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20+ Shower Niche Ideas That Will Spark Inspiration

Shower niches are a great way to add a unique accent to any shower, while adding some additional storage. Within the last few years, shower niches have become more popular with those looking for a modern touch to their bathroom. Below are some of the most popular shower niche types and ideas

Shower Niches: Pros & Cons

Shower niches are a great way to gain more space in your shower, but are they perfect for just any bathroom and homeowner?

Shower Niches Pros

  • Clean, aesthetically pleasing look
  • Provides additional space for your showering items
  • Keeps shower and tub space clutter-free

Shower Niches Cons

  • Restricts height of items
  • If not installed properly, they contribute to shower leaks over time
  • Complicated installation

1. Vertical Shower Niche

A shower niche is placed at a vertical height, making it ideal for separating and sorting multiple items.

2. Horizontal Shower Niche

A shower niche that is installed horizontally so that all shower items are presented neatly in order. This niche is also great as there is no item too tall to reach.

3. Wall Width Shower Niche

A niche that spans the entire width of the wall. This allows you to grab any item and still have plenty of storage left over for decorations.

4. Shower Niche with Glass Shelves

A shower niche with glass shelves allows you to space out your items while retaining some modern flair. Glass presents a very organized and contemporary look to the space.

5. Double Shower Niche

A double shower niche where two niches are installed either on top of or adjacent to each other. This allows you to sort and space different items, giving it an aesthetic flair. 

6. Framed Shower Niche

A niche is located behind the frame of a shower door. This niche displays a flair for contemporary design, utilizing the shower as part of its aesthetic. 

7. Shower Niche with Varying Height

A niche with one part that is vertical and another that is horizontal. This provides a cleaner look and allows you to separate and sort various items with differing heights.

8. Shower Niche with Hidden Lighting

A shower niche with hidden lighting that can add a more relaxing aesthetic. The hidden lighting can also be used to contrast with the surrounding shower design, creating a serious complimentary look. 

9. Shower Niche with Wooden Shelves

A shower niche with wooden shelves adds a rustic feel to your shower. It blends modern sensibilities while adding something natural that fits perfectly into any bathroom.

10. Pebble Tile Shower Niche

Pebble tiles help to evoke the sea and add more vibrancy to your bathroom.

11. Shower Niche with Lights

Lighting can drastically alter your bathroom’s appearance and elevate the niche’s appearance. Depending on the lighting choice, you can add vibrancy or create a calmer atmosphere. 

12. Shower Niche with Unique Pattern Design

A shower niche with a unique pattern or design can improve the space and elevate it to more than just a storage space. 

13. Shower Niche with Small Tiles

The right tile color can make a small space seem big and spacious.

14. Contrasting Shower Niche

Contrasting shower colors can create a complementary color scheme that is much more vibrant than either of the original colors on their own.

  • Shower niche design is different than the surrounding shower

15. Subtle Shower Niche

A subtle shower niche can create a minimalist environment for your bathroom and blends nicely with any modern design. 

16. Minimalist Shower Niche

A minimalist shower niche is simple and straightforward. It can blend with any modern color scheme and does not take up a large amount of space. 

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Bathtub niche NS-04-WHT_1

17. Contemporary Shower Niche

A contemporary shower niche uses modern colors to deliver a calming aesthetic.  

18. Experimental Shower Niche

An experimental shower niche allows you to experiment with different tile designs to see what works with your bathroom. 

19. Black and White Shower Niche

A Black and white shower niche is ideal for contemporary bathroom designs as these color schemes are generally darker colors such as black, white, and gray. In this instance, the niche is black whereas the shower is white, but you can create whichever combination suits you.

20. Main Feature Shower Niche

You can make your shower the main feature of your bathroom. Dedicated quality materials and mood lighting can turn any shower space into a luxury retreat.

21. Spa-like Shower Niche

If you like spa decor, consider installing a shower niche in your shower with the same idea. Keep it simple by using the same wall tile and similar stones to hold your shower gel, shampoo, and other items.

22. Artistic Shower Niche

With a white or beige shower, one can easily get bored. Bring colors by choosing colorful tiles for your shower niche. You can combine different colors and patterns or can use one-colored tile to create an illusion of a frame.

23. Storage & Shower Niche

Who said your shower niche can’t be both stunning and functional? Add three, four, or more niches to your shower and maximize the storage space. Align them perfectly for a symmetrical look, or play with different sizes for a playful design.

Are Shower Niches A Good Idea?

Yes, shower niches are great as they provide additional space while elevating the aesthetics of your bathroom. The only drawback of a niche is that you risk structural damage to your shower wall and the space is fairly limited when compared to other storage ideas.  

Use These Shower Niche Ideas To Revamp Your Bathroom

A shower wall niche is a great addition to any bathroom, adding aesthetics and creating storage space. Badeloft offers a large selection of pre-fabricated niches to help create a luxury setting. If you are interested in our shower niches, Or, if you have any questions about our projects or would like a free sample swatch, contact us here.

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