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What is a Skirted Bathtub? 2020 Skirted Bathtub Guide

What are skirted tubs

A Skirted tub is a style of tub that is finished on one side with a skirt or apron that is either flat or bowed. This skirt covers the entire length of the bathtub itself with the intent of making it much easier to install and provides an area to rest on. For drop-in skirted tubs, the skirt also protects the tub from any outside debris and ensures a smooth transition between the tub and the foundation of your bathroom. Skirted tubs are generally configured for two-person bathing, but larger sizes are also available.

What bathtubs come with skirted options

As discussed previously, skirted tubs provide your bathtub with an outer flair that is designed to make installation easier and provide a place to rest your head while bathing. Below are the common bathtubs that come with a skirted option.

  • Whirlpool/Jacuzzi
  • Freestanding
  • Garden
  • Clawfoot
  • Cast iron

What are common skirted designs

When it comes to your skirted tub, there are a plethora of designs out there. From natural stone, to tile, to matte patterns, there are really no limitations to what you want on the outside of your tub. That being said, the two most common designs today are tile and beadboard. Tile is constructed from either ceramic or natural stone, then placed on the outside of your tub. Beadboard is a series of boards that are lined up on the outside of your bathtub, secured then painted in whatever color you wish. Beadboard is a common choice for many bathtubs because it pairs well with any bathtub size, is simplistic in design, easy to install and cheap.

Do they make 2 sided skirted tubs

Yes, 2-sided skirted tubs are available, and though they are a tad more expensive than just one-sided skirted tubs, they are generally seen as a better option. A 2-sided skirted tub has two finished sides, providing an almost seamless barrier between your bathtub and the bathroom itself to prevent minimal flooding.

Drop in vs skirted tubs 

Drop-in bathtubs cover a wide range of bathtubs and are among the more common bathtub styles. When compared to skirted tubs, Skirted tubs have slightly more flexibility in terms of installation as they are available in drop-in and non-drop in variants, making some styles easier to install than just the traditional drop-in bathtubs. As for price, the average drop-in bathtub is generally cheaper than a skirted drop-in, but not by much. When compared to a freestanding skirted tub however, a regular drop-in is much more affordable. Finally, in the case of design, skirted tubs are afforded more freedom as drop-in bathtubs are confined to their install space, whereas skirted tubs can be freestanding, either with legs or a regular base, giving them more flexibility in design.

white skirted tubs.

Alcove vs skirted tubs

An alcove tub and a skirted drop-in tub are very similar, with the only difference being their installation. An alcove tub is made to fit into a space joined by three walls, whereas a skirted tub will always have one completely open side. Besides this fact, there really isn’t much difference between the two.

Installation is very similar and their price points are similar. The only large difference is their overall design. As stated before, an alcove tub is usually installed in a designated space whereas a skirted tub has an open, exposed area. This gives a skirted tub more freedom in how it’s placed and how it’s space can be designed. You can install it in a similar space as an alcove tub or elect to have just two walls with one exposed side.

For those looking for a different style of bath than your traditional alcove, consider a skirted tub. And if the traditional skirted drop-in is not your liking, a skirted freestanding bathtub offers your bathroom a classic and comfortable feel that can’t be beaten.

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