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Best Bathtub Ideas of 2021

The perfect bathroom is the one that perfectly suits your needs. But just in case you don’t know what your needs are yet, you can look below for some inspiration on what your ideal bathroom should be. Even simple things such as color, lighting and flooring can help you realize what your bathroom has been missing all along.

Simple Yellow Freestanding Tub

Simple Yellow Freestanding Tub
Just adding a small splash of color can do wonders for the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom. With a little yellow paint, you can create a more positive glow and vibrancy to any bathroom.

Modern White Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub


Modern White Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub
Going for a nice clean look, there is the modern white bathroom. Complete with both shower and freestanding bathtub, the freestanding bathtub adds a touch of modern appeal with it’s oval design while still providing a sense of cleanliness as do the square tiles, painting your bathroom in a nice favorable light.

Distressed Freestanding Bathtub With Vintage Gold Faucet

Distressed Freestanding Bathtub With Vintage Gold Faucet
For those looking for more of a rustic appeal, a distressed freestanding tub can help draw out the more natural elements of your bathroom. With inspirations taken from garden tubs of the 1800’s, this design blends a highly attractive vintage appeal with it’s distressed elements and it’s gold faucets. Bronze faucets can also work here too and apply a nice vintage appeal.

Green Drop-In Tub with Vintage 70s tile style

Green Drop-In Tub with Vintage 70s tile style
For those with nostalgia about the automatic age, this green drop-in provides a nice reminder of a more simpler time. The tiling provides you with a high degree of freedom, helping to provide a more vintage feel to the bathroom, tying it altogether.

Classic Tub Meets Modern Bathroom Decor

Classic Tub Meets Modern Bathroom Decor
Blending both classic and modern styles carries a certain appeal. In this case, with a classic claw foot freestanding bathtub, the classic design fits very well with the more modern floor and wall material, merging the two seamlessly.

Small Freestanding Tub in Modern Minimalist Bathroom

A small freestanding bathtub can be just the right touch that your space needs. With limited space available, remember that you don’t always need a large bathtub. Even a small-sized bathtub can do wonders for the look and feel of your bathroom. For more information, refer to our bathtub size guide to find the perfect fit for your space.

Rectangle Stone Resin Bathtub with Chandelier Decor

A rectangular stone resin tub that accents well with the vanities and the rectangular shaped windows. The added chandelier helps accentuate the hard lines of the room and bring about a level of class.

Classic Claw Foot Bathtub with Nickle Plated Faucet Design

A classic, the claw foot tub is a timeless staple of any bathroom. Here, it is coupled with a more modern nickle plated freestanding faucet style, but the modern take only helps to show how the classic claw foot works in any setting.

Drop in Bathtub with White and Black Accents

White and black accents create a more uniform look to this bathtub style, hiding any blemishes that may appear on your walls or floor. A drop-in bathtub is a perfect companion to this accent, adding more to a package that is both stylish as well as affordable.

Freestanding Bathtub with an Outdoor View

Outdoor views are great and the more natural light you can filter in to your bathroom, the better your bathing and mood will be. Freestanding bathtubs make excellent companions to this as they don’t necessitate a wall or enclosure, so you can freely enjoy as much natural light as you want.

Oval Shaped Tub with Granite Surrounding

Natural stone makes an excellent companion to any bathtub, and this bathtub is no exception. With granite surrounds, natural stone provides the feel of luxury and comfort that is simply hard to beat.

Modern Freestanding Tub with Natural Light

Natural light is always a welcome addition to the bathing experience, so consider opening up your roof to have even more light available to you. In addition, have your bathroom outside, close to nature and modeled with natural stone to create your own sanctuary away from the trappings of your stressful day to day.

Small Freestanding Tub

Just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean you are limited on fashion or function. Utilize shelves, compact things and use a freestanding bathtub to save space, allowing you more freedom in adding stylish amenities such as dual basin sinks and vanities.

