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The Best 25 Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2024

Looking for some remodel ideas that will help you transform your bathroom? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Large freestanding bathtub 

A large freestanding tub is an excellent centerpiece for any bathroom, adding style and flair to the rest of the space. A high-quality freestanding tub also has excellent heat retention and is a great way to show off the material of your choice, whether it be copper, natural stone, stone resin or porcelain. A large tub is also great for soaking, giving you an excuse to transform your space into a spa-like retreat. Lastly, a freestanding tub also increases the resale value of your home, making it a great investment.  

2. Walk-in Shower

A large walk-in shower accomplishes two things: it provides a full view of your glass panel doors, which adds a great aesthetic for your bathroom, and second, it adds practicality to your space. Although it may be tempting to only have a bathtub in your bathroom, a walk-in shower is much more practical for everyday use.

The walk-in shower also increases your home’s resale value due to it’s desirability, and it provides another avenue for you to show off more of your design aesthetic. Utilize contrasting material to the rest of your bathroom, or more specifically, choose materials that will be comfortable and attractive. 

3. Seated Shower

Seated showers are a great way to future-proof your home and ensure that your home is ADA-compliant. But your seated shower doesn’t just have to be just another feature. Consider adding a longer bench, or even a lounger to accommodate more people. Add more ingresses shelving to hold more shower amenities. Consider installing speakers and blue tooth controls to add more ambiance to your space. A seated shower can just be as relaxing as a freestanding tub. 

4. Statement Mirror 

Capture the attention of everyone that enters your bathroom. A statement mirror is just that, it makes a statement with it’s size and extra accents and trimmings. Statement mirrors can also house additional lighting that can be traditional or touch/remote activated for late night excursions to your bathroom. Be sure to incorporate more lighting features to emphasize your mirror and make it a focal point of the space. 

5. Metallic Backsplash

A metallic backsplash provides a great alternative to a full remodel. Positioned just above your sink lining, consider using tile, or mosaic to achieve a unique look that compliments the rest of your space. Mix metals and neutral accent colors to create a more cohesive aesthetic. Or you can experiment with natural stone or sold-surface materials to create a unique texture above your sinks. 

6. Floating Vanity

Consider floating fixtures to add extra space to your bathroom. Although floating vanities are quite common, consider other furniture and fixtures as well. A floating sink or end tables to create a more cohesive look. Floating fixtures add a modern flair that can’t be matched and they achieve want everyone wants in the bathroom-extra space. 

7. Bold Color

Use bold colors to decorate your bathroom and capture the attention of your guests. Bold colors are a great starting point for any remodel as they can transform the space on their own without any new fixtures or elements in your space. Many bathrooms just need a refresh or the addition of color without an expensive remodel. And adding new colors will also help you decide what new fixtures you want and provide a great starting point for a full remodel. 

8. Consider Glass Blocks

Glass blocks provide both privacy and an avenue for natural light. We use bright colors and tones to compliment the natural lighting and prevent it from looking too muted. Glass blocks pair well with marble tile, white fixtures and natural wood. Including these blocks also means you don’t need shades or blinds to interfere with your bathroom aesthetic. 

9. Open Concept

Open concept is a popular buzz word in the remodeling space, but for good reason. It allows you to open up your bathroom and allow for more navigating space without sacrificing any of the original function of the room. Space is always a premium in the bathroom, so having a more open layout will make your bathroom feel more welcoming. Open concept also emphasizes key fixtures such as your shower, bathtub, vanities, and other furniture, so this would be a good excuse to replace them.

10. Consider differing textures

Alternate textures with your bathroom to create a more exciting and unique visual. Use wood, stone, and tile with your floors, fixtures, and walls. Separating textures will add more character to the room without adding fixtures or artwork. You can always elevate this look by including sconces and natural light sources, live plants and a freestanding bathtub to tie it all in.

11. Natural inspiration

Live plants will add color and improve the air of your bathroom. Most bathroom plants thrive on natural humidity, making it ideal for the space. The contrasting color will make your space seem much more vibrant and alive without spending too much on a paint overhaul or any remodel work except just placing a pot or hanging a plant, making it a very affordable remodel choice.

12. Modernize existing features

You can always elevate your existing features without having to replace them. Add new fittings around your existing lighting and refinish your old cabinets and drawers with new accents and finishes. Incorporate a new color scheme to make your clawfoot more appealing and modernize your space. You can add modern colors to classic elements and transform the space more to your liking. 

