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Planning a Freestanding Bathtub Installation

BW-03 freestanding tub
by Badeloft | May 2, 2016

Read our extensive guide on installing a freestanding bathtub using the EZ-drop in drain.

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  1. Planning Your Freestanding Bathtub Installation
  2. Installation Preparation
  3. Setting the Bathtub
  4. After the Installation

Manufacturers of freestanding bathtubs strongly recommend hiring professionals to install tubs, but handy homeowners can install their own units. It calls for some research and preparation, and a full understanding of the process before work begins, but many homeowners have happily installed their own freestanding bathtubs and rewarded themselves for their work with a long, well-deserved soak.

Planning Your Freestanding Bathtub Installation

Before purchasing a freestanding bathtub, do your homework. Check state, county, and local building codes to ensure a freestanding bathtub is in compliance with regulations. If your property is part of a homeowner’s association, read carefully through the CC&Rs and speak with the board, if needed, to obtain any necessary permissions.

A structurally sound building built to code will support the weight of a fully filled bathtub, which is roughly equivalent to the weight of five adults. If your home is particularly old, or if you’ve experienced problems with the flooring in the past, you may wish to consult with a home inspector, engineer and/or architect before buying your tub. Having a professional check your floor and give you the green light before moving ahead can go a long way to assuage concerns you may have about your floor’s condition.

Once you have cleared all the above, order your freestanding bathtub of choice. This is also the time to consider your options for filling the tub. Will it be a freestanding fill spout rising from the floor, a curved waterfall spout mounted in a wall, a ceiling-mounted rain shower head, or a freestanding faucet? Choose which you’d like to incorporate, and plan for the plumbing installation for those fixtures in concert with your freestanding bathtub installation.

Installation Preparation

When your bathtub unit arrives, ensure it’s the make and model you ordered, and confirm that all included accessories are accounted for. Use your hands along with your eyes to inspect the entire unit, checking for any cracks, chips, scratches, or other defects. If any are found, do not install the unit, but contact the manufacturer immediately.

Also inspect ancillary items shipped with the tub to ensure that they, too, are in good design and functional condition, and use this opportunity to re-tighten any parts that may have loosened during shipment. Be aware that you may need to purchase some plumbing supplies in addition to what’s provided by the manufacturer to complete the job.

If everything checks out, still continue to inspect the tub and plumbing systems throughout the installation, in case you catch something that was previously missed.

Floor preparation comes next. Depending on the type of existing flooring, this will mean minor to considerable demo work first, to accommodate the necessary P-trap and waste drains. After the floor drainage system has been installed, repair the floor, ensuring it’s level; then clean the floor thoroughly. You may choose to lay new flooring down at this time or place a section of water-resistant flooring down to surround the tub area.

Setting the Bathtub

Have ready all the tools and supplies needed for the job and follow the step-by-step directions provided with your unit. If at any point it seems time for the professionals to step in, do not hesitate to avail yourself of their expertise–your bathtub and your house will thank you.

This brief video provides a quick look at the installation steps to installing our BW-01 L freestanding bathtub.

After the Installation

Do not use your new tub for at least 24 hours after the installation. Immediately address leaks or other problems, should they arise. Closely adhere to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to maintain the beautiful luster on your new freestanding bathtub for years to come. And most importantly: enjoy your new bathtub. Visit our website to view all of our luxury bathtubs.

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