Unique Shaped Freestanding Tub

Unique Shaped Freestanding Tub
Adding a unique shape to your bathtub helps in both standing out as well as making your bathing experience better. With a more rounded side, you can more easily rest your head and your shoulders more comfortably, allowing you to sit above or below the line of the bathtub with ease. As with most things, don’t be afraid to experiment with the shape of your bathtub to see which one is best for you.

Drop In with Granite Steps

Drop-in bathtubs are often seen as less luxurious than their freestanding cousins, but just adding in granite steps can help make it seem luxurious. Although most drop-in bathtubs are confined by their surrounding walls, just creating it’s own island with granite steps can be just as comforting as any freestanding tub.

Modern City Bathroom with Freestanding Tub

Being in the city usually confines you on space, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative. Get creative and use your space available, place a freestanding bathtub near a window, then add in some shelves, and a wall mounted sink and you have a bathroom with great natural light and an amazing view to go with it.

Simple Freestanding Tub in Brick Lined Bathroom

Often times just adding a simple freestanding bathtub can help elevate a room’s appeal greatly. With a very rustic brick lined wall, the freestanding bathtub is at home, helping to give your space a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

Spa Style Jacuzzi Bathtub with Multi Faucets

With the addition of powered jets and multiple adjustable faucets, you can easily transform your bathtub into a relaxing Jacuzzi. With granite and natural stone surrounds, you can easily create the perfect oasis for yourself.

Luxury Freestanding Tub with Artistic Wall Paper and Hardwood Floors

Luxury Freestanding Tub with Artistic Wall Paper and Hardwood Floors
The right accents can do wonders for your bathroom. While this luxury freestanding bathtub is a work of beauty, the wallpaper and hardwood floors strike an even stronger pairing, showing you just how much the right accents can make a bathroom feel like home.

Grey Bathroom with Simple Small Freestanding Tub

Striking a more chalkboard-esque design, grey is a wonderfully versatile color that allows for a darker aesthetic while still being light enough to contrast well with any light colored amenities. Added shelves help save room for space, showing just how much freedom a freestanding tub allows in decorating your space.

White and Gray Bathroom Title with Tub and Shower

A shower bathtub combo with two showers built in the same enclosure. This creates an atmosphere similar to a sauna, with the amenities neatly displayed and organized.

Gray Stone Resin Bathtub with Dark Green Accents

Grey stone resin helps to create a more earthy style bathtub. This bathtub pairs well with the green and more natural elements of the space such as plants and other fauna, helping to create a more natural feeling bath space.

Full Bathtub with City View

For the lap of luxury, this bathtub is designed to allow the ease of relaxation. With large enough space for a wide flat screen TV, an excellent view, a vibrant white tones, this is the perfect space for relaxation and leisure.

Small Freestanding Tub Next to Indoor Fireplace

A classic freestanding bathtub opposite an indoor fireplace. Adding the fireplace helps to denote a sense of calm and in some instances, help to provide heat for those more relaxing soak sessions, similar to reading by the fire.

Modern Claw Tub Bathtub

Placing a large claw foot tub in the center of your bathroom. Making your claw foot tub your ideal centerpiece helps to denote a sense of luxury and class, as the grey accents only help to draw more attention to your claw foot bathtub.

Freestanding Bathtub with Nautical Decor

An oval shaped bathtub placed in the center of your bath space surrounded by natural lightning and more simplistic decor can help provide a place of comfort. With the softer white surrounds, this bathtub brings one closer to the sea and the gentle waters.

Nature Inspired Bathroom with His and Her Sinks

A freestanding tub surrounded by an excellent view of nature can always help to bring one closer to more inviting emotions. The softer colors of the walls and floor help to amplify this as do the set up of his and her sinks, fashioned in basin or bowl shaped to be more personal and intimate.

Half Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub

For those looking to save space, a half bathroom is never a bad idea. Simple, clean and modern, this bathroom is both form and function, giving it a sleek appearance despite the limited space.

Freestanding Bathtub with Spotlighting

Spotlighting is an excellent way to accentuate and amplify the key aspects of your bathroom. With darker accents around your bathroom, the contrast of the white elements in your bathroom are only amplified, creating a very modern and attractive look.