13. Choose Water-friendly materials (wet room)

Water is a potential hazard for most materials used in the bathroom, so consider transforming your space into a wet room. A wet room is a room that gets wet from an exposed shower, requiring materials that can tolerate moisture and repeated water exposure. Consider materials such as ceramic, glass, porcelain, natural stone, and metal to protect the room and incorporate water-friendly elements. This will make your bathroom more of an open concept without adding too much additional maintenance. 

14. Consider minimalism

A minimalist aesthetic is modern as it removes much of the clutter in most bathrooms. This aesthetic ensures all the fixtures have sleek and smooth designs that seemingly fit together. At the end of the day, your bathroom should look and feel clean, so if you are having trouble figuring out how to decorate the space, remember that less is more when it comes to bathroom design.

15. Natural Wood Accents

Natural wood accents are a great addition to any bathroom color scheme. Wood provides a rustic flair that pairs well with modern and classic color schemes. It also helps bring a natural, grounded element to the space amidst your plumbing fixtures. Install more wooden cabinetry, add some wooden shelves and even a bench or furniture. Just be sure to periodically maintain the wood to prevent mold growth or rot, if you plan on using natural wood.

16. Design around a view

Tie your design aesthetic around your window view. Fully utilize natural lighting to provide you with a boost to your colors and room tones. Expand your windows, widen your view and install complimentary curtains to pair with your room aesthetics. A nice view will make the space more inviting and attractive. 

17. Matte Black Accents

As we discussed previously, black contrasts incredibly well with white fixtures, elevating their look. Consider black accents or black trim with your bathroom to really enhance the natural color of your bathroom. Consider a wainscott or backsplash of matte black to pair with your sink and bathtub to add more depth to your room

18. Geometric shower tiles

Having an intricate and interesting pattern on your shower tiles can easily elevate the other elements of your bathroom. Consider playing around with different patterns or creating an artistic image with your tiles. Experiment with different shapes, colors and styles to create a visually arresting piece. This very affordable remodel idea can elevate the space without investing too much in a full remodel. 

19. Enclosed Storage

Keep your bathroom amenities out of sight and reduce clutter by adding enclosed storage such as a mirror cabinet or hidden shelves in your vanity. A custom vanity is also a great way to implement more storage solutions, so long as they remain out of sight for the average guest. Consider hidden compartments in the wall or in the floor to store extra bathroom items.

20. Experiment with surface materials

Remember that you aren’t limited by standard bathroom material. Consider other less common materials in the bathroom, such as brick, cork, wood, stone slabs, or glass. While you will need to be careful with using all of these different materials in a bathroom setting, they can add some unique qualities and give your bathroom a modern look at an affordable cost.

21. Contrasting stonework

As discussed earlier, contrasting elements add texture and character to the space. Consider using contrasting stones if you don’t want to include disparate elements such as wood and stone. Use black marble to establish high contrast against your white bathtub or sinks, and then compliment the look with white marble. Or, if you don’t want to use marble, consider slate or any contrasting stone. The differing textures will make your bathroom feel more unique and comforting.

22. Cutouts

Include cutout spaces in your bathroom to open up your space further. This can include adding a window or an opening if your bathroom needs ventilation, but it also creates a more open aesthetic. The less cramped a bathroom appears, the more comfortable it will feel. Remember to not feel limited by your bathroom’s size and location and utilize the space to suit your needs better.

23. Bathtub Caddy

A bathtub caddy provides you with comfort and convenience while you are bathing. However, many caddies can be challenging to use or navigate, especially when you are submerged in your bath. Consider a built-in storage or caddy in your bathtub surrounds. Ingressed or recessed storage will allow you to quickly access elements without leaving the comfort of your tub. 

24. Centered Accents

Tie your existing look together with an accent wall. If you are having trouble deciding on what your bathroom needs, simply use a cheaper material, such as laminate or peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a cohesive look that will help you anchor the rest of your bathroom’s design. Then, consider a large mirror to place in front of your accent and pair it with a vessel sink and a floating vanity or table to tie in the space. You can leave it as is or use it as a launching point for adding more color to your bathroom. 

25. Dark Flooring

Light colors are quite common in modern bathrooms as they make the space feel more open. However, darker colors add more depth and texture to your bathroom’s aesthetic. If you don’t want to incorporate these tones into your furniture of existing fixtures, consider utilizing your floor instead. Black hexagons or dark tiles will help add much-needed contrast to the space and make the rest of your bathroom brighter and more vibrant. 

Remember that there are no hard rules on how you remodel your bathroom. So experiment with it and have fun to see what suits your tastes, and pretty soon, you’ll have the right bathroom for your home. 

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