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20+ Bathroom Replacement Ideas for 2022

Bathroom remodels are a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. But oftentimes, many people don’t realize that they don’t need to overhaul their entire bathroom to make it feel cozier. Below are some ideas for how you can elevate and improve your bathroom without investing too much time and energy. 

Add new lights 

Installing new lights can help breathe new light into your bathroom. Although it may seem minor, the addition of lights can give you a greater deal of control over what is in focus or plainly visible for users of your bathroom. Lights around a mirror can help draw focus to the mirror and make your vanity/sink the focus of your bathroom.

Alternatively, you can limit the amount of light in your bathroom, opting instead to install a few lights at focal points such as your bathtub, sink or window to create a more atmospheric environment. 

Install a new bathtub

Installing a new bathtub can help modernize your existing bathroom space. The addition of a new bathtub can make your bathroom more inviting and appear more modern without having to update your other fixtures.

Modern Bathroom

New bathtubs also carry different stylistic flairs, with stone resin bathtubs appearing more modern, and acrylic bathtubs carrying a more classic feel. The new bathtub can also provide a starting point for how you want to redecorate or remodel the rest of your bathroom. 

Add a new vanity

New vanities provide two key benefits: space and aesthetics. Vanities provide extra storage with the extra advantage of these items being hidden from view depending on the style and design of the vanity. Vanities are also constructed from two parts, which are the vanity material itself and the countertop, allowing you to display two different material choices in your bathroom.

Vanities are usually constructed from wood and countertops are generally made from natural stone, but you are free to subvert this and have natural stone vanity drawers and polished wood countertops-it is your bathroom after all. 

Select new tiles

Both wall tiles and floor tiles can drastically alter the look and feel of your bathroom. Firstly, for floor tiles, changing the material of your tile can alter how your bathroom feels, especially at night. You want to choose a material that is both comfortable to walk on that is also moisture-resistant and durable.

This includes materials such as porcelain, ceramic, and vinyl. Natural stone is a great addition to a wall aesthetic, but the material tends to be very cold for a bathroom floor. 

Find New Bathtub Plants

Bathroom plants will not only add a splash of life and color to your existing bathroom space, but they can drastically improve the air as well. Bathroom plants come in many different shapes and sizes, and even if your space is small, even just a small fern or pothos can bring the feel of nature to your bathroom space.

bathroom plants.

Or, if you have the space, you can place a hanging fern near your window or shower door-you can place as many plants as you want, and they only improve your bathroom that much more. Additionally, many species of bathroom plants can thrive off the moisture in your bathroom, so they just require occasional care to thrive in your bathroom. 

Add a bathtub surround

Adding a bathtub surround can help elevate your bathtub quite literally. A bathtub surround refers to a design or material that is placed around your existing bathtub to either enclose your bathtub or make it flush with it. This is done to protect the bathtub and to shore up any crevices or cracks.

Additionally, this surround can be made of any material you want and presents a great opportunity to change the look and feel of a standard bathtub. A bathtub surround can be beautiful, with intricate designs, colors, and shapes, which can make an inexpensive bathtub seem more luxurious and elegant with the right surround. 

Install new Mirrors

Mirrors always make a welcome addition to any bathroom space. Ideally, the more mirrors you have installed, the more people your bathroom can accommodate. In addition to the functional aspect, mirrors also provide you with another canvas to decorate how you see fit. Mirror frames can be decorated with accents and lights to both provide illumination and change the overall feel of your bathroom.  

new bathroom mirrors.

Add a decorative carpet

A large decorative carpet can be a welcome mat for your guests and allow you a great deal of creative freedom. Choose a pattern and design that pairs with the general theme of your bathroom whether it is rustic or modern.

The added benefit of placing a decorative carpet is that you can easily remove and clean it without dealing with many of the negatives of installing a carpet on your bathroom floor. 

Install new shelving and more storage space

More storage space will always be a welcome addition to any bathroom. Install new shelving wherever possible to help organize your bathroom space and make it tidy.

You can go beyond just shelves and consider additional storage such as cabinets. Adding as many storage options to your bathroom will always pay off as it will allow you more available space in the long run. 