Multi Lighting above Stone Resin Bathtub

Stone resin bathtubs present a very sleek and visually appealing design. With multi-angled lighting, you can only draw attention to the appealing aspects of stone resin or any other bathtub material you choose.

Unique Shaped Small Tub with Greenery

Nature is good. In the case of bathrooms, both natural plants and lighting are always a positive. Never be afraid to work in plants as you see fit as they pair very well with darker accents and only work to amplify the natural feel of your bathroom.

White Brick Bathroom with Plants and Modern Tub

White brick helps to bring a rustic appeal, closer to home. With this bathroom, the both the plants and the stone pathway help to denote a sense of nature while being at home. With large windows and a vibrant aesthetic, this bathroom shows that you can experiment and be truly creative in what makes a bathroom feel at home to you.

Claw Foot with Gold Accents and Greenery

Claw foot bathtubs are a classic bathroom addition and the gold accents only help to establish this bathtub as classic and elegant. The shrubbery and greenery provide a sense of nature in addition to establishing more brightness amidst the more sterile colors available.

Minimalist Freestanding Tub with White Walls

Minimalist Freestanding Tub with White Walls
Simple is sometimes the best. With a small space available, a minimalist approach to things can help save space while still being attractive. Bathtubs for small spaces are ideal in such scenarios. White in the bathroom always denotes a sense of cleanliness, and this freestanding bathtub surrounded by white walls helps to drive that point home.

Claw Foot Tub with Shell Feet and Beautiful Hardwood Floors

A claw foot bathtub with shell feet can help to establish a bath as a place close to the ocean and the hardwood floors help to drive that point further. The dark and beautifully polished hardwood floors help to accentuate all the bright colors around it, such as the vanities and the tub itself.

Granite Bathroom with Tub

Natural stone helps to elevate what is a more simplistic bathroom look to something more vibrant and appealing. With mosaic tile and granite, this bathroom feels more grand and spacious than it appears.

Luxury Bathroom with Grey and white Accents

Taking inspiration from garden bathtubs of the 1800’s, this bathroom is styled to provide both comfort and luxury. With natural plants strewn about and plenty of natural lighting, one can easily sit in peace and never worry that their bathroom doesn’t look less than spotless with it’s bright accents.

Bathroom with Wooden Accents and Freestanding Tub

Bathroom with Wooden Accents and Freestanding Tub
Wooden accents help to provide a more natural and home-like feel to your bathroom. The wooden flooring provides a stark contrast to the sleek and more modern bathroom amenities such as the sink and toilet, offering a blend of both natural and modern elements.

Freestanding Tub with a Valley View

A nice view is always a welcome addition to a bath. With the glass walls, and reflective surfaces, this bathroom aims to capture as much natural light as possible, helping to provide a warm mood for the bath itself.

Grey Stone Floors with Modern Tub

Grey stone floors help to amplify lighter and brighter colors. In this case, the bathtub and the surrounding walls have more focus drawn to them due to the grey stone, creating a more modern and sleek appeal.

Light Stone Walls with Shower and Freestanding Bath Combo

With softer walls, this bathroom’s appearance is only amplified by natural lighting. The stone pairs well with the glossy white of the freestanding bathtub and the basin sink, helping to create a more vibrant and natural appeal.

Blue, Grey and White Bathroom with White Bathtub

An oval shaped bathtub with a basin sink. Interlocking stones form the surrounds while a glass sunroof provides more natural light, giving the bathroom an overall brighter feel.

Classic style Bathroom with Claw Foot Tub

Nothing wrong with a classic, as this bathroom exemplifies everything you would want-a freestanding bath, large windows and ample vanity space. The tile accents the classic white of the claw foot well, creating a very clean bathroom aesthetic only helped by natural lighting and internal lighting as well.

Walk in Tub with Gold Accents

Walk-in tubs are great additions to homes for the elderly and movement impaired, but they aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a walk-in tub. Complete with gold accents, this bathtub is an image of luxury and comfort, as the faucets and knobs are easily in reach and accented with gold.

