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How to Organize Under a Bathroom Sink

by Badeloft | November 30, 2020

With shows like Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up and the more recent Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix in 2020, there has been a greater emphasis on organizing and tidying people’s homes. What was once considered to be a long and complicated undertaking is now very approachable with people thinking outside of the box in organizing their homes. Today we will discuss an easy project: organizing the area under your bathroom sink and show you just how easy and approachable home organizing can be.

1. Clean Out the Area

organizing under the bathroom sink.
Photo Credit: iheartorganizing

On a project like this, it is important to organize your area first. We accomplish this by removing everything under your sink first. 

Be sure to discard any old or unwanted items into the trash. Although it may appear tempting to keep or hoard items, remember that clutter under the sink will trap dust and effectively end up as a hazard, so it’s best to remove them now. 

Finally, with all items removed from the sink area, you have full access to the under areas of your sink and you can now clean and sanitize it fully.

2. Start Space Planning

measuring under bathroom sink.
Photo Credit: blueistyleblog

With your area properly sanitized, you may now begin planning out the area under your sink.

First, we measure the space, which will provide us with an accurate read on the area so we understand how much space is available. 

With an accurate read, you may now begin brainstorming what items you wish placed and how much room is available to you. These items may include cleaning supplies, first aid materials, hair accessories, face products and other cosmetic items. 

While you are planning the space, now would be a good time to check for leaks or any water damage that may pop up. If so, layering contact paper or some insolation would be a good idea to prevent long term damage. Keep in mind that the space under your sink will always be in danger of water damage or leakage from the pipes above, so storage containers might be a good solution moving forward.  

Additionally, existing piping can be quite intrusive, limiting the amount of space that is available to you. To prevent this from being a problem it is recommended that you find storage containers that are complementary and compatible with your available space.

3. Research Organizational Inspiration:

under the bathroom sink organization storage.
Photo Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

With the advent of social media, there are now multiple sources of inspiration for home storage and decor. To this end, Pinterest and Google remain popular outlets for people to gain inspiration and research storage solutions, so if you are having trouble finding inspiration, these are great places to start. 

Stacking Storage

For those who have trouble with space, stacking storage is a great solution that provides a large amount of storage without taking too much space. The only drawback to stacking drawers is that it is very easy to misplace items and it may be more difficult to open multiple containers to locate one item, so it is recommended that you label the drawers to ensure that no items are ever lost.

Sliding Drawers

Similar to stacking storage, sliding drawers help you store items and easily retrieve them. The benefit of sliding drawers is that items are easier to locate because you can visibly see them before going to retrieve them.

The only drawback to sliding drawers is that they vary greatly in size, meaning that some may be too tall or low for an individual to reach. This can be remedied by making sure to install them so that they are easy to access for all individuals. 

Over-the-Door Caddy

Another great storage solution is an over-the-door caddy. This functions as a storage space that you can hang on the inside of a cabinet or bathroom door.

This storage space can hold a large number of bulky items such as hairdryers, curling irons, flatirons, but can also handle cleaning solutions and other items that need to be accessed quickly. The advantage of a caddy is that it helps to save space as it is flush with the installed door, creating no space conflicts. 

4. Implement Your Vision

Go Shopping

Always try to have a vision in mind but remember that things can change. Throughout the process, it is important to plan and take measurements. Frequent shopping trips will provide you with a great deal of inspiration and will also provide practical feedback on what works and doesn’t work as well with your home. Flexibility is key and you can always change something down the line. 


When organizing your space, try to think about accessibility. Move important or heavily used items to the front or in easy-to-reach areas so that they are readily accessible. Remember that your bathroom area should be easily accessible to everyone in your home, not just yourself. 

Organizing your home can be a great way to remodel your home without adding any permanent fixtures such as a new bathtub, shower, or vanity. It can free up clutter and give you more room to change your home the way you want it and it’s very approachable, so start now and see how your home can change with some simple organization and storage solutions. 

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