that will amplify the appeal of your bathroom. 

Contemplate Your Color Palette

Every bathroom has a unique color palette that will immediately transform and elevate its mood. Bright colors such as yellow, green, and blue will create a bright atmosphere. White is closely tied with a clean atmosphere, and darker colors such as grey, black, and brown create a more modern and cold environment. When remodeling your bathroom, consider what style you are going for and pair it with an appropriate color scheme to get the most out of the space. Choosing the correct color palette early will help you choose fixtures, decor, lighting, and other elements of your bathroom. 

Prioritize Lighting

Proper lighting in a bathroom is important for assisting you to the bathroom when it’s dark and can help establish the mood and tone of the space. Ensure you have a vanity, shower, and ambient lighting when you don’t need intrusive lighting, such as at night. Although it may seem trivial, light placement and brightness can transform your bathroom’s ambient feel more than any decor or art piece will. So consider your lighting choices carefully and pre-plan your setup during your remodel. 

Install Multiple Ventilation Fans

Ventilation is vital to any bathroom, and almost every city code requires a functioning fan. Fans circulate air to reduce moisture and humidity build-up, which will cause mold or mildew if not dissipated properly. Consider installing multiple fans to clear the air in your bathroom much quicker and keep your materials from warping or eroding with moisture exposure. Although this may seem excessive, the long-term cost will definitely be worth it

Use Lower-Cost Lookalike Materials

When shopping for materials, consider lower-cost materials that emulate the material you are looking for. Solid surface and composite materials can mimic the look and feel of natural stone while costing significantly less. Laminate material can mimic stone and wood, making it ideal for any bathroom. If you are remodeling a master bathroom, consider a luxury material, but for a guest or smaller bathroom, consider a lower-cost copycat to significantly lower costs.

Refinish Your Tub Instead of Replacing It or Consider Touching Up

While it may seem attractive to replace your whole bathtub, consider other options as well. Replacing your bathtub will require removal and installation costs, in addition to selecting a new bathtub which can be very expensive. Refinishing allows you to repair any cracks, nicks, or blemishes and restore your bathtub to an almost new condition. Alternatively, you can also retouch aspects of your bathtub rather than refinish it with new paint or deep clean it. Before replacing your bathtub, consider refinishing or retouching your existing tub.

Migrate Bathroom Materials When Possible

Bathroom materials are costly, so utilizing everything is key for a new remodel. If you have leftover materials from one bathroom remodel, consider using them for another bathroom in your home. Don’t overlook trivial items such as picture frames, lights, shower curtains, or extra decor. This will save you money on new materials, but also save you from dumping costs and prevent wasting items that are non-biodegradable. 

Consider Alternate Storage

Extra storage is essential to any bathroom remodel as they add much-needed functionality to the space. Hooks and baskets are great starting points, but you can incorporate other elements, such as medicine cabinets and floating shelves, and even consider integrating them into your shower wall with niches. When it comes to storage space, use every inch of your bathroom to maximize the space to its full potential. This will also save money in the future should you want to add storage down the road.

Install a Shower Bench

While it is highly efficient, a shower isn’t for everyone. Those with leg and joint problems or elderly individuals may struggle to use a shower independently. Outside of choosing a walk-in shower model, consider installing a shower bench to assist with the comfort of your shower. A shower bench will prevent accidents and add more functionality to your shower. Considers material carefully, however, and choose a material that will be comfortable to sit on and won’t degrade with moisture or humidity. 

Leave Major Plumbing Alone

Leave fixtures like your toilet, bathtub, and sinks alone if you can avoid it. If you can design around your existing plumbing, you can save a great deal of money on repairs and relocation. In addition to general plumbing costs, relocating water supplies and redoing your drainage will also drive up the cost of your remodel, so try to design around it.

Replace your standard round drain

Many bathroom drains come in a standard round shape because it’s inexpensive and works great. However, if you want to create a unique space, consider upgrading to a linear drain or square drain. A larger shape will allow you to drain water faster, eliminating unfortunate byproducts such as water staining and reducing bacterial growth. 

five tips for a successful remodel.

5 Tips for a Successful Remodel

When remodeling your bathroom, keep these tips in mind to avoid issues in the future. Additionally, these hints will also draw more value out of your existing space as well:

1. Utilize Niches and Recess for Extra Storage

Space will always be a premium, so utilize aspects such as medicine cabinets and recessed soap dishes and even consider converting the ceiling into a recessed light. You want to give yourself as much extra space as possible, so look around and see where you can be efficient with storage. 

2. More Bathroom Ventilation

Extra ventilation is a must for dealing with excess moisture. In addition to fans, consider adding windows to help as some larger bathroom fans can be quite loud and noisy for neighbors. 

3. Add Plants for color

Plants can breathe new air into your existing space and help improve your bathroom air significantly. Floating shelves or hanging hooks are great places to display your plants without being intrusive during general use. 

4. Choose the Right Flooring

When choosing a bathroom flooring material, consider that your bathroom will see heavy daily use. For that reason, you want a material such as tile, vinyl, or stone. These materials can withstand heavy humidity and moisture and are durable for daily use. 

5. Consider your budget

When remodeling your home, always keep close tabs on your budget. Be sure to keep records and carefully plan out your material costs, and stick to them. Although it may seem trivial, bathroom remodels can quickly get out of hand if you are not careful. 

When remodeling your bathroom, remember that it is your space. Be sure to experiment to see what best fits your home. 

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