Grey, Green and White Bathroom with Classic Drop In Tub

Grey, Green and White Bathroom with Classic Drop In Tub
Providing a mixture of both natural stone and mosaic design, this design sports a more modern appeal. Accented well with natural stone, as indicated by the counter top, this bathroom is the perfect fit for those looking to incorporate more stone designs.

Classic White Bathroom with Drop In Tub with a View

Classic White Bathroom with Drop In Tub with a View

A classic white bathroom will always denote a sense of cleanliness, and a drop-in bathtub is the perfect pairing to this color scheme. A large window also helps to provide natural light and add more vibrancy as well.

Green and White Small Bathroom

Green and White Small Bathroom
Green is a color closely associated with nature, and white usually means cleanliness, so having these two colors in your bathroom is never a bad thing. The natural green of the walls pairs perfectly with plants and flowers while your tub and other amenities provide an air of cleanliness, melding the two perfectly.

White, Blue and Green Bathroom with Shower and Tub

The blue green tile help to create and more classic aqua appeal that goes great with the white of the shower and bathtub. Having glass walls also helps, giving your bathroom a very tidy appearance.

Blue and White Drop in Tub

The blue tile combined with the white of the wall help to create a classic ocean feel. This also helps to create more a playful tone that accents the shape of the drop in tub quite nicely.

White Tile with Drop In Bathtub

White Tile with Drop In Bathtub
Simple white tile in addition to wooden vanities help to make this bathroom more homely. The white tile helps to simulate brickwork, giving the home a more rustic appeal.

Beige Bathroom Tile Bathtub

Pairing lighter colors like beige with a white bathtub is always a good choice; providing a more subtle, calmer color. Beige tile in addition to being more vibrant than black or darker colors, also helps to provide a sense of uniformity that blends well with the rest of the bathroom.

Standard Glass Shower and Bathtub Combination

Drop In Bathtub With Golden Faucets and View

Drop In Bathtub With Golden Faucets and View
Who doesn’t love a nice view? Just because your space appears limited doesn’t mean you have to be. Always be on the lookout for adding more natural light to your bathing experience, as even something as simple as a view can do wonders for your mood and the golden accents certainly help as well.

White Drop In Tub with Standard Shower Combo

A classic setup, with a shower and bathtub combo, giving you additional space as well as looking clean and refined. The white drop-in tub adds to the room with a nice clean look that matches the dynamics of the entire room.

Oval Drop in Bathtub with Granite Steps

Oval Drop in Bathtub with Granite Steps
A simple bathroom setup made better with granite steps. For those looking for something to deviate from the normal bathroom setup, consider natural stone steps to liven up your bathroom space and brighten the aesthetic.

Intimate Small Bathtub with Grey Surroundings

Intimate Small Bathtub with Grey Surroundings
Bathtubs don’t need to be big, they just need to be comfortable. And nothing spells out comfort quite like an intimate and cozy bathtub. With limited space, you can create a cozy nook for yourself where everything is easily in reach.

Grey, Green and Black Bathroom with Modern Freestanding Tub

Grey, Green and Black Bathroom with Modern Freestanding Tub
Hard, modern and sleek, the color scheme of this bathroom makes a hard sell for the modern approach. With slate and obsidian stone, you can create an atmosphere that is both comforting to bathe in as well as something that helps you stand out from the typical bathroom color scheme.

Dark Accented Freestanding Bathtub

Dark Accented Freestanding Bathtub
A warm accent paints the perfect mood for a romantic evening. Consider adding in some dark accents to pair along with your freestanding bathtub to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Oval Tub with Jacuzzi Jets

Oval Tub with Jacuzzi Jets
A perfect supplement to any master bath, add in an oval bath or any sized bathtub you wish with Jacuzzi jets. With a large degree of space, the master bath is the perfect location for a nice tranquil tub, and what is more relaxing than a hot tub or Jacuzzi?


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4 years ago

I love all these ideas. I want to remodel and get a freestanding bathtub. I really like the grey garden tub you showed above. So luxurious.

4 years ago

Please send info on the walk-in tub with gold accents. Looks very interesting

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