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15 of the Most Popular Bathroom Vanity Ideas for 2024

Looking to breathe new life into your existing bathroom vanity without breaking the bank? With just a splash of paint and some slight color considerations, you can quickly transform your space and make it seem more vibrant and comfortable without remodeling.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Black Fixtures

Implementing black fixtures such as your bathtub, sink, and toilet will compliment the natural look of your vanity and help it stand out. You can further compliment this look with gold, silver, or brass accents to increase your space’s sophistication. Consider floral or bright wall fixtures to pair with your fixtures. 

2. Unique Shapes

Remember that the space is yours to mold; you don’t have to incorporate traditional bathroom layouts and designs. Vanities are typically rectangular in shape, but you can opt for oval or round shapes. Not only will this make your bathroom more appealing, but it will help you fit more elements into the space. Having circular corners will also lower the risk of injury if children play around it. 

3. Minimalistic

Sometimes, less is more, and a minimalist look will make your bathroom seem more rustic and lived-in. If you don’t want a traditional vanity, opt for a small stool or table to hold your small sink. By conserving space, you can utilize the rest of your bathroom for more essential elements, such as additional storage, or just leave it open and give yourself more space to walk around and maneuver.

4. Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities are a classic choice as they are generally large, have ample storage and can support multiple sinks. Their aesthetic makes them look more flexible and attractive than their built-in counterparts. Tie the look in with a large statement mirror, and compliment the vanity with attractive wallpaper. 

5. Cabinet Vanities

Cabinet vanities are a popular choice as they provide your home with a great deal of extra storage. Since storage is a premium in the bathroom, vanities are often times the most common place to store extra toiletries and other bathroom essentials. However, if your cabinet vanity needs more storage, consider external options such as shelving or a towel rack. This will make the space feel more alive. 

6. Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are anchored to the wall, freeing up valuable space underneath. This is a great option for saving space without losing any functionality. However, having a floating vanity can make your wall look barren and bland. In addition, a floating vanity will be harder to repair and maintain should you have any plumbing issues. 

7. Double Sink Vanities

Double sink vanities are great for large households as they allow multiple users to decorate and utilize their side as they see fit. You can split aesthetics and make one side modern with darker colors and use contrasting classic colors for the other side. Or you can simply use one color scheme for both vanities. They offer a great deal of flexibility and storage space for a large household. 

8. Gold Fixtures

Consider gold fixtures your vanity. Wall lights, faucets, mirrors, cabinet handles, gold goes great with any vanity color scheme. You can opt for a more simplistic bathroom color scheme, such as a warmer or light blue, and pair it with gold accents to give your bathroom a vibrant glow. And why stop at just fixtures, use gold for your shower faucets and shower frame. Subtle gold trimmings will make your bathroom feel elegant and luxurious. 

9. Dressing Table (table in between both vanities)

A dressing table between your vanities is a great way to utilize extra space. Consider installing two separate vanities and placing a dressing table between them. Now you have an extra area to get ready or place a chair and use it as a desk.

10. Consider Unique Colors 

Statement colors are becoming quite popular, and bathrooms are often muted and more passively colored rooms. They are designed to invoke comfort and relaxation, but vibrancy can also help the space. Experiment with unique colors and paint your vanity bright colors such as green, red, pink, or yellow to make it an attractive center piece of your bathroom. 

11. Classic White

Pair your vanity with the rest of your bathroom, and consider painting it a classic white. This color is a bathroom staple because it invokes cleanliness and calm. Be sure to utilize chrome or steel to give it the elegant look we all picture. 

12. Stained Wood

Stained wood will provide richness and depth to your space. Staining also exposes the textures of your vanity, making them more pronounced, which can complement the rest of your space well. Consider pairing your stained vanity with black trim and dark green accents. 

13. Mauve

Transform your space and add a bit of playfulnes by introducing pink to your space. Mauve is a great way to add a subtle splash of pink without being too overbearing. Pink pairs well with white and chrome fixtures, and round or oval shapes. And if the color is not for you, you can always revert back and paint a different color to your tastes. 

14. Repurpose old furniture

Bathroom furniture can grow stale so consider repurposing old furniture and placing it in your bathroom. This will provide you with a great alternative to storage and give your bathroom a whole new look. Utilize an old dresser and place a sink on top with a waterproof countertop. Not only will this cut back on costs, but you’ll have a unique piece in your bathroom. Just remember to check the state of the wood periodically. 

15. Industrial colors

Consider concrete or hard stone to add more of an industrial flair to your vanity. A floating concrete vanity is flexible as it hangs above, giving you ample space for wicker or wooden storage boxes. Pair the industrial look with more natural elements, such as live plants and wooden fixtures, to create a unique statement. 

How do I Style my Bathroom Vanity

  1. Measure out the space

Measure out the space first so you can have a good feeling of what you can do in your space. With proper measurements, you understand the dimensions of your space and what can fit. 

  1. Look for design ideas

Look for ideas and color schemes from multiple sources. Websites, blogs, and browsing retail catalogs will give you a good idea of what color combinations will work for your bathroom. 

  1. Focus on your fixtures first

Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibilities; focus on your fixtures first. Get your sink, toilet, shower/bathtub picked out. These elements will be the most expensive, so you want to plan around them. After you’ve chosen your fixtures, you will have a good idea of what color combinations will work for your space. 

  1. Consider live plants

Live plants will add brightness and vitality to your bathroom. They will improve your air quality, and certain plants can thrive off the humidity in the space, making them easier to care for. Plants will also compliment a broader range of color options, giving you more flexibility in decorating the space. 

  1. Experiment/Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Remember to experiment with different color schemes. Not every color scheme will work with your space and prefabricated swatches may not be compatible with your tastes. This is a process, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Paint is more affordable than a full remodel, so experiment to find the right fit. 

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on how you want to decorate your vanity. A vanity can be its own focal piece with the right colors and complimentary accents. So experiment and style your vanity today to breathe new life into your bathroom. 

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