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20 Popular Toilet Colors of 2024

Looking for new toilet colors to spice up your bathroom? Here are the 20 most popular toilet colors of 2024 to give you some ideas on getting started:

1. White

It is a timeless color that complements any bathroom style or color scheme. White provides a neutral color that allows you to pair it with any fixture and bring more focus to it. This is ideal if you have a high-quality bathtub, shower, or vanity you want to show off. The color also brightens the space, making it appear larger and more open, which is great for smaller bathrooms and any bathroom with limited access to natural light. The color is also widely available, giving you a very affordable price point and easy to replace.

2. Cream

The cream provides a neutral color that pairs well with softness to create a cozy atmosphere. So consider more soft and comforting toiletries, fuzzy towels with contrasting color schemes, or even a bathmat to draw your guests in. Natural lighting would be ideal, but if it isn’t available, consider artificial lighting to make the space more open. Candles would also provide some much-needed scents and help tie the atmosphere together, giving you a comfortable bath space.

3. Beige

Beige is another neutral color that helps bring more focus into your other fixtures, such as your sink, bathtub, or vanity. Consider using contrasting elements like bright wallpaper, live plants, or tile. Wooden shelves can add a rustic feel, and even consider a vessel sink paired with floating faucets. You can also add hanging lights to provide some brightness to the space.

4. Black

Black provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that is an interesting inverse of white. Whereas white makes the space feel more open and bright, black can make the space feel smaller, but that’s not bad. It will emphasize your fixtures and decor much more than white and can be highly flexible. You can go the opposite route and use dramatic contrast with bright elements or pair black with more muted colors such as gold, steel, silver, or green. The versatility of black toilets allows you to pair them with almost any color scheme or fixture and maintain their bold vibrancy.

5. Red

Red can add vibrancy to your space, given that it is an intense color that can stand independently. Compared to more neutral colors such as beige or tan, a red toilet will create a strong focal point in your bathroom, so try for darker elements such as a black countertop and checkered tile to create contrast, use red towels or bathmats. Black candles paired with red decor can give your space a comfortable modern aesthetic that’s hard to beat. 

6. Jade

Like other green tones, Jade can help bring a sense of calm and tranquility. You can go simple and pair the color with living plants, and if you have access to natural light, lean in fully and pair your jade toilet with bright colors such as yellow or white. However, if you have limited access to natural lighting, pair jade with more elegant touches such as brass, gold, or steel trim. Jade works best in modern style or minimalist settings, so consider using wood or stone elements to bring out the color’s beauty fully.

7. Peach

A peach toilet is a good choice for creating a cozy atmosphere. Strong pairings include white and bright colors, such as floral patterns complimenting the toilet. Alternatively, you can use contrasting elements and create a black modern aesthetic offset by a peach toilet. Consider brightening the space with artwork and accent lighting to complete the look.

8. Pink

Pink toilets are an excellent choice for darker, contemporary spaces as they add more character. Consider black and white checkered towels, pink towels, a black vanity, and a fuzzy pink bathmat. A large mirror can add more depth to this aesthetic, but in general, you want to contrast your pink toilet to create a more visually attractive space.

9. Turquoise

For turquoise, consider tan and white for the room itself. Consider a beach theme, a jar of sand, and pictures of marine life, either dolphins or large fish, to create an exciting spectacle. You can complete the look with seashells on a shelf and some sconces. If you want a metallic element, lean into either steel, silver, or platinum to give a subtle shine to your fixtures.

10. Maroon

For maroon, use a modern color scheme and white and black for both the room and accents. Utilize more modern materials, such as stone, to create a more cohesive color scheme. Contrast the bold color scheme of maroon with black and white fixtures and even include artwork to create as many different focal points in your space as possible.

11. Slate

Consider a slate toilet if you want a navy blue and white bathroom. Sleek and modern fixtures, such as silver faucets and geometric artwork, would compliment this room nicely. You can also install wooden shelves to add more knick-knacks, bringing more character to the space. Add indirect lighting and a large mirror to get the look together. Or you can forgo many of the additions and leave the room with just the color scheme and simple mirror/vanity combo to make the space feel more relaxed.

12. Orange

For an orange toilet, lean into the color and consider black with orange accents. You want darker colors to compliment the space, so use orange for your bathmat, your towels, and your handles. You want darker shades for your fixtures, so black would be a great choice. Use orange sparingly, as the color is vibrant and can stand independently. Insert art wherever you can, but ensure that the room has enough black to help offset the vibrancy of the orange. 

13. Blue

For blue, you can choose to go either modern or contemporary. Choose black and white for a darker, more relaxed bathroom space, or go the opposite and use white and navy blue for a more exciting ocean aesthetic. Blue meshes with almost any color scheme, making it highly versatile to add a splash of color that isn’t intrusive.

14. Yellow

For a yellow toilet, lean into the brightness and choose white for the room aesthetic. Then, tie it together with yellow accents in the space, such as yellow candles, yellow bathmats, yellow towels, and cute/vibrant art. Add live plants for a differing contrast and utilize natural light, or if not, install some wall sconces with accented lights to brighten the look together.

15. Indigo

Indigo is an exciting color choice as it’s unique and has many characters. Pair this with gold and white fixtures. Consider stars or constellations as wallpaper to create a visually exciting pairing with your toilet color. With this toilet color, you want minimalism, so the space is already complete. 

16. Brown

Brown toilets are generally chosen so that the toilet can emulate the look and color of wood. For brown toilets, you want to pair wood with more muted colors, such as dark green or grey. Consider adding living plants to bring some vibrancy to the space. Accented lights are great, although natural light is ideal. Other wooden elements, such as cabinets, shelves, or vanities, complement nicely.

17. Hunter Green

Consider pairing your hunter green with more natural elements such as forest decor, animal artwork, wooden trim, and darker color schemes. Since hunter green is such an intense statement color, you don’t want to choose colors that are too bright or vibrant that may clash. Consider black wallpaper or tile; if you don’t want to opt for wood, consider stone elements to compliment your toilet.

18. Bright Green

Bright green can breathe much-needed vibrancy into your space, so to pair with this toilet color, consider natural elements such as floral patterns and wood. The color of your toilet is quite bright and intrusive on its own so you want more colors to pair with it and help tone it down. Consider pastels such as yellows and pink to help compliment the green better. Wooden picture frames and art would also provide a strong pairing, and top it off with a lovely sturdy wooden vanity.

 19. Tan

If you’re looking for a different look for your toilet that isn’t too overbearing, consider tan. Tan strikes a happy medium between white but contains enough earthy tones to create an aesthetic around. It pairs well with both classic color schemes and more modern sensibilities. This color goes great with natural elements such as stone and wood, although ceramic also fits. Art pairs well with tan, and you want darker colors, such as blue or green, to contrast against your toilet color.

20. Pistachio

If you’re looking for something unique, consider pistachio. This color provides a soft green that is more muted than your typical bright green, but it retains enough color compared to olive or army green. Green is a popular option in most bathroom spaces as it provides a sense of tranquility and peace. It combines earth tones, wood accents, and other plant-based decor to create a more cohesive aesthetic. If you choose pistachio as a toilet color, pair it with wooden vanities/cabinets and add a shelf with live plants to complete the look. 

Hopefully, these colors will give you a great starting point to finding the right color for your space. So consider these colors today and breathe new life into your bathroom.

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