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Best Bathroom Sinks and How to Choose the Right One

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Browsing the bathroom sink aisle of any big box hardware store can be overwhelming with sink choices — and that’s just a smattering of the many options out there. As you begin looking at designer websites and individual brands, you’ll find a huge selection of bathroom sinks in various styles and materials.

While there’s a lot to consider, we want you to take a deep breath, sit back, and relax while you read through this list of the best bathroom sinks. It will give you an overview of today’s options, making for a nice starting point. From there, read part two of this guide to determine how to choose the right bathroom sink for your bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Sinks

We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite bathroom sinks. We love them all!

Stone Resin Ramp Sink UB-04-XL

Badeloft’s popular UB-04-XL ramp sink is considered a true marvel in both design and function. It is a ramp sink with a flat surface area that gently slopes down into the basin. If you like modern and aesthetically pleasing sinks, this is an excellent choice.

Small Stone Sink Balinese Granite

Bring the look of Bali into your home with this small stone bathroom sink. It’s hand crafted from Balinese granite and is what’s known as a vessel sink. It sits on top of the bathroom counter like a bowl. This bathroom sink also makes a bold statement and can serve as a focal point in a small bathroom. If you love the look of natural stone, this small stone sink can make a big splash.

Stone Resin Wall Mounted Sink (WT-05)

Badeloft washplane sink wt-05

This Badeloft stone resin wall mounted sink (WT-05) is simply striking. It is a wide sink with a flat surface area that gently slopes down into the basin. The flat surface area looks clean and modern when unadorned while also allowing sufficient counter space for hand soap, tissue, and other necessities. If you’d like a modern-looking sink without the bulky cabinetry, consider a wall mounted sink like this one.

Stone Resin Countertop Sink (WB-01)

Stone resin sinks blend the benefits of stone with the amazing heat retention of acrylic polymer and minerals. This stone resin countertop sink (WB-01) from Badeloft with its playful egg shape is a beauty. It sits on top of a counter with flowing lines and rounded edges. This bathroom sink pairs beautifully with a freestanding bathtub with similar styling.

Vigo Glass Vessel Sink and Linus Faucet

Here’s another stunning example of a vessel sink, this time in a glass. This VIGO “Amber Sunset” glass vessel sink comes with a Linus faucet set with an antique rubbed bronze finish. This is an absolutely gorgeous combination that looks lovely mounted on bathroom countertops or cabinet. You’ll love how the light plays with the amber, brown, and red colors of the glass vessel sink.

Stone Resin Freestanding Sink (SB-03-A)

Make a statement with an unusual freestanding sink. This cylindrical stone resin freestanding sink (SB-03-A) is luxurious and bold, yet it fits in with virtually any decor. Whether you have a large bathroom or limited space, this round free standing sink will be a gorgeous addition.

Tempered Glass Faucet Pedestal Sink And Drain Combo

Here’s another take on a glass bathroom sink, but in a different form. This tempered glass sink is a pedestal sink, making it ideal for modern powder rooms. The combination of the red oak pedestal with the tempered glass vessel makes for an elegant, modern look. A small towel bar is integrated within the pedestal — perfect for a pair of hand towels.

Stone Resin Countertop Sink (WB-05)

countertop sink wb-05-l

Looking for an elegant, sophisticated, and thoroughly modern countertop sink? Look no further than this stone resin countertop sink (WB-05) from Badeloft. This countertop sink has a zen-like quality that can transform a bathroom into a place of calm. It is a countertop sink with elegant lines made from beautiful stone resin which is known for its heat retention qualities, durability, gorgeous finish, and easy maintenance.

Alfi Small Modern Rectangular Wall Mounted Ceramic Bathroom Sink Basin

For the smallest of the small, consider this small rectangular sink basin. Not only is it small, it’s wall mounted for the ultimate in space savings. Don’t let its small size fool you though. This ALFI wall mounted bathroom sink basin is a sight to behold with its modern lines, elegant slope, and optional hand towel bar (sold separately). Depending on the faucet style you choose, this small sink lends itself to virtually any decorating style you may have.

Stone Resin Wall Mounted Sink (WT-02)

This beautiful stone resin wall mounted sink (WT-02) from Badeloft is made from stone resin. You’ll love its rectangular shape with an integrated oval basin that sits on top. Elegant and understated, this design is a true beauty and ideal for modern bathrooms. It fits in beautifully in both large and small spaces.

Trueform Concrete Bathroom Sink

Here’s another eye-catching bathroom sink, and it’s ADA compliant! The Trueform 24″ ADA Floating Cado concrete bathroom sink is made from concrete for a rugged, yet clean and modern look. This particular sink is wall-mounted, providing ample room for a wheelchair to slide into position. It’s available in eight different colors of concrete: white linen, taupe, pewter, limestone, graphite, dusk, concrete, and charcoal. This particular sink is an excellent choice if you intend to “age in place,” have a disabled family member or potentially rent your home out in the future. Meanwhile, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

The sinks listed above are among the best bathroom sinks you’ll find today. Each is incredible in its own right. However, which one is right for your home? It’s not just about buying an amazing sink, you’ll also want to take the room’s size and your personal style into account (and let’s not forget about faucets). Take a look at part two to learn more about choosing the best sink for your bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Sink

Now that you’ve seen some of the best bathroom sinks available today, it’s time to get serious. You may have noticed that bathroom sinks come in several distinct styles, with some styles lending themselves to a particular room type or aesthetic. Here’s what you need to know about the different bathroom sink types and when you might want to choose them.

