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Do you need a bathtub in the master bathroom?

No, but this answer will largely depend on an individual’s household. A bathtub is ideal for a large household with small children, pets, and the elderly. These individuals have greater difficulty with a standard shower and need something closer to the ground that doesn’t require standing. On the other hand, a bathtub is not ideal for smaller households due to the amount of water needed to run. 

Benefits to having a bathtub in the master bathroom

A bathtub in a master bathroom provides your home with a few key benefits. Let’s look at them:

1) Resale value of your house 

A bathtub in your master bathroom will undoubtedly increase the resale value of your home. While it may be more attractive to increase the square footage of your bathroom by removing the bathtub, a master bath without a bathtub will steer potential buyers away, especially those with large families and pets. A bathtub in your master bedroom is a great investment for the future, able to accommodate a growing family. 

2) Can assist with ADA accessibility

A bathtub is an excellent tool for those in need of more ADA accessibility. With extra handholds and grips, those with disabilities can feel more comfortable than a traditional shower. Furthermore, you can install a walk-in bathtub that provides seating, grips, and handlebars to increase accessibility further. 

3) Bathroom Aesthetics

A bathtub is a must if you want higher-end aesthetics for your master bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs are popular because they take up fewer square feet and are generally more luxurious and elegant than a drop-in bathtub.

It is important to note that most guests like the aesthetic of having both a walk-in shower and a bathtub present. Remember that your master bathroom is designed to be different from your other bathrooms for a reason-offering more space to create a more relaxing environment, similar to a spa. 

4) Great for Active Individuals

A bathtub is great for active individuals as their muscles are constantly working overtime. In addition, bathtubs provide many health benefits as soaking can help ease the tension in these muscles and help to de-stress those after a long day. Finally, as we touched on previously, your master bathroom should be a relaxing and calming environment, so a bathtub is ideal for helping to create that spa-like environment.  

5) Perfect for larger families and pets

Bathtubs are perfect fixtures for larger families and pets. The bathtub design allows for small children to bathe with their parents, whereas a shower makes this much more difficult. Additionally, pets are more comfortable in a bathtub as they have more footing when compared to a shower, making bathtubs much more appealing to a broader market. 

6) Privacy and Comfort

Your other bathrooms will see heavy foot traffic from your household, but the master bath is different. It provides a place of privacy and comfort away from the daily stressors of the outside world. It is simply a neccesity to have your own private space to soak and relax with candlelights and music. 

A bathtub in a master bedroom is certainly not a necessity-you can easily get by without it. But as we discussed today, there are many benefits to having a bathtub in your master bedroom. So while it may not be necessary, it is certainly a creature comfort you cannot ignore. 

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