Freestanding Faucets and Tub Fillers

Freestanding faucets and tub fillers are an often an overlooked but essential part of any bathroom. Badeloft’s freestanding faucets and fillers are made from high-grade chromed brass, which eliminates the frequency of water stains and smudges, offering a look of resplendence and vibrancy that you may not even know you were missing in your bathroom.

Available in wide variety of variants and sizes, these accessories can breathe even more life into your already luxurious bath space without worry of stressing your budget. Our goal is to ensure your experience is a positive one, so please, sample our free-standing faucets and we hope it provides you with the warmth and comfort it does for us making it just for you.

Material Sample

Installation projects can be quite a daunting task, so Badeloft is committed to making the job as simple and rewarding as possible. Our site offers many guides on the bathroom remodeling process, allowing you to pre-plan your every step before any final decisions or purchases are made. With documents outlining every detail and facet of the process with a simple download, you can quickly review models from other users, preview various models of freestanding faucets that will best suit your home and of course have access to comprehensive guides for ease of installation.

Our freestanding faucets are designed using chromed brass-which eliminates smudging or water prints while still maintaining a sleek silhouette that provides a luxurious accent to your bathing area. The chromed brass covering encapsulates a modern design of sharp angles that provide a more artful delivery of your water as well as holding excellent water retention for your longer tub sessions. With single handle or rosette controls, you are in control of your bathing experience.

With a freestanding faucet, you are granted a level of freedom over a tub wall-mounted faucet, mainly that of flexibility. With a freestanding faucet, you can place your tub filler at the head, foot or sides of your tub-which means more freedom to customize your bathing area to your liking. With hot and cold taps below the base, the water is delivered to you at a perfectly adjusted temperature. With freedom also comes a variety of designs, such as sleek shower wands that blend harmoniously with your aesthetics and the elegant aspects of your tub itself. More than just a pretty piece of brass, Badeloft’s plumbing fixtures are a durable investment that will stand the test of time.

As always, to further assist in choosing the right fixtures for your home, feel free to contact us with any questions and further information. We firmly believe in customer service, and as such, we offer free material samples for all of our products in the hopes of choosing the right fixtures for your home. All our products are designed to the highest standards before being prepared and packaged just for you, so if you have any questions before adding to cart, please feel free to email us.