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20 Bathroom Essentials: From Faucets to Furniture: Everything You’ll Need

Many elements go into crafting the right bathroom. You can create the bathroom of your dreams through a mix of fixtures, accessories, and smart design. Below are key items that help to create a fully functional, attractive, and comfortable space for your home:

Freestanding Tubs

A freestanding bathtub is a bathtub that stands on its own. This style of bathtub creates a centerpiece or focal point for your bathroom, which will help you establish a theme for your bathroom and can transform the space, making a sparse bathroom seem more vibrant and alive. 


Statement Sinks

Similar to a high-quality freestanding bathtub, a statement sink can add much-needed color and style to your bathroom. In addition, it creates another focal point for your bathroom, allowing you to show off intricate patterns, designs, and materials that suit your tastes. 

Modern white bathroom sink with faucet

Minimal Faucets

Faucets can be intricately designed with multiple features, but minimal faucets help to make your bathroom appear more modern and sleek. Minimal designs include simple, darker colors that blend well with many different bathroom designs. The faucets can also be placed on the wall or on a vanity. 

Essential Furniture 

Various household items such as pillows and quilts standing in the white cupboard in the laundry room.

Essential furniture includes wardrobes, a closet, and essentially more storage space. Having more storage space in your bathroom makes it appear more spacious, which allows you to have more additional space to place other items you want or need. 

Tub Fillers

turning on the water of bathtub
turning on the water of bathtub

Tub spouts or tub fillers are fixtures that help to deliver hot and cold water to the bathtub. Their design uses knobs or levers to adjust the temperature and flow of the water. These are a must for any bathroom to increase the bath comfort level.

Bathtub Caddies


Bathtub caddies are designed to rest across your bathtub and can hold candles, food, wine, or a book or tablet. A caddy can turn your bathtub into a more relaxing experience as you now have a space to watch a show or read a book while you bathe. 

Bathtub Side Tables

Vintage bathroom white brick and gray tile wall 3d rendering image
Vintage bathroom 3d rendering image,There are wood floor,white brick and gray tile wall ,Decorate with wooden basin table,The room has large windows. Sunlight shining into the room.

A bathtub side table is a table that is low to the ground and can carry many bath time items such as candles, food, wine, or toiletries to help enhance your bath time. The side table helps organize your bath time and provides an excellent resting platform for a book, candle, or tablet.

Organization Furniture

Organization furniture such as towel racks, shelves, and storage cubbies are invaluable for helping to keep your bathroom organized and removing the clutter. Keeping your bathroom organized transforms the space into a more spacious and open area. 

Bathtub pillows

Pastel beige color bathroom with white bathtub and pillow and porcelain glazed stoneware tile marble walls

A bath pillow is an ergonomic pillow designed to help support your head, neck, shoulders, and back, making it more comfortable to soak in a bathtub. By increasing the comfort level of your bath time, you can transform your baths into a retreat that can help relax your muscles and your body. 

EZ-Drop in Drain

An EZ Drop-in drain simplifies tub installation by securing onto an existing pipe. Once installed, you can simply drop the tub or base into the receiver pipe. In addition, the drain is highly durable, built from an 18 gauge epoxy coated metal deck flange. 

Luxe towels

Luxurious towels can add a sense of class and luxury to a bathroom. Towels come in various materials, and guests will often use them to dry their hands as they leave. Selecting the right towels can leave a lasting impression and make your bathroom one to remember.


A large rug helps to make a statement about the theme of your bathroom. Not only does the rug help you enter and exit the shower, but it can also be a bold centerpiece for the rest of your bathroom. Just be sure to wash and dry it from time to time. 

Air freshener

Scents are an appealing part of any bathroom; your bathroom should be free of any unpleasant odors. Air fresheners are a great addition as they can make your bathroom smell how you want it to, and having a clean-smelling bathroom can make a world of difference in creating the ideal bathing environment. 

Bath tissue holder

A bath tissue dispenser holds a roll of bath tissue. These are mounted on the wall and can be customized with a wide variety of styles and designs.

Toilet Paper

Quality bath tissue will elevate any bathroom experience. So choose high-quality bath tissue to ensure that you make a good impression.

Hand wash dispenser

A hand wash dispenser is a container that houses a bottle of hand wash. While these bottles are plain, the dispenser can come in various colorful designs, shapes, and patterns. While it may seem small, an interesting dispenser can make a lasting impression on a guest.

Toothbrush holder

A toothbrush holder not only provides storage for your toothbrushes but provides you some freedom in how you want to display them. You can go with more modern designs such as shelves or separating brackets, or you can use something more artistic, like a sculptor to display your toothbrushes. Even small items can be a great excuse to show off more of your bathroom’s style. 

Toilet brush and plunger

A toilet brush and plunger are tools designed to help you clean your toilet bowl. Finding a place for these items can be challenging as they need to be clearly visible but not intrusive for your bathroom. This is where you have the chance to be creative, as you can paint them a different color, or locate an appropriate holder that can blend more seamlessly with your bathroom. Alternatively, you can simply store them under your sink or in a storage cubby. 

Box of tissues

A simple box of tissues can help make your bathroom feel more inviting. Although it may seem trivial, even a box of tissues can signify that your bathroom is ready for anything. You can also build on this and use decorative tissue holders to add more style to your bathroom. 

Garbage Can

A garbage can is just a simple wastebasket or empty container to help collect the garbage in your bathroom. Of course, you can keep it hidden in a cabinet for a cleaner look, but many garbage cans are designed to hide their contents to keep your bathroom looking sleek. A well-designed garbage can should compliment your aesthetic while blending into the background.

Vanity mirror

A vanity mirror is a large mirror that is placed above your vanity. This mirror is a personal grooming mirror, allowing you to check on your appearance and customize your look while you get ready. This mirror is available in various shapes, sizes, and styles, but its vital function is that it must be large enough to assist you in your daily routine, so it’s important that it’s easily visible. Backlighting or even natural light are popular additions to assist with its visibility.  

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Vanity and Shower Bathtub


Having a wide selection of toiletries can make your bathroom seem put together and more inviting for guests. Toiletries include products for personal hygiene such as hand soaps, brushes, toothpaste, perfume, etc. These items are available in a wide range and can allow you to customize your bathroom with different scents.

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