Freestanding Bathtub BW-03-M

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Dimensions: 62.9 x 31.5 x 21.7 in
Rim: 1 - 1.2 in
Capacity: 66 gal
Weight: 240 lbs
Color: Matte White, Glossy White

The medium freestanding bathtub BW-03-M delivers spa-like comfort and elegance to bathrooms of any size. Its unique ascending corona design maximizes water capacity and conserves floor space, allowing for spacious soaks even in modest-sized bathrooms. The freestanding tub’s soft curves and tapered interior were engineered by ergonomic specialists to cradle the body and release tension. Constructed of natural marble and limestone, this tub is made to last a lifetime.

The natural stone composite is an excellent insulator, allowing for hotter, longer soaks without the need to refill. All Badeloft tubs are non-porous, non-toxic, and easy to maintain. Choose from a hand-buffed finish in glossy or matte white. This model is compatible with a floor-mounted or wall-mounted faucet.

Dimensions: 62.9 x 31.5 x 21.7 in
Rim: 1 - 1.2 in
Capacity: 66 gal
Weight: 240 lbs
Color: Matte White, Glossy White

Similar to Corian, stone resin is a composite of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. It is an ideal material for high quality bath fixtures as the heat retention is amazing. Our products are manufactured to be eco-friendly using non-toxic materials that are safe for our clients. It is 100% non-porous and is unaffected by external forces such as moisture and humidity.

Because of difference characteristics in the matte and glossy finish there can be minimal differences in the sizes.

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6 reviews for Freestanding Bathtub BW-03-M

    August 10, 2021
    Just finished upgrading our bathroom – new fixtures, new vanity, new tile but the star of the show is our new Badeloft free standing tub. Tyler answered all my questions and after I ordered it, arranged to hold the shipping so that it arrived close to my installation date. It shipped well-crated and on time, arrived without a scratch. Installation was simple and fast. Maybe the most important part…this is the most comfortable tub in the world. My only regret? I didn’t do this years ago. I highly recommend this tub (Badeloft Freestanding Bathtub BW-03-M is the one we chose) and this company.
    Bruno Capitani
    August 25, 2020
    We recently remodeled our bathroom and I am so happy with our new freestanding Badeloft bathtub. It's the perfect size and the water remains hot for a long time. The exact model information is BW-03M-M Freestanding Bath 62.9 x 31.5 x 21.7
    Judy Harms
    January 27, 2018
    While rebuilding our home we visited Badeloft’s showroom. After climbing in (and out) of every bathtub we saw, my husband and I both decided on the BW 03L in a matte finish. Tyler was amazing in scheduling and delivering our tub to sync with our construction schedule. We couldn’t be happier!
    Charles Hieb
    June 27, 2017
    Excellence - Badeloft sets the standard, from start to finish. The provided sample sold me on the material and the template proved to be invaluable in determining tub placement. Their customer service is superb: no sales pressure, just the facts coupled with prompt follow up. The tub arrived when promised in first-rate packing. As for the tub - we couldn't be more satisfied. The finish is flawless and easy to clean and the ergonomics of the design make it as comfortable to use as it is beautiful to look at. Badeloft and its products are top notch!
    March 2, 2015
    We love our Badeloft tub! We shopped locally and online for months before deciding on the Badeloft BW-03-L and we couldn't be happier. The tub completes the spa-like experience of our renovated master bath perfectly. As great as the tub is though, Badeloft's customer service, and specifically Tyler Kuhlman, is simply outstanding! Tyler was always prompt and thorough in replying to my many questions and extremely helpful throughout the process. I can't imagine better customer service anywhere. As for the tub, it is very comfortable and holds the heat of the water remarkably well. Shipping was prompt, the tub was very well packaged and the process of installation went off without a snag. The samples of the two finishes and templates Badeloft provides help to take some of the guesswork - and stress - out of purchasing a freestanding tub online. The bottom line: I love the tub, and the entire process from selecting to receiving was as smooth and easy as something like this can be.
    Jamie Igoe
    January 2, 2014
    We ordered a Badelot free standing tub. Couldn't be more pleased. Looks spectacular and is the focal point of our new bathroom. People ooh and aah when they see it. It's a german designed product and you can tell in the shipping. It comes packed in a fort knox like crate and the tub itself is in a bag with styrofoam rings protecting the edges. It arrived in flawless condition. Just know, this isn't some cheap molded tub of whatever… this is SOLID and it is HEAVY! When you sit in it, and lay back you can feel rock solid construction. And I weigh 220lbs. Comforting when thinking of years into the future. It took 4 of us (big dudes) to move this bad boy from the garage to the bathroom. Another interesting this is we got the Matte finish tub. It's gorgeous as we didn't want a high shine. It also allows for easy sanding in case you ever stain it by accident as the white color runs throughout the entire material. It isn't a coating of white over a black material, it's all the same color underneath so gently sanding out an accidental stain is easy. Another comfort as accidents do happen. When speaking of customer service, it's going to be harder to find a better person than Tyler. We had a minor problem with a seal, and as soon as the words were out of my mouth, a new one was on our doorstep. Problem solved, just like that. Great product, great people. Fair price. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.
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