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The 15 Most Popular Sinks of 2024

Are you looking for a new sink but don’t know where to start? When shopping for a new sink, be sure to balance style, cost and usability. Here are the most popular sinks of the year and the benefits they can bring to your space.

1. Pedestal

Pedestal sinks remain a popular choice in 2024. Their high flexibility, practical price range and profile make them ideal for smaller homes and bathrooms. The key feature of a pedestal sink is that it does not require a vanity, making it easier to position and install, but it will dramatically reduce your available storage. Today, many pedestal sinks are constructed from vitreous china or clay, but you can also find them in marble and composite stone for something more durable. Over the years, their design has evolved to incorporate ledges from the basin to provide more countertop space. 

Pedestal sink and cabinet in the guest bathroom.

2. Wall mount

A popular choice in modern and contemporary bathrooms today. Wall mount sinks can be anchored to the wall, providing a clean/neater aesthetic and saving you valuable space in your bathroom. A smaller bathroom can accommodate larger sinks, such as a ramp sink or vanity. Installation is also easy as you simply need to anchor the sink to the wall and connect it to your pipeline. Lastly, these sinks are much easier to clean as you can access the entire sink or vanity. 

3. Drop-in

Drop-in sinks are easy to install, replace and come in various color and material options. Drop-in sinks are great in classic and modern spaces as they blend seamlessly with the countertop. They are compatible in almost any vanity or base you install. Common materials for drop-in sinks include acrylic, porcelain, or stone resin, but almost any water-resistant material is fine. 

undermount vs drop in sinks.

4. Vessel

Blending classic and modern sensibilities is the vessel sink. Like an old wash basin, these sinks generally have a larger bowl than other sink designs and sit atop your counter. These sinks are special because most are custom-made and utilize uncommon sink materials such as tempered glass, wood, or copper. Vessel sinks are unique in that they can come in various shapes and sizes and are compatible with any vanity type you choose. The only downside to a vessel sink is the lack of counter space, and they generally sit higher than other sinks. 

Modern Bathroom
Modern Bathroom

5. Ceramic

Ceramic sinks are a great option for almost any bathroom size. The material is sturdy, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. This makes installation and replacement very affordable, and the material is easy to work with, resulting in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. The only real drawback of ceramic sinks is that the material could be more durable, meaning heavy impacts can chip or damage the sink altogether. However, as stated before, they are easy to replace, and their price point is a good reason for their popularity. 

6. Concrete

Another durable material for your sink is concrete. Concrete sinks are becoming more popular as the material is very durable and can be refined into 3 different grades based on your bathroom’s needs. Generally, concrete is used for larger sinks such as a ramp, undermount and drop-ins as vessel sinks require a more delicate touch. Keep in mind that concrete sinks are quite expensive, so expect to pay a premium price for one, but if you want a unique look to your sink that isn’t natural stone, an alloy or wood, consider concrete. 

7. Stainless Steel

Typically used for kitchens, stainless steel sinks are slowly finding themselves in the bathroom as well. The material is sturdy, durable, and water-resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic bathrooms. Stainless steel sinks are available in different thicknesses, which is measured in gauges. Gauges sit between a spectrum of 7-28 with the higher number resulting in a thinner piece of stainless steel. For durability and corrosion resistance, you want to select a thicker steel which means a low gauge number, somewhere between 7-12. 

8. Basin

Similar to a vessel sinks, basin sinks are generally much smaller, usually featuring a bowl or round basin. The basin is generally deeper than other sink variants, ideal for washing your face and providing a more thorough deep clean. These sinks tend to sit higher than other sink variants but can also be adjusted for height. Like vessel sinks, their countertop installation significantly limits your space for other bathroom accessories. 

9. Copper

Using high-quality material is nothing new, and copper provides a wonderful material for the bathroom sink. Heavy water use will eventually erode and discolor other material over time, but copper actually develops a unique patina the more it’s used. The material also has anti-bacterial properties, which is ideal since the bathroom can attract many unwanted contaminants. 

10. Creative Design

Creative sink designs are on the rise as many home owners want to experiment with their space more. You see more unique materials, such as colored glass, infinity pools, and more polished forms of existing metals. Many of these materials still retain water-resistant properties and create a unique look for the sink that you won’t find in any retail store. Even painting your sink will help to differentiate it’s look and create a better piece for your bathroom. 

11. Ramp

Large ramp sinks are becoming increasingly popular due to their size and sleek aesthetic. Ramp sinks can be wall-mounted which saves a great deal of space while retaining it’s modern sensibilities. The dual channel system of this sink also means that it can cater to a large number of people which makes it ideal for businesses and large homes. 

ramp sink example.

12. Glass

Glass is a unique material as it’s not the most durable material on the market, but it offers unique customization options. Tempered glass is treated with thermal and chemical solutions to improve its strength and durability significantly. Glass can also be covered with a water-resistance layer to further add to it’s durability. However, if you are deciding on glass as a sink material, it’s primary benefit is the attractive qualities that it can bring, especially with multi-colored glass sinks. 

13. Undermount

An undermount sink is installed directly underneath your countertop or vanity. This installation method provides more counter space while keeping your sink hidden from view. Undermount sinks have always been popular, especially for homes with a more contemporary aesthetic with more counter space. This also makes cleaning much easier as you have full access to your counter, and you don’t have to clean around your sink. 


14. Artisan

Artisan sinks abandon the expected sink design and go with something more contemporary. These sink variants have grown in popularity as many people have begun to care about their sinks and see it as a focal point for their bathrooms. These can range from large bronze vessel sinks to entire blocks of marble or wood and, finally intricately painted copper troughs. Custom sinks have no limit and allow for creating something special for the bathroom space. 

15. Rustic

Rustic sink designs incorporate more natural elements such as wood and darker tones. Farmhouse sinks provide your space with great flexibility and aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. These sinks pair well with rustic living and support large families. However, rustic-style sinks will be expensive either with maintenance and care with wood material or high initial costs with darker materials such as copper. 

Common Questions to help you choose the right sink

Here are some common questions to think about when looking for your sink:

Who is the sink for?

Different sinks are built for different users, and although something might be popular and attractive, it might not be a great fit for your home. Always account for height differences and comfort. You feel the most comfortable using the perfect sink, so experiment and ensure that you have ample space and don’t feel cramped. 

Is the material durable enough for heavy use?

Priortize the material first when selecting a sink. You want to choose a material that not only is structurally durable, but will require less maintenance than cheaper material. Additionally, if your sink sees heavy use, choose something durable to accidents such as composite stone or natural stone. 

How difficult is your sink to install?

Always remember that sinks can be quite heavy and their weight will factor into your final install cost. If your sink is too large for you to DIY, you will need to hire a professional to help you seat it properly, which can be quite expensive. 

Is it easy to repair and fix in the future?

Certain sink material is easy to remove and replace such as virtuous china, fiberglass and acrylic. Other material such as stone resin, copper, and glass are more difficult to repair and replace, so research your materials carefully. 

Now that you’ve seen the most popular sinks for 2024, we hope you have a good idea of what you are looking for. So do your research and you will surely find the right sink for your home.

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