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Common and Popular Bathtub Rug Sizes

choosing bathtub rug sizes
by Badeloft | April 27, 2020

Adding the right bathroom rug to your bathroom can provide a great new breath of fresh air to an otherwise dingy color scheme. Beyond providing an aesthetic boost, bathroom rugs are also great at helping to keep your bathroom relatively clean, so today, we will discuss how to choose the right one for your home. 

Choosing the bathroom rug

Choosing the right bathroom rug will ultimately come down to a mixture of style choices and needs. Certain material is ideal for some bathrooms while some are not, so it is important to know which is appropriate for your bathroom. 

  1. Find out the size of your bathroom
  2. Research if you need a small, medium or large rug, you can begin selecting material
  3. Some material such as cotton or wool is great for bathrooms that see a lot of air circulation, but horrible for damp bathrooms, while material such as bamboo and memory foam are more ideal for damp bathrooms, so it is important to select the right material.
  4. Discovering your material also determines what colors and sizes are available to you
  5. Select the right bathroom rug based off of these choices.

choosing bathtub rug sizes

Types of rugs for the bathroom

Every bathroom rug provides different materials, shapes and features. So when choosing the right rug, it is important to know what your options are. 



A very inexpensive material and as such, offers a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors due to it’s cheap nature to produce. Also, similar to most cotton clothes, they are easy to clean and wash out. That being said, cotton’s cheap quality is also its biggest drawback. Cotton is very porous, meaning it will absorb a great deal of moisture in your bathroom and eventually turn brown or discolor because of this.


Constructed from hardened bamboo, it has a very similar feel to hardwood, though it is much more flexible. Although quite limited in style and look, bamboo offers a contemporary looking bath mat while being quite durable. The only heavy drawback is that it will require occasional cleaning to ensure no build-up or mold.


Microfiber or synthetic rugs provide a very soft surface, but happen to stain quite easily. Also, since the surface is smooth, this doesn’t trap dirt very well, making microfiber rugs appear more dirty than they actually are. 

Memory foam

A strong material as it offers something that is soft to the touch while being non-slip. It is also porous, but can easily be aired out. The only drawback to memory foam is that it is limited in size and colors. 


  • Square – A square rug is an ideal rug for a small bathroom, as it covers a wider surface, while also still being attractive.
  • Rectangular – A rectangular shape provides a great deal of coverage and is well suited for larger bathrooms as it is ideal outside of a bathtub or shower.
  • Circular – Similar to rectangular rugs, but with more flexibility, circular rugs are great for both small bathrooms as well as larger ones, providing a great deal of flexibility in between. 


Non slip -ideally, every bathroom rug should be non-slip as it helps to have traction, especially for those exiting the shower or bathtub. Non-slip is doubly important if your bathroom floor happens to be a smooth or slippery material, making it hard to move around with wet feet.

bathtub rug size

Common bathtub rug sizes

Bath rugs come in a wide variety of sizes, although many of these will ultimately be determined by the material you choose. The size of the rug is important as it determines its general purpose. Larger rugs are ideal for larger bathrooms, while smaller rugs make a small bathroom not seem quite so cramped. So it is ideal to pick the size that matches your bathroom’s needs. The average size for most bathroom rugs is between 17-24 inches wide and anywhere between 24-30 inches long.

  • 17×24
  • 20×30
  • 21×34
  • 22×34
  • 24×60
  • 24×36
  • 27×45

Popular bathtub rub colors 2020

Below are popular bathtub rug colors in 2020, which is usually determined by your bathroom’s primary color. In general, it is best to either match your bathroom’s color or provide some contrast. 

  • Dark Blue
  • Light Gray
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red
  • Dark Purple

Bathroom rug placement:

Rug placement is important for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Where you place your bathroom rug determines how dirty or wet your bathroom itself will get. It is typical to place your rug near an area that will attract water, so that the rug gets wet and not your bathroom.

The three areas your rug should be placed is either in front of the toilet, the sink, or the shower/bathtub. Having your rug placed in these areas will make your bathroom much easier to clean in the future.

How to measure a rug size around your bathtub?

Measuring a rug for your bathtub is important as it gives you a good sense of the dimensions your bathroom needs. Ideally, everyone wants a large rug, but not every bathroom can support it. To get an accurate measure for your bathtub, 

  1. Move any objects in the way so that your bathtub has free space
  2. Measure the area outside of your bathtub
  3. Get an accurate diameter of how large of a rug you can get
  4. Based off the diameter you have, determine if a circular or rectangular rug is appropriate for your bathroom. 

Which rug size, rug placement and colors work with these types of tubs:

Different bathtubs require different rugs to compliment each other. Color, size and types are a great factor in helping to pair your rug with the right bathtub. Aesthetics are important in any bathroom as you can easily make an inexpensive bathroom look elegant and pristine with the right color choices. 

  • Freestanding – Freestanding bathtubs come in a wide variety of colors, though the primary colors are black, white and grey. In that case, contrast is important, with grey or black matching well with a white tub, and a white rug providing a perfect compliment to a black tub. Since freestanding bathtubs are round or rectangular in shape, you have more freedom in choosing whichever shape you desire. 
  • Alcove – Alcove bathtubs come in a wide variety of colors, and it is best to contrast bright colors with dark. Since alcove bathtubs are more circular, a rectangular shaped rug is ideal to match as it contrasts well with the ideal shape and provides a much larger surface area to catch water as you exit the tub.
  • Clawfoot – Similar to freestanding, most clawfoot tubs come in bright colors, so a darker color rug provides a perfect match. Many clawfoots are rectangular or circular in shape, so it is best to match it, so that you provide a larger surface area to catch any water as you exit the tub. 
  • Oval – Oval shaped bathtubs pair well with a larger rug size, as these bathtubs themselves are slightly smaller than their rectangular counterparts. They traditionally come in white, so a grey or black rug is ideal. Although the bathtub itself is oval, the base for which it is dropped is rectangular, so a rectangular rug is an ideal match for this kind of bathtub. 

Tips for keeping your rugs clean and sanitary 

  • Shake out your rugs periodically
  • Vacuum any dust or hair that it may attract
  • Air dry them every once in a while to prevent mold
  • Check the user tag to see if it is machine wash friendly, and be sure to wash them every so often
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