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What are Jack and Jill bathrooms? 2024 Guide

A jack and jill bathroom is a full bath that has two or more entrances. This bathroom is typically shared by two rooms and in some cases a hallway. A jack and jill bathroom will always have two sinks and occasionally, this bathroom would be split, with each side having their own toilet and sink with only the bath being shared, but usually, all aspects of the bathroom is shared. 

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History and Popularity

Jack and jill bathrooms became popular and prevalent in the 1970s as the need for family-oriented baths grew. The idea was that siblings could easily share a full bath, with many jack and jill baths connecting smaller bedrooms. Their name comes from the nursery rhyme about Jack and Jill who were two siblings that were inseparable, similar to how the bathroom functions. Today, they aren’t as popular compared to normal full baths as their use is more limited, although they are still common in homes looking to save space.

Characteristics of a Jack and Jill bathroom 

Jack and jill bathrooms are easily identifiable with a few key characteristics. Below are all the aspects that make a jack and jill bathroom.

  • A full bath shared by two rooms
  • His or her sinks or at least two sinks
  • Both sets of doors can be locked.
  • Only accessible through one of the two joining rooms
  • Ample storage space

Pros and Cons of Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack and jill bathrooms are a great option for those with large families as they help to save space while still providing all users privacy.

Here are some pros and cons of jack and jill bathrooms.


  • Saves space/great for homes that are limited on space
  • Cost-Effective
  • Provides privacy 


  • Can cause space conflicts
  • Less useful long term compared to a normal full bath
  • Can be difficult to access as it is only accessible through one of two rooms

Examples of Jack and Jill Layout & Floor Plans

Jack and Jill bathrooms usually vary in size and layout, depending on the needs of your home. Some are designed with small children in mind, whereas others have larger bath spaces for more privacy between both users. Although it is very common for both users to share both the bath, sinks and toilets, some are designed with separate toilets, sharing only the bath or shower. Again, there is a great deal of freedom when it comes to designing a jack and jill bathroom. 

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Average size and dimensions of Jack and Jill bathrooms 

While jack and jill can have different layouts and floor plans, their dimensions are quite similar to a medium-sized full bath. 

Average dimension: Around 110-164 square feet. While this may seem large, remember that this space is shared by two rooms. On average, one half of a jack and jill bath is around 84 square feet. 

Small size: 40 square feet. A small jack and jill bath that fits around 40 square feet with all amenities shared.

Medium size: 110-164 square feet. A medium-sized bath allows for separate toilets and sinks, but the sink is usually shared.

Large size:165-210 square feet-The large size allows for almost two separate bathrooms and allows for ample space for both users. 

Cost for a Jack And Jill Bathroom 

A jack and jill bathroom will cost you similar to adding a full bath to your home, which is around $19-20,000. This number can increase depending on how large you want your bathroom to be as you must remember that a jack and jill bath is effectively cut in half, requiring a little more space. On average, a mid-range bathroom installation will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. 

Popular Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas and Photos

Jack and jill bathrooms are available in multiple styles. The different styles show the full range of a jack and jill bathroom, from classic & homely, to more sleek and modern designs.  

For a large household or just for those looking to save a little space, jack and jill bathrooms can be a great addition to any home. Just remember to plan out your space accordingly to avoid any conflicts with your household in the future. 

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