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5 Benefits of a Luxury Freestanding Bathtub

Thinking about investing in a luxury bathtub? While you may have fallen in love with the aesthetic of a modern freestanding bathtub or long for the nostalgia of a claw-footed tub, today’s luxury freestanding tubs offer many benefits. Below are just five.

1. Freestanding bathtubs make a dramatic statement.

luxury bathtub with freestanding faucet and showerhead A freestanding bathtub helps to make the room look airy and spacious while also serving as a focal point. By adding a freestanding tub to your bathroom, you’ll transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary. With so many design choices, there’s likely a freestanding bathtub that both reflects your personality and fits into the character of your home. If you want your bathroom to stand apart, consider adding a freestanding tub to your list of must-haves.

2. Luxury freestanding bathtubs are easy to clean.

luxury bathtub in contemporary bathroom Built-in bathtub enclosures typical of most tract homes are notoriously difficult to clean because they are nestled against three walls and tend to have glass doors. Freestanding bathtubs, however, are generally accessible on all sides. Even when placed near a wall or in a corner, there’s no enclosure or frame to interfere with cleaning. No more awkward kneeling and reaching to simply clean the tub. In addition, if you choose a freestanding bathtub made of a material such as stone resin, you’ll find that its non-porous surface is very easy to clean, and it resists mold, stains, bacteria, scratching, flaking, and abrasions.

3. Freestanding tubs entice you to enjoy a luxurious bath.

freestanding bathtub in modern bathroom Perhaps most compelling of all, freestanding bathtubs are enticing. It’s hard to resist their allure, and we all could use some personal time to simply relax and rejuvenate. After all, that’s part of the reason why you’re attracted to this type of bathtub in the first place.

4. Luxury freestanding bathtubs motivate you to keep your bathroom in showroom condition.

bathtub showroom With a gorgeous, luxurious freestanding bathtub in your master bathroom or guest bathroom, you’re feeling motivated to keep it looking its best. Not only will you be more inclined to keep the bathroom clean and clutter free, you may also splurge on luxurious towels and accessories.

5. Many luxury freestanding tubs are made of materials that offer superior heat retention, allowing you to enjoy a warm bath even longer.

Badeloft stone resin freestanding bathtubs, for example, has a very efficient insulation capacity. At the same time, they are lighter than their cast-iron counterparts. With a thin-walled rim, they take up less physical space in the bathroom while also providing more interior space for you to soak. Enjoy the insulating properties of stone resin material and enjoy a longer soak! Investing in a luxury freestanding bathtub is an investment in your home and your lifestyle. This type of tub makes a statement and looks amazing. Modern choices offer the best in aesthetics and soaking while also offering benefits such as low maintenance and heat retention.


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