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Creating a Modern Bathroom

modern bathroom with freestanding tub
by Badeloft | March 25, 2016

The basics of modernism are clean forms, minimal interruption of a line, and exquisite statements of style expressed through simplistic design. The bathroom is, without a doubt, the most utilitarian room in any home. Creating a modern bathroom transforms an ordinary bathroom into a retreat of class and elegance.

Assess Your Space

modern bathroom

Less is more in modern design, so it’s important not to cram too much into your bathroom. Begin by assessing the actual square footage available to work within the room. Measure the “bones” without cabinets or fixtures to gain an understanding of just how much space you have. You may be delightfully surprised to discover just how much removing old cabinetry can open your bathroom up to an entirely new feeling of freedom.

Simple Solutions

Choose simple solutions over cluttery choices. Out with the mismatched boxes and bags for toiletries; in with very few sleek containers that harmonize in both shape and color. Cabinets provide too many opportunities to hoard clutter. A freestanding sink will allow floor space to breathe, and bring about a sense of peace in what is all too often a room that’s regarded as little more than a rushed necessity.

Simple shelving will beautifully show off neatly-rolled Egyptian cotton towels. Clear containers can display pretty health and beauty items, while opaque containers will hide jumbles of cosmetics in plain sight.

Bathe in Modern Elegance

Swap out that dull old fiberglass shower enclosure or worn enamel tub for something that will deliver a luxurious bathing experience. At first glance, the Badeloft Modern Freestanding Bathtub appears to be more of an art piece than a vessel for personal cleansing. Its stone resin material forms an open sculpture, with one end extended into a high back, raised to comfortably support the neck and head, while its deep-sinking bowl welcomes the body for a nice, long soak.

The natural minerals and acrylic polymers that comprise the composite material retain heat beautifully, and the resin’s 100% non-porous characteristic means environmental temperature and humidity will have no impact on the tub’s structure or finish. A 72″ freestanding tub provides plenty of room to relax in, while the unit’s free standing nature affords a variety of placement options.

Refreshing Dividends

A bathroom that receives a modern makeover can pay off dividends by diminishing everyday stress, increasing the enjoyment of time spent in the room, and enhancing the overall value of the home.

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