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5 Bathtub and Shower Design Ideas

by Badeloft | April 25, 2016

There are times when you need a shower to hop in and out of quickly; other times, a beautiful, long soak is the key to

release the stress of the day. If your bathroom is too small for a tub and shower or if your preference is for a combination unit, then these five bathtubs and shower design ideas will provide examples to outfit your bathroom.

1. If your bathroom is too small to accommodate even the smallest freestanding tub, but you want to incorporate a spa-like experience into your bathing ritual, a shower cabinet may be the perfect solution. A self-contained shower cabinet can be outfitted with a monsoon shower, and a series of hydro jets aimed to hit various points of the body. With the push of a button, the cabinet can become a steam room, a hydro foot massager, and even a whirlpooling sitz-bath. Its versatility is only rivaled by its ability to serve so much bathing pleasure in such a limited footprint.

2. A larger bathroom can showcase more unusual fixture treatments. A round bathtub out in the open but protected by the privacy of translucent glass blocks creates a daring, out-in-the-open bathing experience.

3. Small rooms need all the airiness they can get. Full-sized opaque shower curtains or doors cut off the depth of view by a significant margin. A partial partition keeps a shower’s spray from escaping the tub area, while noticeably opening up the bathing space for a roomier feeling overall. Need more inspiration for your small bathroom? View more small bathroom design ideas.

4. Inspirational ideas can come from anywhere. Enlarge the handy spray nozzle commonly found at kitchen sinks, and translate that into a retractable hand-held showerhead that tucks neatly away into the tub surround when not in use. Choose ahead with pulsing action, and your bath turns into a spa.

5. Make a statement in your bathroom by bringing in separate elements to create your combination tub and shower. Pair a freestanding bathtub with a shower head to create a work of art for bathing. The freestanding bathtub model BW-03-XL from Badeloft provides plenty of roomy comforts to relax in. Its 35″ width allows for the capture of spray from an oversized rainfall showerhead mounted overhead or even in the ceiling.


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