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10×10 Bathroom Remodel Cost Guide for 2024

Remodeling a large bathroom and planning out your next step? A large bathroom or 10×10 space will cost anywhere between $12,000-28,000 depending on material choices and the complexity of the project. So, let us break down what goes into a 10×10 bathroom remodel to better help inform your decisions in the future:

10x10 bathroom remodel cost guide for 2023.

What is a 10×10 bathroom?

A 10×10 bathroom or 100 square feet is a large space, generally used for a master bathroom, although master bathrooms range from 100-210 square feet. This space is large and spacious enough to fit a toilet, a bathtub, a shower, and a large vanity that can house two sinks. The advantage of a larger space means you have more freedom in placing fixtures and more space for storage options or aesthetic customizations such as art or lights, although you will pay significantly more for your bathroom remodel. 

Benefits of a Remodel for my House Value

A bathroom remodel will allow you to update existing components of your home, allowing you to repair any old or outdated elements of your home. It is key to repair these elements to prevent future issues such as rot or degradation. This will also make your home appear much more attractive as you are providing an aesthetic bump which will drastically increase your resale value in the future. 

Difference between a remodel vs renovation?

Renovations are designed to update your home’s aesthetic without changing its function. Elements such as walls, lighting, appliances, furniture, and decor can all be removed and replaced in a renovation. A remodel will change the function of the room, such as converting a closet into a small bathroom or converting an unused space into a bathroom. 

Components of a Remodel 

These are the components that make up a remodel and the prices associated:


A new toilet will cost anywhere from $100-400 for a new model. While there are models that go for upwards of $3,000, these toilets are not very common in the average home. After you purchase a new toilet, you will then need to remove your existing toilet and dispose of it through the proper channels. 

Vent and Fans-$150-500

Bathrooms are notorious for their high humidity and moisture content so you require a good ventilation system to keep the moisture under control. Fans will cost between $100-250 depending on the size and installation method of the fan. Afterwards, you will need to factor in duct and ventilation costs for your bathroom before they are inspected by an official to ensure full compliance with your area. 

Lighting Fixtures-300-$1,000

Light fixtures play a key part in adding color, depth, and character to your bathroom. With a large bathroom, you will first need to consider wiring needs in advance to ensure there is no chance of injury or accidents. Light fixtures cost anywhere from $200-1,000 depending on the size and complexity of the fixture. 


A bathroom sink will cost anywhere between $300-600 depending on the material and installation method. The easiest installation methods such as pedestal sinks are the cheapest as they can be placed in your bathroom and then secured. Drop-in and undermount sinks have higher install costs as they must be secured to a vanity or base before installation.


Although it is overlooked, an entryway into your bathroom must be readily accessible at all times. So when planning out the space, ensure that your door can be opened fully for safety reasons. A new door will cost anywhere between $250-350 depending on the material and size. 

Replacement Windows-$300-500

New windows cost anywhere from $300-500 each depending on the size of the window and the strength of the glass. Generally, the larger a window is, the weaker it will be to impact, and the smaller a window is, the more it can be reinforced against impacts. 


Showers will cost anywhere from $800-1,000 depending on the size of the shower, tile material, and installation costs. Your final price will include the removal of your existing shower and adding in any features such as niches, storage cubbies, or custom spouts. If you install tile, you will also need to apply a waterproof seal over the grout in between the tile as well. 

Bathtubs – 1200-3000

The cost of a bathtub typically ranges from $1200 to $3000, depending on factors such as the size and material of the tub, as well as any additional installation costs. This price includes the removal of your old bathtub, as well as any upgrades such as built-in storage or custom fixtures. If you choose to install tile around your new bathtub, you will also need to factor in the cost of applying a waterproof seal over the grout to ensure proper sealing.


Granite, Cultured Marble, Travertine, Concrete, Laminate, Composite, Ceramic, or Porcelain are all common vanity materials with wildly different price points, ranging from $400-3,000 for a vanity. When selecting a vanity material, you want a durable material that can withstand heavy use. Natural stone is a popular choice but can be quite expensive and difficult to install. Stone resin and composite materials provide good alternatives as they are much lighter and much more affordable. 

