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20 Bathtub Upgrade Ideas That Will Make A Huge Difference

Considering updating your bathtub but don’t know where to start? Here are 20 ideas to help you get started:

 1. Better Materials

Better bathtub materials provide an aesthetic bump and a more enjoyable bathing experience. Higher quality materials such as granite, marble, stone resin, and copper have a more luxurious feel compared to just acrylic or porcelain tubs. These materials are also more durable, require significantly less maintenance and can act as a focal point for your space.

2. Shower Combination

Adding a shower to your bathtub not only provides a visual upgrade, but serves a practical purpose as well. Showers are better for day-day use as heavy use of a bathtub will require significantly more water. Additionally, you can expand your shower into a walk-in shower and place your bathtub inside of your shower to give yourself a separate space.

3. Walk-in Features

A walk-in bathtub features additional safety measures that are essential for elderly or disabled individuals. However, if you don’t want to opt in for a full walk-in tub, you can upgrade your existing bathtub with walk-in features such as a padded seat, hand rails, and steps. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds-a high quality tub and additional safety measures for the rest of your household. 

4. Soaker Tub

Soaker tubs are designed to provide you with full water immersion which is more beneficial for your joints and muscles while keeping your body tuned to the water temperature. If you want to experience the full benefit of your bathtub, consider upgrading the water depth for a more prolonged soak. 

5. Ambient Light

Ambient lighting can make your bathing area feel more calm and relaxed. Consider installing ambient lighting with either touch controls or voice activation to give you more freedom when you take your baths. Combine lighting with speakers and music for a truly transformative experience.

6. Whirlpool additions

Everyone enjoys jacuzzi experiences, so why not bring it to your home? Whirlpool options adds either water or air jets to your tub, giving you a personal massager in your bathtub. You will have to maintain and clean the jets to prevent bacteria growth, but adding powered jets is a great way to breathe new life into an old tub.

Beautiful Bathtub View

7. Reglaze

If you want to upgrade your existing tub, consider reglazing its surface to fully remove any existing blemishes or scratches. Reglazing uses a finish constructed out of synthetic material to apply another coating on top of your existing tub. The process can update its look and is much cheaper than installing a new tub. 

8. Increased Storage

Storage is always a necessity in any bathroom, so consider adding hidden storage along the base of your bathtub or underneath the floor. Install more shelving and ensure the space is well organized to remove any clutter.

9. Faucet upgrades

An inexpensive way to upgrade your bathtub is with faucet upgrades. Either increase the length and height of the faucet or add more functionality such as power control. A new faucet can make all the difference in making your bath time more enjoyable. 

10. Bluetooth/wireless features

Many bathtub features can be connected to Bluetooth or wireless functionality. This is ideal if you want to warm up your bath and have everything ready as you are on your way home. If you want a truly hands-off experience, consider Bluetooth functionality for your faucet controls, lighting, and music in your bathroom.  

11. Large Windows

Windows are a great way to amplify the existing aesthetic of the space, giving you a view of nature while you bathe. They also provide increased ventilation for your bathroom when you aren’t bathing, removing excess moisture. Consider larger windows if you are looking for a great way to update the space.

Luxury white bathroom 3d render

12. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles complement any bathtub type and provide a great deal of flexibility. They can be used as a wall design, or you can use them as a foundation or base for your bathtub. For a traditional drop-in style, you can create a beautiful foundation of high quality stone to support your bathtub. The foundation can be used as extra storage or have additional upgrades such as speakers or light fixtures. 

13.  Natural Wood Accents

Consider natural wood accents if you want to update the space. Wood accents help bring a sense of natural beauty and has a rustic feel that is a great contrast to any modern bathtub design. Just remember to maintain these accents as they will deteriorate if exposed to moisture and humidity.

14. Cushion

Cushions and seats are a great update to your bathtub. Although you will need to replace them periodically, cushions and neck pillows are a great way to prolong your bathing time. You can add a seat to your bathtub to provide more grip and safety, especially for movement impaired individuals. 

15. Steps/Additional entry points

Include stepping stones along with handholds so your bathtub seems more open and inviting. Ensure that the space is appropriate for multiple occupants. You can utilize natural stone such as marble for your bathtub steps to add more compliment to the material. 

16. Entertainment/TV

Not sure what to include in the space? Consider a TV or sound system so that you have more entertainment while you bathe. With the inclusion of voice-activation, you can simply relax in your bathtub while you enjoy the latest show or some soothing music. 

17. Update Mirrors

Update your mirrors to create a bigger statement and elevate the existing space. Larger mirrors also enhance the look of your bathtub, making it seem more stately and grand. The addition of ambient and direct lighting can make the space seem more elegant especially with the inclusion of art and accents. 

18. Open concept

If you feel your bathroom is too cramped, consider an open concept. The open concept essentially takes your existing space. It opens it up by removing shelving, cabinets, vanities and your toilet and places it elsewhere in the space, emphasizing a larger space for you to navigate. This would prioritize your bathtub, ensuring that you can access it much easier without losing too much functionality.

19. Bright wallpaper

The surrounds of your bathtub are equally important as you don’t want to stare at boring, drab patterns while you bathe. Consider lifting up the room with bright wallpaper or some decorative art to bring more life into the space. 

20. Paint the Tub

If you want a cheap upgrade to your bathtub, consider painting it. The right color combination can transform your tub, updating it for the next 4-5 years or whenever you decide to replace it. Repainting your tub is also very easy, meaning you have a great deal of wiggle room to experiment with color palettes. 

Yellow Tub design

Reasons to upgrade your Bathtub:

Here are the three main reasons you should consider upgrading your bathtub:

Better Aesthetic

An increased aesthetic helps make the room feel more complete and relaxing, especially during bathing. Bathing should be relaxing and enjoyable, so the colors should be vibrant and interesting. Your bathroom’s lighting should make the space feel more welcoming to your guests, making the bathtub feel more attractive.

Better Bathing Experience

Upgrades result in a better overall bathing experience. Better materials provide better heat insulation, making you comfortable for longer. Your body should be fully submerged to fully enjoy your bathtub. 

Increased Resale Value

The more attractive the space looks, the higher the potential resale value. Upgrading your bathtub with more features and amenities will make the space more desirable to potential buyers.

Remember, you don’t have to commit to a full remodel to transform your bathtub. Consider these options and don’t forget to experiment.

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