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The 15 Most Creative Bathroom Shelving Ideas 2022

1. Create a Windowsill Shelf

Adding a ledge to your existing wall provides a windowsill and can double as a shelf for the rest of your toiletries and other bathroom decorations. You can further enhance this shelf by matching it to your window trim, creating a prominent contrast of wall color. The windowsill shelf provides a natural extension of your window while adding much-needed storage space.

2. Try a Cabinet Shelf

Cabinets can provide a construction-free alternative to storage needs. Depending on your bathroom’s design, you can place a small or larger cabinet shelf to help sort your bathroom space. Opt-in for a glass door to provide a more cohesive look to the rest of your bathroom.

3. Unique Designs

Unique designs from traditional retail patterns can help to bring more character in your bathroom. Consider using recycled elements such as old metal or junk to create a shelving system or a light system. Utilize your own unique designs to bring character to your bathroom and make it more at home.

4. Shelf Lights

Utilize shelf lights to bring greater illumination to your shelves. This will make your shelves more attractive and bring greater attention to the items placed on them. Shelf lights are also versatile, allowing them to be placed wherever you need them. Conversely, consider changing the color of your shelf lights to add more atmosphere to your bathroom. 

5. Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can reduce the clutter situated in your bathroom without losing any additional functions. These shelves are mounted to the wall and placed on the wall, providing extra storage and the opportunity to add personal decorations or flourishes. Plants and other decorative items are great

pairings with floating shelves. 

6. Hang a Glass Shelf

Glass shelves provide great additions to your bathroom as they pair well with any aesthetic. Place them next to your vanity mirror for toiletries and daily-use products. Their thin and minimal design allows them to be placed anywhere in the bathroom, furthering their appeal. 

7. Decorative shelving

Shelving doesn’t always have to be functional, you can utilize the space to add more personal items. Install shelving that can be filled with candles, ornaments, plants, and art to help bring more vibrancy and character to your bathroom. 

8. Over-the-Toilet Ladder Shelf

An easy storage option is adding an over-the-toilet shelf. This shelf can be placed in almost any space, provides great storage, and doesn’t require further installation methods. Additional storage space helps to remove clutter and make your bathroom feel more open, reducing stress. 

9. Ledge Shelf

A ledge shelf can provide a great answer for storing all your bathing essentials. The shelf can house the faucet for a freestanding tub, allowing for easier access while making your bathroom seem more open and vibrant. Additionally, the built-in look of the shelf can drastically improve the look of your bathroom.

10. Carve an Alcove Shelf

With a new build or renovating an existing space, you can add an alcove shelf. The recessed compartment provides a ledge to store items while enhancing your bathroom’s original aesthetic. In addition to removing clutter, an alcove shelf doesn’t take up any additional room, which can make it appear more spacious.

11. Small Storage

You don’t need a large storage unit to make a big impact. Even something small like a shower caddy can eliminate mess in your bathroom. A small shelf can allow you to organize your bathroom better and create a more welcoming atmosphere. If you have multiple users in your home, you can create a storage shelf for each, adding more character 

12. Make the most out of the space.

Utilize all aspects of the space, ensuring that nothing is wasted. Install bathroom shelves that will fully allow you to organize your bathroom the way you want, creating a more cohesive look while giving you more storage options.

13. Use shelves to add greenery.

Shelves provide a great opportunity to add greenery back into your bathroom. Bathroom plants are not only low maintenance, but they passively increase the air quality in your bathroom. Additionally, they breathe life into the space, greatly elevating the color schemes in your bathroom.  

14. Modular shelves

Modular shelves bring you a great deal of customization and are easy to install, and can be added to over time. The modular design can allow you to adapt to any bathroom size you have and give you the freedom to include all the items you need in a sleek space. And when you change bathrooms, you can easily remove and install it again.

15. Tier the shelves

Tier shelves remove the bulky shelf design and allow you to have flexible sizes. Tiered shelves allow you to space around your bathroom setup, giving you more freedom in placement. You can place a wider shelf above, out of the way, and stack shelves downward, so they don’t interfere with your fixtures or seem too bulky.

What to consider before getting new shelves 

When looking at new shelves, here are a few things to consider to help your search:


Your budget will help to determine what kind of shelves you can buy. This will influence what material you choose, the style and the size of your shelves. In addition, your budget will also influence other factors, such as installation options and plumbing options as well. 


Your material choice is another factor to consider, as it will influence the durability and aesthetic of your shelves. Wooden shelves are practical and fit well in any bathroom, but if not properly sealed, wooden shelves can effectively collect moisture and rot. Glass is another popular option, the transparency meshing well with any bathroom aesthetic, but keep in mind that glass shelves cannot support any heavy weights. When choosing a material, research their characteristics to avoid headaches in the future. 

Storage space

In general, you want to select shelves that will help you organize your bathroom while adding to it’s decor. Carefully measure out your space and select an appropriate size for your shelving. Remember, there is no limit to how many shelves you can install, so start small and add shelves as needed. 


This will come down to personal taste but choose shelves that blend with your bathroom’s current aesthetic. Choose appropriate paints and customize your shelves to blend better with your bathroom. Bright colors such as white, green or navy will definitely give your shelves some character, or you can opt for more neutral tones to create a more modern feel.

Ease of access

Always consider all members of your household and ensure that your shelves are easily accessible at all times. Stagger your shelves or place them at a neutral height to ensure clear visibility and use. Keep your shelving away from heavy foot traffic and avoid placing them near a door way.

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