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5×8 Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas for 2024

Looking for ways to improve the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank? Here are some neat ways you can provide your space with a needed facelift:

5x8 bathroom remodel design ideas.

1. Paint the Walls

Paint is the easiest way to update the look of your bathroom. It’s inexpensive and will drastically change the atmosphere and tone of your bathroom. Additionally, painting aspects yourself will drastically lower the final cost than hiring a professional painter. Darker colors like black, grey, and brown create a more modern aesthetic, whereas bright colors like white, blue, and green create a more vibrant and livelier appeal.

2. Tile the Floor or Walls

Although it may seem expensive, tile creates a more orderly and neat appearance for your room. Tile also allows you creative liberty in designing and planning your space. You can utilize more comfortable and durable tile for the floor and save more visually impressive pieces for the wall.

3. Mirrors-Get a Mega Mirror

It can seem vain, but mirrors are always a great idea for the bathroom. The larger the mirror, the wider and more open you can make your space appear. In addition, large mirrors help tie your vanity and sink area together by creating a strong focal point to design around. Consider getting a mega mirror that is equipped with a LED clock, hi-optic lens, perimeter illumination, and sensors for defogging and activation. The last great benefit is that mirrors are very cost-effective, giving you an affordable option for updating your look. 

4. Storage Solutions

Bathrooms can become notoriously cramped spaces, so storage solutions are a must. These can range from obvious elements such as shelving, cabinets, and door cubbies to hidden elements such as recesses in the shower, storage bins underneath the vanity, and any other creative solutions you can think of. Try to imagine your space in its entirety and incorporate storage options wherever you can.

5. Add Art Accents

Including art accents can boost and elevate the lived-in quality of your bathroom. Even something inexpensive can create a unique feel for your bathroom and add personality to the space. Consider adding a few art pieces or small accents to transform the space

6. Consider Accents

Bathroom accents such as decorative knobs, ornate drawers, and custom cabinetry can also provide a luxury facelift for your bathroom. Over time, many bathrooms accents can grow dull and lifeless, so updating the look or It can easily be the touch of class you need and there are several luxury optKnobs, drawer handle, cabinetry

7. Highlight Lighting

If you need help figuring out how to update your bathroom, consider updating your lighting setup. Brighten up your ambient setup for everyday use, intensify your task lighting for your mirror, and use softer lighting for bathing time. A dimmer switch also helps to establish a complete mood and atmosphere for your home. 

update your tub.

8. Update Your Tub

If you have an older bathtub, consider replacing it with a newer tub. The aesthetic bump will greatly elevate your bathroom and make it appear more luxurious and comfortable, but a newer bathtub will also provide you with a better bathing experience and increased durability and comfort. But if you can’t afford to replace your tub, consider updating it with a refinishing kit to provide a visual improvement. Refinishing will also remove any nicks and damages that may have accrued over the years, practically providing you with a brand-new tub. 

9. Refinish Fixtures

Consider refinishing existing fixtures with a coat of paint or a deep clean. This can breathe new life into your bathroom without spending an exorbitant amount on remodeling costs. Refinishing also protects your fixtures from consistent use and ensures that no water can penetrate. 

10. Update Sink/Faucets

Through time, your sink and faucet can grow dull and fade. Update your sink and faucets with newer material to create a more vibrant look that feels better when you use it. 

11. Update Your Toilet

Consider upgrading and updating your existing toilet. A smart toilet or bidet can be just the upgrade your bathroom needs to add more comfort and function. In addition, updating your toilet will save you a fair bit of money with a more water-efficient system. 

12. Window Treaments

Consider window treatments for your bathroom, such as exquisite curtains, drapes, or even blinds. Treatments can enhance the visual look of the window itself while providing your bathroom with a means of controlling natural light. You can also opt-in for different materials such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum to create a more unique look for the space.

13. Add Cabinets

Storage solutions are always welcome in the bathroom, and adding more cabinets can be the answer you are looking for. More cabinets mean less clutter and can make your bathroom seem more spacious and open instead of cramped. So when in doubt, add more storage. 

14. Plants

Plants bring vitality and a splash of color into your space. Your bathroom is naturally humid, making it an idea home for many species of plants so long as you properly care for them. Additionally, many species can improve the air quality in your bathroom, so consider bringing in a plant to thrive in your bathroom.

15. Consider Online Designs

If you are stuck and don’t know how best to design your space, consider looking up an online design. Many virtual service providers allow you to cherry-pick based on your needs and wants. Costs will vary depending on the extent of the design, but online designs can be a great way to dip your toes and find out what works for your space without investing too much initially.

dramatic patterns.

16. Dramatic Patterns

Dramatic wall patterns or tiles can provide an inexpensive means of injecting more personality into your space. Layer your colors to create a more intricate pattern or use opposing colors to paint a statement for your bathroom. Experiment with different colors and designs and lean into bold and unique colors rarely seen in bathrooms. 

When remodeling your space, you have many options to consider. While many bathroom setups are trending, remember it is still your space. Experiment with color schemes and patterns that appeal to your sensibilities, and never be afraid to inject personality into your bathroom.

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