10x10 labor costs types of contractors.

Labor Costs: Types of contractors

There are multiple contractors that will help with your bathroom remodel. Here is what they can assist you with:

HVAC Tech: An HVAC technician can assist with anything under the HVAC umbrella which includes heating, ventilation, cooling, and sometimes plumbing/electrical if needed. However, while an HVAC tech is equipped to handle almost every situation, you will pay for the increased specialty. Compared to a dedicated electrician or plumber, an HVAC tech will charge anywhere from $75-150/hr, so it is important to prioritize your emergencies and have the HVAC tech handle things only HVAC techs can handle.

Electrician: An electrician is required to set up outlets, and necessary wiring and to check the job site for any errant current or exposed wiring. An electrician provides a crucial service that every project needs and hiring one will cost anywhere from $25-40/hr

Painter: A professional painter will ensure that your space appears seamless and natural. They also have access to colors that may be difficult for you to obtain and will apply primers and ensure that the paint adheres better to the surface. And while true waterproofing is simply not possible, a professional painter will get as close as possible, ensuring that your paint can handle any adverse weather conditions. You can hire a painter between $70-100/hr, making them quite expensive. 

Carpenter: A carpenter can handle any fabrication needs for your remodel. This involves making cabinets, vanities, doors, and shelving. In addition to fabrication, they can provide aesthetic flairs and customizations that you request. A carpenter costs anywhere from $30-90 an hour depending on the complexity of the job and their overall skill level. 

Plumber: Plumbers are a critical aspect of any home improvement job as they can ensure that all your fixtures are running properly. They will help you sort out any issues with your toilet, sink, and bathtub while inspecting your existing setup for leaks and other issues before the remodel is complete, allowing you to fix the problem before more permanent aspects such as flooring is placed. Plumbers charge anywhere from $25-150 depending on the complexity of the job, their experience, reputation, and skill level. 

Final cost of remodel

The final cost of a large bathroom remodels is anywhere between $12-28,000. This accounts for demolition and removal costs, coupled with implementing wall, tiling, and any changes you might have made to your home’s existing structure. 

10x10 general remodel tips.

General Remodel Tips

Here are some general remodel tips to ensure your next remodel goes more smoothly. 

Plan/Create a Budget

Always plan accordingly. Before any aspect of your project begins, plan your layout and create a budget for yourself. This will allow you to be more efficient in choosing material, furniture, fixtures, and all the elements of your bathroom before you even begin, which will save you precious time. 

Account for accessibility

Although it may not seem important or vital, consider accessibility for differently-abled individuals early. Consider adding additional backing behind drywall to support handrails in the future. A walk-in bathtub and slip-resistant tiles are also great places to start and do not detract from your bathroom aesthetic in any way. 

Decide between artificial or natural lighting

Whenever possible, utilize your bathroom’s natural light to create a more natural and characteristic environment. Or, if your room is lacking in natural light, make up for it with a vibrant lighting setup to create a more idealized atmosphere for your home. 

Do what you can

There are many elements of your remodel that cannot be fulfilled on your own. However, there are some things such as painting, flooring, and some fixtures that you can install on your own. If you have experience, do what is feasible and safe to complete before the contractor arrives. This will save you time and money, but remember to not overreach.

Choose durable material

Remember that your bathroom will see heavy use over time, so choose durable material whenever possible. Although it may seem expensive, remember that it is an investment that will last the duration of a lifetime if properly cared for.

Avoid Moving Existing Plumbing

Plan around your existing plumbing setup whenever possible. Moving your plumbing can quickly grow into a steep cost, so do your best to line up your current furnishings with your old setup.

Add Storage

Storage will be a necessity in any bathroom so it’s best to consider all options up front. Utilize recessed walls, add tiered shelves, create shower niches and use storage racks. Additional storage will alleviate any cramped feelings you might have about the space.

Remodeling a large space can be quite intimidating and expensive, but so long as you plan accordingly, choose the right materials, and hire the right contractors, you will eventually get the 100-square-foot bathroom that is right for your home.

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