Bottom Mounted Countertop Sinks

Bottom mounted countertop sinks are among the more common bathroom sinks you’ll encounter. The sink sits beneath the bathroom counter, which has a hole cut out for the basin below.

With the sink basin mounted underneath the counter, the countertop has a seamless look to it. It’s flat and smooth. You can wipe spills directly into the sink basin. Bottom mounted countertop sinks usually require a stone or resin solid surface countertop that can be sealed. They are not suitable for use with laminate counters for this reason.

When is a bottom mounted countertop sink a good choice? This type of sink is great for families and in kids’ bathrooms. The countertop and bottom mounted sink is placed upon a vanity, which provides storage below.

Top Mounted Countertop Sinks

Top mounted countertop sinks are similar to bottom mounted sinks except that the sink basin is mounted on top of the counter. There are two options here, a drop-in style and a sit-on-top style. The drop-in style is one of the most common bathroom sink styles you’ll find.

  1. Drop-in style — The sink basin is placed through a hole in the countertop with its rim sitting onto of the counter.
  2. Countertop style — The entire sink basin is placed on top of the countertop. The only holes required in the countertop are for the drain, faucet, and handles. Vessel sinks are a type of countertop sink.

When is a top-mounted countertop sink a good choice? These sinks require a vanity or cabinet beneath and are great when your bathroom has such a feature. The drop-in style is popular because it’s versatile, simple, and affordable — and perfect for busy families. The style where the basin sits on top is an elegant twist, providing the functionality you crave and a stylish, modern look. It’s ideal for en suites and modern, minimalist bathrooms.

Vessel Sinks

While vessel sinks are a type of countertop sink, they are a breed apart. These are non-traditional sink basins that feature large bowl-like vessels. If you didn’t know any better, you might think someone left a beautiful bowl on the bathroom counter. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the vessel is firmly attached and plumbed.

Vessel bathroom sinks tend to have higher sides than you may be accustomed to, which in turn, may require a lower cabinet height. Otherwise, you may find washing your hands or brushing your teeth awkward or difficult. Thus, picking a vessel sink may require some additional renovation in your bathroom.

When is a vessel bathroom sink a good choice? Because of height considerations, vessel sinks are a good choice when you’re willing to switch out the vanity or cabinetry below as well as deal with some plumbing work. Vessel sinks are ideal when you want an eye-catching and unique bathroom sink that exudes luxury and charm. They are pretty on traditional countertops and one-of-a-kind bathroom cabinets.

Wall Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted sinks, as their name implies, are mounted to walls. There is no cabinetry mounted beneath this type of sink, making for a minimalist look while also being wheelchair friendly. Some wall mounted sinks are ADA compliant, too.

Within this category, you’ll find what’s called a “wash plane” which is a slim glass, ceramic, stone, resin, or even wood plank or trough that routes water from the faucet into a hidden drain pipe within the wall.

When is a large trough sink a good choice? Wall mounted bathroom sinks are both versatile and space-saving. If wheelchair access is important or if space is at a premium, a wall mounted sink is a practical choice. However, it doesn’t have to be a boring choice! Beautiful wall mounted bathroom sinks are readily available.

Pedestal and Freestanding Sinks

Pedestal sinks typically feature a wall mounted basin supported by a pedestal that hides the drainpipe. There is no cabinetry involved whatsoever, and very little “space” for soap or toiletries. Freestanding sinks are similar in this regard. However, they are completely freestanding with no wall mounting required. They mount to the floor and are visually striking.

When is a pedestal or free standing sink a good choice? Anytime you have space constraints in the bathroom, pedestal or freestanding sinks should be considered due to their small footprints. If you’re designing a modern bathroom, free standing sinks could be a sophisticated choice for both small and large spaces. Freestanding sinks can be placed virtually anywhere in the bathroom (with the help of a plumber), opening the door to a world of design possibilities.

Choosing Bathroom Sink Faucets

Now that you have a better idea of the type of bathroom sink that’s best for your bathroom, it’s time to consider the hardware that goes along with a sink replacement: the bathroom sink faucet. It’s generally best to plan these two elements together to ensure a good fit both from a style perspective and a practical, plumbing one.

Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

  1. One handled bathroom faucets
  2. Bathroom sink faucets with separate handles
  3. Freestanding bathroom sink faucets

Other considerations

  1. Sink faucet features such as water conservation, built-in soap dispensers, or hands-free options
  2. Spout shape
  3. Finish
  4. Design and whether it complements the bathroom sink you’re considering

Buying a new bathroom sink and sink faucets to go with it takes some time and consideration. If you’re starting from scratch and willing to move plumbing and renovate the room to make your vision a reality, you can let your personal style and preferences be your guide. If you must work within specific constraints, then start by identifying the bathroom sink type that’s best for space and focusing your search accordingly.


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Callum Palmer
Callum Palmer
6 years ago

These are some great looking sinks, it always surprises me to see just how much needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a bathroom sink. However, considering how often we use the bathroom sink on a daily basis, it is pretty easy to see why. My wife and I are definitely going to have to look into some of the more modern and sleek sink designs when we get around to remodeling our bathroom later this year.

5 years ago

Are portrait sinks still in style?

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