About Our 60-Inch Freestanding Tubs

Make every day like one spent at the spa by decorating your bathroom with a freestanding bathtub from Badeloft. Designed with luxury in mind, these tubs are expertly crafted from a stone resin material crafted from natural minerals and acrylic polymer. The process of crafting this material is eco-friendly, and it produces a thin, non-porous, and non-toxic material strong enough to last a lifetime. Best of all, the resin material boasts insulating properties that will keep your water hot for long enough to enjoy the most relaxing of soaks.

The sloping curves of each of the tubs in this collection are designed to cradle your body for unmatched comfort. Thin walls and the freestanding design allow this bathtub to sit in the center of your bathroom or tuck neatly against a wall for a more space-saving arrangement. Drop in all your colorful bath bombs and scented oils without fear, because the resin used to craft these bathtubs will not stain. With the occasional cleaning, they are built to last a lifetime, free of chips, cracks, flakes, or any other damage. The crisp white color is available in two finish options, a modern matte or a traditional high-gloss.

Check out all of the 60-inch freestanding bathtubs available. Complete the look of your new tub with a contemporary wall-mount or floor-mount tub filler. Select one with a hand sprayer to make rinsing your hair a breeze. Create a coordinating look by adding modern Badeloft sinks crafted from the same durable stone resin material. Request a sample to see the resin for yourself and decide between the finishes.