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Organization Ideas for Your Bathroom

by Badeloft | April 2, 2017

A beautiful bathroom is an uncluttered bathroom. However, as gorgeous as uncluttered counters may be, the fact is, we need toiletries, grooming utensils, and various supplies in the bathroom. Fortunately, we have several organization ideas for your bathroom that allow you to keep necessities within easy reach while also containing the clutter.

Baskets and Bins

A tried-and-true solution, stashing your bathroom stuff in baskets is a fast, affordable way to store bathroom items. Think outside the wicker box, too. For example, a series of metal pails would look amazing in a modern, industrial bathroom space while wooden inboxes and magazine holders from an office supply store could be just perfect for a spa-like retreat.

Towel Racks

Towel racks aren’t just for towels. Some have built-in storage above the rod. You could even hang baskets or other containers from a towel rack using hooks.

Medicine Cabinets

Another tried-and-true bathroom storage solution, medicine cabinets are usually mounted within the wall itself with a mirrored door. If your bathroom storage space is limited, consider springing for a larger three-door medicine cabinet to replace the main vanity mirror over the sink.

Bathroom Hooks

When not in use, bathroom hooks serve as elegant accent pieces. When in use, they serve a valuable function — holding extra towels, your hair dryer, or whatever else you need to hang temporarily.

Narrow Shelves

Who says shelves need to be large and wide? In the bathroom, strategically placed small, narrow shelves may be all you need to store lotions, shampoos, mouthwash, and other items.

Mason Jars

For a rustic look, you can’t go wrong with simple mason jars. Available in multiple sizes, Mason jars are ideal for holding everything from toothbrushes to cotton balls, swabs, soap, and flowers.

Metal Bins

Again, a trip to the office supply store could work wonders for your bathroom organization. In this case, hang a metal mesh file box to a wall or the side of your vanity and use it to store your hair dryer and curling irons.

Over-the-Door Bathroom Storage

Over-the-door hooks are great for adding storage to the main bathroom door as well as for interior cabinet doors. These items hook over the top of the door. Several forms are available including over-the-door hooks, towel racks, and storage containers.

Mirrored Trays

A mirrored tray is a classic choice for countertop storage. The tray itself is an elegant accent piece that defines the space and keeps clutter contained within its boundaries. Trays are also functional as they can easily be picked up and moved as needed. You can also use trays within your drawers to provide definition — and dividers — to the drawers.

As with any home organization task, it’s smart to weed through your belongings before organizing them. Discard unwanted items, consolidate bottles, and eliminate duplicates whenever possible. The less stuff you have to organize, the easier (and more attractive) your luxury bathroom will be.



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