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20 Best Bathroom Furniture Ideas for 2024

Redecorating your bathroom but not sure how to properly fill the space? Here are some furniture ideas to help you develop your look.

1. Woven Chair

Set the stage with furniture that provides contrasting texture to the space. If you don’t want to use a woven chair, consider wood, or bamboo, or acrylic. You want to choose a material that provides a contrasting feel to your toilet and bathtub, which is generally very smooth.

2. Greenery or Fake Plants

A splash of green can often brighten up your bathroom and bring more vitality and vibrancy. Many plant varietals can sustain themselves off your bathroom’s natural humidity, which makes them easy to care for. However, if you are nervous about real plants, consider installing fake or artificial greenery to achieve the effect. Just ensure these fake plants don’t collect too much moisture over time.

bathroom plants.

3. Fun Shower Curtains

Many traditional bathroom designs can appear as stuff or mono-color. Mix it up with a fun shower curtain with bright colors, patterns, or even a unique design. Although they may seem small or insignificant, an interesting shower curtain can make your showers much more enjoyable as they allow your eyes to focus on something vibrant that contrasts against your bathroom.  

4. Shower Caddies

Space is always a premium in the bathroom, so save wherever you can. Shower caddies provide a low-investment means of organizing your bathroom toiletries without installing shelves into your shower wall. Shower caddies are incredibly flexible as you can easily place or remove them as you need space. Keeping your bathroom organized and tidy will not only keep you safe but make you feel better about the space.

5. Trash Cans

Have your trash can close at hand, or consider upgrading your trash can to make it easier for yourself. Consider an automatic variant so you lower the risk of transmitting unwanted germs throughout the space. Although trash cans are quite limited in appearance, consider decorating them or hiding them within another piece of furniture, such as a drawer or basket. 

6. Storage Benches

One can never have too much storage in your bathroom. Consider installing storage benches to provide the space with more hidden storage options. Large wooden benches will also add a rustic feel to the space while giving you a comfortable place to sit. And when they aren’t in use, they make a great storage area for your towels and other bathroom accessories. 

7. Heated Towel Rack

Consider a heated towel rack for your bathroom. Heated towel racks can be hung up on your wall to save you space and utilize electricity to keep your towels warmed up for you. They come in many styles and material varieties to give you more freedom in how you want to design your space. While it may seem insignificant, your guests will certainly notice the difference. 

8. Small Toilets

Although large toilets are generally the desirable option, installing a smaller toilet can save a great deal of space. In many cases, this can add greater functionality as you can utilize your space better. A smaller toilet can free up much-needed walking area or ensure that your space doesn’t seem too crowded, allowing even a shower.

how to choose the right toilet for your bathroom.

9. Oak Dressers

A high-quality dresser can spruce up your space and make it appear more sophisticated and refined. Consider investing in high-quality wood such as oak to create a more luxurious fixture for your bathroom. Just remember that high-quality wood will require some maintenance when placed in a high-humidity environment such as your bathroom. 

10. Storage Locker/Diverse Storage solutions

Your storage solutions aren’t limited to just shelving, medicine cabinets or vanities. Consider recycled materials or reclaimed wood from another piece of furniture that you no longer use. Storage lockers may seem strange, but their size and construction allows you to paint them to fit any aesthetic you are trying to create. Remember to think outside of the box. 

11. Rolling Carts

A rolling cart can provide a great substitute for a full vanity. Their wheels allow them to be mobile throughout your space, and you can use them to house amenities and other items such as spare towels, toiletries, and even entertainment. 

12. Mirrors

A large mirror can tie in your aesthetic. Mirrors come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, ranging from both classic and modern designs. Back lighting can also improve your existing mirror along with any accent lighting to assist during makeup application and to help you see at night when traditional lighting may be too harsh for your eyes. 

13. Medicine Cabinets

A tried and true medicine cabinet keeps your bathroom items in a neat and easily accessible place. Medicine cabinets also provide even more utility as they feature their mirror, but just remember that medicine cabinets will generally be more visually tame compared to a full-sized mirror and other storage options. 

14. Metallic Accents with Wooden Furniture

If you don’t want to install new furniture, consider updating your current look. Metallic accents with wood can provide a sharp contrast that elevates the natural beauty of the wood. Or, you can do the inverse, using natural accents with metallic elements. The contrast can give your furniture new life.

15. Wall Mounted Vanities

Consider mounting your vanity and other bathroom furniture. If your wall can support it, having floating furniture frees up valuable space underneath. This is great for storing items are simply having the space bare as floating furniture will make your bathroom appear more modern and neat. 

16. Toilet Storage

Storage for your toilet is a great way to utilize the space to its fullest and ensure that everything you need is always at arm’s reach. You can accomplish this with either built-in storage around your toilet or a large rack to organize it properly. Toilet racks are available in both modern and classic looks, giving you freedom in how you design the space.

17. Sink Vanities

Experiment with different sink vanities, as they can provide multiple usage options. Vanities can help you hide electrical outlets, provide you with storage for your items, and give you a large fixture for you to tie your bathroom’s look around. While a large vanity is nice, remember that you can be flexible and utilize repurposed furniture as a vanity so long as it can fit the space. 

18. Storage Bins/Baskets

Consider adding storage bins wherever possible to give you multiple ways of keeping your bathroom items from view. While hidden storage is ideal, just organizing your space is enough to update your bathroom’s look and make it cleaner than normal. 

Storage Closet

19. Makeup Vanities

A makeup vanity is a special vanity that houses a mirror, making it easier to apply makeup. These vanities are great in smaller bathrooms or powder rooms as they fill multiple roles and are generally much smaller than traditional vanities. 

20. More Towel Storage/Towel Ladders

If you don’t want to use wall storage, consider buying a large towel rack and place it in your bathroom. This will help you store many towels and keep them dry, although it may take up some space. Another alternative is towel ladders that allow you to configure them to save up more space. 

Hopefully, these ideas provide a good starting point, but remember to be flexible in your approach, and you can use almost anything, such as bathroom furniture.

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