Refinish your tub

Refinishing your tub can help update the look of an old tub. Cheaper than installing a whole new bathtub, you can purchase a refinishing kit and alter how your bathtub feels and looks by simply painting it. 

Paint your walls a new color 

Updating your bathroom also means updating color schemes. Sometimes, all you need is a different color to change the way you feel about your bathroom. Go for something drastic-if your bathroom had a more classic blue; white; gold feel, go more modern with blacks, greys, and muted tones, or vice versa. Experiment with your bathroom space to achieve a color scheme that makes you feel more at home.  

Install a new showerhead

A new showerhead can drastically change your bathing habits. For example, you may have a wall faucet that can be aggravating to bathe with as you have very little control over water pressure or settings.

Swap out for a new shower head that is detachable with a reasonable range and has multiple shower head settings to enhance your experience. For just $20 starting, you can change showers from an adequate experience to a more pleasurable one. 

Find new complimentary bath towels

Bath towels can add to the mystique and impression that guests have when they use your bathroom. Find different designs, both modern and classic so that you can alter the feel of your bathroom with minimal effort.  

Add a bathroom heater for cold winters

Although they trap a fair bit of moisture, bathrooms can be remarkably cold rooms, especially during the winter. Consider adding a bathroom heater to ensure that you don’t catch a cold or are uncomfortable during the winter.  

Redo your bathroom floors

Your bathroom floor should be updated fairly regularly to ensure that there is no loss of integrity. This also provides a unique opportunity to alter the style and feel of your existing bathroom. Wooden floors or planks can mesh well with a rustic feel, whereas natural stone and porcelain tile carry a more modern feel. Although it may seem like a hassle, redoing your bathroom floors can allow you to breathe new life into your bathroom. 

Install new sink faucets

Although it may not be as glamorous, new sink faucets are a necessity in any functioning bathroom. Polished nickel or brass sink faucets can help tie in the look and feel of your bathroom vanity. In addition, it is the first thing people notice when they are washing their hands, so keep your sink faucets presentable. 

Be bold with a bathroom chandelier

A chandelier makes a bold statement in any bathroom by being large, bright, and extravagant. While they may not mesh with every bathroom aesthetic, they can certainly elevate a standard bathroom and make it feel more vibrant and alive.

bathroom ideas.

Chandeliers pair well with gold accents, whites, and brown tones. If you wish to install a chandelier in your bathroom, placing it in the center is ideal, so that it does not draw away from other elements of your bathroom such as the tub. 

Find decorative centerpieces

Centerpieces comprise flowers or fruit that are placed in a decorative vase or bowl. They may seem simplistic, but they can help add a splash of color and brighten up your bathroom with minimal effort.

A vase of roses, or marigolds, or perhaps just a jar of lavender can help bring color and add some attractive scents into your bathroom that can make anyone feel welcome. 

Add new wall art

More wall art can help establish a personality for your bathroom. You can change a cold-feeling bathroom to a more inviting and cozy one. Shop around and find pieces that mesh well with your own taste and pair them with new lights.  

Consider new bathtub or shower drapery

New drapery can add more privacy to your bathroom space and it can be installed quite easily. Simply install a shower rod above your shower and choose whatever design suits your bathroom. Although it may seem small, just having the option of a shower curtain or more privacy can greatly improve your bathroom.  

Add new ventilation

A bathroom is a humid environment, and without proper ventilation, mold and other unwanted problems can grow. More ventilation to your bathroom is never a bad thing, so consider installing more windows and perhaps a larger exhaust fan to properly vent your bathroom after use.

Larger windows also provide a better avenue for natural light to shine into your bathroom, making it more attractive without any additional effort. 

Consider a new bathroom theme

A new bathroom theme can help drastically change the look and feel of your current bathroom. Rustic-style bathrooms feature wood floors, wooden accents, gold trimmings, and generally brown and coffee tones. Classic bathrooms use a lot of gold accents with white and light blue tones. Modern bathrooms utilize black, white, and greys-colors that are similar to natural stone. Choose a theme that appeals to you and see if it is the right fit for your home. 

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