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15 Bathroom Interior Design Trends. The Latest and New Trends in 2024

2024 seems to place a higher emphasis on diverse and bold color palettes. While monochrome bathrooms remain popular, there seems to be a high demand for bold and bright colors. Traditional color schemes are replaced by more personal and intricate patterns and designs such as mosaics, floral, and geometric shapes.

There is a high demand for natural materials such as wood, stone, and clay. As we enter into 2024, these are prominent trends we have noticed for designing the bathroom space.

15 bathroom interior design trends the latest and new trends in 2023.

1. Statement Tiling

Tiles have always been a popular aspect of any bathroom and statement tiling furthers this by utilizing color schemes that aren’t quite as common. Statement tiling uses the floor to make a statement and focal point for your bathroom. This trend does away with mono-color or even dual-color tiles and utilizes complex geometric and floral shapes. The advantage of tiling your floor in this way is that bathroom floors aren’t very large, so it’s not very expensive to experiment and create a floor that is unique and arresting.

2. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is always a welcome trend in any bathroom. Use large windows and try to enhance your natural lighting with a touch of green. Mirrors can also help you capture the light and utilize the space to its full potential. Natural light can help elevate the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom.

high quality bathroom materials

3. Investing in Higher Quality Materials

Higher quality materials not only last longer and increase your home’s value, but they are more comfortable to use and have less maintenance. Although it may seem drastic, investing in materials early will provide you with a much more enjoyable bathroom. When it comes to bath materials, you get what you pay for and many homeowners are prioritizing high-quality low maintenance bathrooms. 

4. Diverse Color Palette

Color is a crucial aspect of your bathroom and having a diverse color palette can immediately elevate your mood and make your space appear more playful and vibrant. Darker tones create a more relaxed atmosphere, whereas bright colors like white and green can help bring much-needed vitality to the space. Bright colors are trending in 2024 with many opting for pastel designs, and bold colors like aqua, seafoam, pink, and clay. These color schemes pair well with abstract furniture and artwork to create a brighter personality than the conventional modern space. 

5. Large Bathroom Tile

A popular trend for 2024, large bathroom tiles are quickly overtaking regular tiles and other flooring options and it isn’t difficult to see why. Large bathroom tiles make a small space seem more spacious and large, their installation is also much cheaper than conventional tile as the tile doesn’t need to be cut to smaller sizes to fit the space.

Lastly, the installation method results in fewer grout lines which means less entry way for outside contaminants to enter and less area that requires re-sealing. And if that isn’t enough, large tile is very attractive and water resistant, so what’s not to like?

natural bathroom vanity

6. Natural Vanities

Another trend is pairing vanity tops with a natural element such as wood to create a warmer end product that fits in any bathroom space. This starts with opting for a finish that emphasizes the grains of the wood to create a more calming aesthetic. This look can be completed by adding a splash of green with life plants, but it is key that natural vanities are more minimal to show off the natural qualities of the wood.

7 more patterns.

7. More Patterns

Patterns create a powerful statement for anyone using your bathroom. Drapes, shower curtains, walls and flooring all provide more opportunities to display intricate patterns and designs. Consider using your entire bathroom as a singular canvas or create separate designs for your curtains and walls. Remember that your bathroom is your space and you have creative freedom to express your sensibilities, so show them off. 

8. Lighting Diversification

Lighting is key for creating mood and atmosphere in your bathroom. Consider different lighting setups and add a task light, accent light, and finally an ambient light. A combination of all three will give you a greater deal of controlling the ambiance of your bathroom. Task lights are appropriate for mirrors and vanities, accents are great around the entire room and ambients are ideal for emphasizing art or a mirror. Also, installing dimmer switches so you can focus on just an accent light or ambient light for bathing can create the perfect relaxed atmosphere.

9. More solutions for small spaces

Small bathrooms are incredibly common so many people have learned how to utilize their space as efficiently as possible. Consider every inch of your space and install as much storage as possible. Consider a medicine cabinet or a recessed shelf above your sink for your toiletries. A recessed cubby in your shower is also great for additional space and if you don’t have room for a full vanity, consider a small vanity just for storage. 

10. Spa Bathrooms

A recent trend of 2024 is to transform bathrooms into “spa rooms” or bathrooms with many spa features such as more privacy and a relaxing ambiance. You can transform your bathroom with more emphasis on softer fabrics on your towel, and bath mats, and use patterns that are more visually appealing or artwork if you prefer. Transform your bathroom into a private sanctuary and indulge in color schemes that appeal to your sensibilities. Remember that it is your space, so use plants, decorative curtains, scented candles, and music to create the perfect atmosphere.

11. More Textures

Soft textures and fabrics can help you relax and feel transported after a long day. Textures can also create a unique look and feel such as ribbed wood or pronounced stone. Play with different elevations and heights of your shelves to create a unique effect. In addition, incorporating multiple textures will not only create a more visually interesting aesthetic but will allow you to feel natural aspects of your bathroom such as natural stone, soft fabric, and wood to bring a more naturalistic feel to the space. 

12. Softer Metallic Tones

Metallic tones are a safe choice in the bathroom, offering a color that plays well with darker tones such as grey, brown, and black. Brushed brass and nickel provide a nice offset and keep it from being too garish or ostentatious. Whereas in the past, gold and platinum were more commonplace, the trend seems to steer towards more muted metallic so it’s more subtle than shiny. 

13. Upgrade the Kid’s Bathroom

Create a unique aesthetic for your child’s bathroom. While you can use themed wallpaper with kid-friendly items such as dinosaurs and race cars, try using herringbone patterns and a playful and bold color aesthetic. Pair your child’s bedroom with a similar color scheme to create a more cohesive space. This will not only elevate your child’s mood but upgrade the aesthetic of your home as well.

14. Terazzo

A composite material consisting of marble, quartz, granite, and glass chips, terrazzo helps to break the monotony of monochrome bathrooms. They add much-needed levity to the space and pair well with vibrant and bold color schemes such as aqua, pink and clay colors. Whereas bathrooms used to embrace the darker modern designs, terrazzo creates a retro flair that’s hard to beat. 

15 soaking tubs.

15. Freestanding Bathtubs

Gaining increased popularity in 2024, freestanding tubs transform your bathroom into the ultimate retreat. The immersive qualities of the tub allow for longer soak sessions and allow you to sit comfortably, which is ideal after a long workday. Many soaking tubs can also be fitted with jets for added enjoyment and relaxation. 

These are the design trends of 2024 and as you can see, there is a clear emphasis on beautiful material that doesn’t break the bank and requires little maintenance. People want bold colors and elements that show off more personality and flair as opposed to the monochrome styles of the past. 

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