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How to Choose the Perfect Sink for Your Bathroom

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by Badeloft | October 21, 2016

Remember when choosing a new sink for a bathroom involved a simple choice: one sink or two? Ah, times have changed. Today, sink choices are plentiful. Sinks have been elevated from the boring utilitarian basins of yesteryear to focal points for the bathroom. The sink you choose does more than catch and divert water; it showcases your personality, adds character to the bathroom, and can even help make washing up a much more enjoyable task.

Here’s a quick overview of the different types of bathroom sinks out there along with tips on how to pick the perfect sink for your bathroom. We’ve grouped the most popular bathroom sink types based on how they’re mounted.


Attached directly to the wall, wall-mounted sinks do not require a counter or a pedestal. If you want a minimalistic look or have a small space to work with, wall-mounted sinks are worth considering. Though the clean and modern look of a wall-mounted sink has its appeal, bear in mind the potential downside: lack of storage and work space. Wall-mounted sinks work well in downstairs powder rooms.

wall mounted sink


Freestanding sinks are a type of wall-mounted sink with a pedestal base that helps support the basin as well as hide the drainpipe. Pedestal sinks are pretty and classically appealing. They do a nice job of hiding the plumbing but have the same potential disadvantage of limited workspace and a lack of storage. Again, a good choice for a small bathroom.

two freestanding sinks


Top-mounted, or drop-in, sinks are installed on top of a bathroom counter. The basin is placed into a hole in the countertop. A wide rim or lip rests on top, keeping the countertop sink in place. Top-mounted sinks are also commonly referred to as self-rimmed sinks. This category or bathroom sinks are among the most common and easiest to install. Top-mounted sinks are a good choice for bathrooms with existing cabinetry and counters.

top mounted sink


Under-mounted sinks are installed underneath the bathroom counter. Instead of a bulky rim on top, which prevents you from wiping spilled water into the sink, under-mounted sinks have a more flush appearance. The countertop opening must be perfectly cut and finished with an under-mounted sink because it will be visible at all times.

under mounted sinks

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Semi-recessed bathroom sinks are a good compromise when you have space constraints. With a semi-recessed sink, you’ll have a fairly shallow countertop and storage area, with the sink butting out in front a few inches. Semi-recessed sinks allow you to enjoy the benefits of a full-sized basin and a little extra storage and workspace without taking up too much valuable real estate in a small bathroom.

semi-recessed sink

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Vessel sinks are a type of countertop sink that looks like stand-alone bowls that just happen to be bathroom sinks. The look is striking and elegant. Vessel sinks are often quite deep, making placement and planning crucial. For example, if your countertop is too high, you may find it difficult to wash your face or hands because of the added height of the vessel sink. Vessel sinks are ideal for master bathrooms where a spa-like appearance is desired.

vessel sinks

Badeloft Countertop Sink WB-01 Pictured Above


A distinctive and modern choice, washplane sinks are extremely minimal. These thin sinks feature a trough that collects and diverts water and are used for handwashing only. Thus, washplane sinks are used in powder rooms.

washplane sink

With so many bathroom sink choices, how do you choose the perfect sink? The room type, purpose, and size are all key considerations. For example, if you’re working with a tiny powder room, pedestal or semi-recessed sinks may be good starting points. You’ll also want to consider whether you want to make a bold design statement, such as with vessel sinks, or keep your costs down with a simple drop-in sink. Finally, browse sink manufacturers like Badeloft for inspiration. Your perfect bathroom sink awaits.

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