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Where to Shop for Smart Toilets in 2024

So now that you are ready to buy your smart toilet, where should you go? Do you go to an online retailer or a standard retailer? Today, we will look at the most common places you can buy a smart toilet:

where to shop for smart toilets.

1. Home Depot

A gigantic home improvement conglomerate, home depot usually carries everything. The principal advantage of shopping at Home Depot is that you can preview and touch the item physically before purchasing. Lastly, they have a fairly generous return policy compared to other retailers, if you find the toilet does not suit your home, you can always return it. 

Average Price: $680-1200

2. Amazon

A large multinational technology company that carries a gigantic catalog of products. You can generally find every iteration of the smart toilet through Amazon, and their prices are generally reduced as you don’t have to shop through a major retailer. However, Amazon’s return policy can be a variable experience depending on which vendor you purchase a toilet from. Also, as you purchase a toilet through an online vendor, you have no idea how it feels until it arrives at your home. 

Average price: $500-1200

3. Wayfair

Wayfair is a large e-commerce company based in Boston that sells various furniture and home goods. Similar to Amazon, Wayfair has an impressive stock and carries a large variety of smart toilets from different manufacturers. Wayfair is a great company to purchase a toilet if you know exactly what you want and are willing to pay for it. Their return policy is variable as many items are easy to return, but they will charge you a restocking fee.

Average price: $700-1500

4. is an online home improvement retailer under the Ferguson plc umbrella. It sells bathroom and kitchen appliances, lighting, and other hardware. They have a return policy that allows for a return within 90 days of purchase with receipt, allowing you to return your item should it not fit into your home. The primary advantage of is its extensive catalog, just be prepared to pay a fair bit for it.

Average price: $600-1500

5. Walmart

A large multinational retail corporation that encompasses a wide variety of goods similar to Costco but with more availability and locations. The advantage of purchasing your toilet from Walmart is that you can physically touch it and view it in person before purchasing it. Their prices are also much more affordable than other retailers, although the quality is lower comparatively. 

Average price: $400-1200

6. Kohler

A large home improvement manufacturer, Kohler specializes in plumbing but also branches out into furniture, cabinetry, tile, and generators. Their specialization ensures a high level of quality in their designs and material choices, making them a popular choice. They have a 45-day return policy, and the item must be in good condition, and most of their sales are through their website and their partners, making it difficult to preview the item in person. However, remember that when purchasing from Kohler, you pay for the name and the product itself. 

Average price: $1400-5000+

7. Overstock

A large internet retailer that specializes in selling furniture. Overstock is similar to Wayfair and Build in that you can obtain a wide variety of high-quality smart toilets through them, but you should be prepared to pay a premium for the accessibility. 

Average price: $700-1400


8. Quality Bath

QualityBath is a company that offers a wide variety of kitchens and bath products. Their stock is limited, and their return policy is suspect, but they do offer a fair stock of items at a small discount compared to other retailers. However, unless you are deadset on a specific item in their stock, I’d advise you purchase from someone else. 

Average price: $2,500-5,000

9. OVE

OVE décor is a large bath, lighting, and outdoor furniture company that provides a wide range of smart toilet options. Their variable prices range from $800-1600 for higher-end models. They provide a limited warranty on their products and customers have a 30-day window to return anything that doesn’t fit their home. 

Average price: $800-1600

10. Costco

A large international wholesale retailer, Costco carries a specific reputation of a certain quality. You can trust most Costco items to be of good quality and a fair price, the only drawback is that their stock is limited for each specific store. While there is a chance you can track a smart toilet down in their store, you are more likely to purchase it online. You can return your toilet within 90 days if it doesn’t suit your home.

Average price: $1050-1500

How to Choose the Best Smart Toilet for You

Here are some considerations to help you select the best smart toilet for your home:

1. Determine Budget

First is to determine your available budget. Smart toilets aren’t cheap so you need to factor in all the features you want and maintenance costs as well. Have a number in mind before you go shopping. 

2. Select your Features

Smart toilets have a wide variety of features ranging from heating, motion sensors, remote and phone controls, so it’s important to identify what features you want/need. Eliminating features can help reduce your budget. 

3. Measure Your Space

Ensure the toilet you want can actually fit your space so measure out the area of your bathroom and account for any extra height or features you think of. Plan accordingly to ensure that nothing conflicts.

consider the quality of your toilet and returns.

4. Consider the Quality of Your Toilet and Returns

Purchasing a smart toilet is a big undertaking and you want to buy one that will last. Although it may seem like a good idea to purchase one on the cheaper end, it’s important to do research and ensure that your smart toilet is high quality to ensure that you won’t have to return it in a few years.

As you can see, there are quite a few places to buy a smart toilet. Just remember to budget things out and do proper research before committing.

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