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20+ Popular Bathroom Color Ideas for This Summer

by Badeloft | May 30, 2020

Changing the color of your bathroom can breathe life to an old bathroom without the fuss of a remodel, as well as deeply improve your mood. In these uncertain times, small projects such as changing your bathroom colors can provide the perfect distraction and is the perfect DIY project to undertake yourself. Today we will discuss some popular bathroom color ideas for 2020 and see if any are right for your home.

How to change your bathroom colors safety during Covid-19

With the growing uncertainty of dangers such as covid-19, we ask that you be more mindful of starting new projects like this. While you can still change your bathroom colors out, it is important to always maintain social distance whether you are consulting a contractor or undertaking this project yourself. Always wear protective face gear or PPE when purchasing supplies and keep social interaction to a minimum.

What’s popular in 2020?

The catalogue of colors discussed below is polled from a variety of various sources such as Home Depot, Good Housekeeping magazine,, Benjamin Moore Paints, Behr Paints and other homekeeping sites. These are the most common and asked for colors of 2020, reflecting the current trend of the season. With 2020 just starting, the most prominent and asked for colors are usually focused on summer, so these colors will generally be more bright and uplifting in nature.

The Popular Bathroom Colors Now:

Sultan Sand

Sultan sand is a muted mix of orange and copper. It provides a good contrast with those looking for a tropical or Mediterranean appeal. It pairs well with similar colors of more muted and soft browns and yellows. This color is appropriate for both accessories such as towels as well as walls.

Sultan Sand.

Night watch

Night Watch provides a dark jade aqua-green color. This color pairs well with anything that is out in nature as it contains a very deep and rich color that is akin to nature. Night Watch is best used on walls and doors to provide a more attractive appeal.

Night watch.

Soft Taupe

Soft Taupe as it’s name implies, is a softer version of Taupe, which is a dark brown that sits comfortably between brown and gray. Taupe is a very un-intrusive color, perfect for a bathroom or a bedroom as it is subtle enough to allow other elements such as your bathtub, shower or vanity to shine better.

Soft Taupe.

Royal Navy Blue

Navy blue, as its name suggests, is a more rich and deeper shade of blue. It provides a feeling of being close to the ocean and it pairs well with contrasts of red, orange, black or white. Since it’s color is so appealing, this is recommended for your bathroom walls as it lends very well with the standard bathroom amenities.

Royal Navy Blue.

Dark Mustard

A deep brown with yellow undertones, dark mustard is great for a bathroom that has a similar composition, pairing well with other darker colors. Although yellow is a great deal harder to pair with other colors, with a little patience, it can be quite visually appealing, though you may want to layer it with other colors or designs, such as white or honeycomb designs.

Dark Mustard.


Powder Blue

Powder blue is a classic color, matching well with other bright colors and giving off the appearance of the sky. Powder blue is a common fixture in nurseries and bathrooms, pairing well with whites and bright yellows, giving off an atmosphere of calm. Since the color is so vibrant, it can easily be applied to both walls and fixtures.

Powder Blue.

Dusty Blue

Similar to powder blue, dusty blue provides a slightly darker shade of blue. As before, dusty blue provides a feeling of weightlessness and is close to the sky in tone, making it a perfect summer color. It pairs well with whites, dark brown and darker colors, allowing it to be easily applied to both fixtures and walls.

Powder Blue.

Peach Pink

Providing a color that is closer to lipstick in color, peach pink is a bright alternative to either peach or pink colors. This color can provide a good color contrast to coffee or dark brown alternatives and other darker colors. Since this color is so vibrant, it can provide a modern feel to any home and is best applied to walls.

Peach Pink.

Nano White

Nano white is a warmer tone of white. Although it may not be not be immediately apparent, the warmer tone of it is quite a stark contrast to traditional white. Since the base of the color is white, this allows for an almost unlimited color contrast combination. The most ideal would most likely be darker colors such as brown and black, to really bring a classic color contrast. Nano white can be applied to both fixtures and walls and flooring.

Nano White.

Ash Grey

Ash Grey is a traditional color, made to reflect the ash left after a burning fire. It provides a darker hue than standard grey and is perfect for eliciting a more traditional feel in your bathroom. Ash Grey is perfect for bathtubs and wall surfaces and pairs well with lighter colors such as white or light blues.

