The Most Common Bathroom Sizes and Dimensions

Thinking about installing a new bathroom? Well, before undertaking your project, consider what kind of bathroom you want and how large you want it to be. Understanding dimensions is an important step in figuring out what your home needs and what it can realistically support. Below are some common bathroom sizes and dimensions to assist you in your decision making process. 

What is the average size bathroom?

An average sized bathroom is anywhere between 36-40 square feet for an apartment or small home. This size is the general size as it encompasses both ¾ baths as well as full baths, giving you just about enough room for a shower, a bath, a sink and a toilet. For a larger home, the average size fluctuates between 40-100 square feet depending on the size of the property.

large bathroom sizes.

Common Bathroom size layouts 

Below are common bathroom size layouts. In general, the smallest size is 15 square feet, which can fit a sink and a toilet. For a shower, to be installed, at least 30-36 square feet is required. For a full bath consisting of both a shower and a bathtub, you will need at least 40 square feet. Below are common bathroom size layouts ranging from small, medium and large.

  • 3×5(15 square ft)
  • 3×6 (18 square ft)
  • 4×4 (16 square ft)
  • 4×6 (24 square ft)
  • 6×6 (36 square ft)
  • 6×10 (60 square ft)
  • 6×12 (72 square ft)
  • 7×7 (49 square ft)
  • 8×8 (64 square ft)
  • 9×6 (54 square ft)
  • 9×8 (72 square ft)
  • 9×7(63 square ft)
  • 10×12 (120 square ft)

Master Bathroom Dimensions 

A master bathroom is generally a full bathroom, but generally much larger to accompany additional space. In general, master bathrooms are connected to the master bedroom, which defines them as such. A small master bathroom is 5×8 or 40 square feet, whereas the typical average is anywhere between 40 square feet-100 square feet. A large master bathroom can go upwards of 110-200 square feet and beyond.  

master bathroom layout.

Full Bathroom Sizes

A full bathroom consists of a shower, a sink, a bathtub and a toilet. It is only considered a full bath if it contains these three items and usually needs to be around 36-40 square feet because of the size requirements or 5×8. As stated previously, 5×8 is the small dimension, whereas 6×10 is considered the average for a full bathroom, with 10×12 and beyond on the larger side. 

full bathroom sizes.

Bathroom with Shower or a ¾ bath

A bathroom with a shower is generally considered to be a ¾ bath, as it only has a sink, a shower and a toilet. The size of your shower will vary, but the smallest bathroom that typically can support this will be anywhere between 26-30 square feet. The common dimensions for this size is either 9×3 or 8×4 which consists of the small range of things. Medium sizes are around 50 square feet with large sizes landing around 60 square feet and beyond. 

bathroom and shower.

Bathroom with Walk in Shower

A bathroom with a walk-in shower shares many size comparisons to a bathroom with just a shower. The only difference is that these need to be much longer in length to support a larger shower compared to other designs that only need to support a typical box shower.

A small bathroom with a walk-in shower starts at around 36 square feet, with 8×4 being a typical size. For the purposes of most walk-in showers, the length needs to be around 4 yards at least to support the walk-in shower. From this point, the dimensions are the same as a bathroom with a shower-medium sizes are around 50 square feet, large sizes are 60 square feet and beyond. 

bathroom with walk in shower.

Bathroom with no shower or Half bathroom 

The most common layout for smaller apartments is a bathroom with no shower or a half bathroom. These generally are considered powder rooms as they have exactly one sink and one toilet, with very little room for anything else. In general, these types of bathrooms are at least 15 square feet.

They can grow larger, but do not go any larger than 26 square feet as a shower can generally be installed around that size and you are wasting space at that point. To reiterate, 15 square feet for the small end, 18-20 square feet on the medium side, with 26 square feet on the largest side for a half bath. 

bathroom with no shower

Handicapped Bathrooms 

Handicapped bathrooms require at least 3×5 or 15 square feet to be considered a handicapped accessible bathroom. The size itself is not so important, more that the room is a diameter of 5 inches, allowing a wheelchair to move freely without being stuck. The doorway to this bathroom has to be at least 32-36 inches or 2.5 feet wide. The sink cannot be higher than 36 inches high with no more than 2 inches of counter space in between. Lastly, the toilet must be between 17-19 inches off the floor. The handle cannot be higher than 44 inches off the floor. Safety bars and other hand hold supports are also required for a handicap assisted bathroom. 

handicapped bathroom.

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