Ash Grey.

Seafoam Green

Another classic color, seafoam green provides a nautical feel, that would compliment any light blues. Seaform green would be a good recommendation for bathroom walls, rugs and decor.

Seafoam Green.

Botanical Green

A shade of green that perfectly captures the hue of living plants, botanical green is meant to instill a sense of nature and life to your bathroom. It pairs well with darker colors such as coffee, black and dark browns. Conversely, it can also be paired with yellows and blues as well, to add more vibrancy. Botanical green is best applied to walls and furnishings.

Botanical Green.

Light Sky Blue

A shade of blue that borders close to white, sky blue is meant to invoke the feeling of the sky and is perfect for any bathroom looking to add a sense of playfulness and calm. Light sky blue is perfect with whites, yellows and greys and is great on walls and furnishings.

Light Sky Blue.

Dark Charcoal

Often mistaken for black, dark charcoal sits at a very dark shade of grey with bluish undertones. Though many of its uses are quite similar to black, contrasting well with bright colors such as white, brown and pairing well with dark and navy blues. Dark Charcoal is fairly flexible, allowing it to be applied to walls, fixtures and furnishings as black colors are generally very easy to pair with other colors.

Dark Charcoal.


A darker form of soft Taupe, Taupe is dark brown that sits between brown and grey. Similar to it’s lighter counter-part, it is accented well against whites, light browns and more vibrant colors. Due to it’s unobtrusive nature, it is perfect for walls and flooring.


White Heron

Another Benjamin moore classic, White Heron is a cool white with a slight blue undertone that is similar to finished marble. It is perfect for bright spaces that contrast well against blacks and greys. Since it’s white, it is a perfect color for walls, fixtures and furnishings. Rich vibrant colors accent well against white heron.

White Heron.

Cushing Green

Another classic color, dating back to the 1900’s, cushing green is a lighter green paint that pairs well with just about any other colors, most noticeably, white yellows, coffee and black. It’s flexibility is a reason for it’s popularity, perfect for both walls as well as fixtures, if you so desire.

Cushing Green.

Oxford Grey

A mixture of cyan-blue and grey, Oxford grey provides the best of both worlds-the flexibility of shades with blue and the muted quality of grey. This allows oxford grey to be paired well with other colors as it hangs in the background. It is a classic color for this very reason, allowing other fixtures such as your tub and your sink to stand out more. Oxford Grey pairs well with whites, darker greys and black.

Oxford Grey.


Buxton blue

A shade of blue bordering on blue-green, buxton blue is a great addition to any home looking for a sense of vibrancy. It provides a classic feel, as it is one of the most used colors in home decor since 1910, giving your home a very classic feel. Buxton blue pairs well with yellow, black and white color contrasts and is more suitable for your walls than your fixtures.

Buxton blue.

Thunder Grey

Nothing screams classic appeal like thunder grey. Thunder grey provides a color scheme that is a mixture of grey with bluish undertones. It is a common staple in many 90’s suburban homes and the simple appeal of it’s colors is a reason for its popularity. Thunder Grey is a great color for fixtures, walls and furnishings, allowing it to contrast easily with a large array of other colors, though black, white and grey is a classic combination.

Thunder Grey.

First Light

First Light is a mixture of white and pink. Unique to the Benjamin Moore paint line, it is meant to provide a vibrant alternative to white, allowing it to be paired in a similar fashion as traditional white, with darker colors to contrast. First light is most appropriate on the wall, although fixtures can also be painted with it as long as the correct contrast is applied.

First Light.


Pistachio is a light green that provides a more bright vibrancy than standard green colors. It retains the best of both worlds-providing a color that is synonymous with nature while still being bright enough for summer colors. The brightness of the color pairs well with browns and more muted colors such as beige or grey and can easily be applied to walls or other amenities.



Greige is a mixture of beige and grey, providing a more vibrant grey than the standard grey color. While it won’t win any awards for vibrancy, greige is a very subtle color that pairs well with just about any other color you desire, making it an easy color to paint walls and vanities with, as it won’t intrude on other colors you have chosen for your home.



Cerulean is a lighter shade of blue, perfect for homes that want to capture the look of the ocean while still retaining a very light, summer color. Since it’s tone is so gentle, Cerulean is perfect for bathroom amenities or walls if desired.


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