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What is a Copper Tub? Everything You Need to Know About Copper Tubs

what is a copper tub
by Badeloft | October 27, 2019

It’s never easy finding the right bathtub for your home or the right material, so why not choose the bathtub with no drawbacks? Copper tubs are remarkably durable, have excellent heat retention, come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and will grow even more vibrant with age. So if you are in the market for a new bathtub, let us discuss why a copper tub is a good fit for you.

What is a Copper Tub?

A copper tub is a bathtub that is constructed from copper. Copper earns the benefit of being a highly durable metal but still is malleable enough to be molded into a variety of different shapes. This is important since other material can easily crack during the molding process and copper can easily withstand this process, producing a highly durable bathtub.

How Are Copper Tubs  Made?

Copper tubs are made by heating copper sheets before hammering them into a bathtub shape. Since the majority of copper tubs are custom jobs and not commercially mass produced, copper tubs can generally be made to fit any shape you desire.

Different Tub Types That Copper Tubs come in 

Copper tubs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit just about any bathroom. Each style has their pros and cons, so it’s best to understand which is the right fit for you before purchasing.

  • FreestandingYour classic bathtub style. Modern freestanding bathtubs are completely level at the base, providing increased stability for a larger water volume and increased capacity than your typical drop-in.
  • Clawfoot-A variant of the freestanding style and the more traditional style of freestanding bathtubs. The name comes from the clawfoot design at the base of the tub, giving it a more elevated position.
  • SoakingSoaking tubs are designed to have a large water capacity, allowing a person to fully submerge their body for longer soak sessions.
  • Japanese –Japanese soaking tubs are designed to have a large water capacity, except they also carry the benefit of being much more compact than other soaking tubs, allowing them to fit in much more modest bathrooms.

copper tub example.

Pros & Cons of Copper Tubs

There are many benefits of a copper tub with few negatives. Copper tubs are durable, mold-resistant, antibacterial, eco friendly, have excellent heat retention and enjoy an incredibly long life span. For many people, this is one of the best materials on the market due to the durability of the material as well as it’s vibrant aesthetics. Copper tubs will also patina over time, developing a vibrant and unique finish over time. The negatives of this material is primarily its price point. Since it has so many benefits and it isn’t as widely mass produced, copper tubs tend to be one if not the most expensive bathtub material on the market. It also requires a bit more maintenance than other bathtub materials and you should avoid using harsh chemicals or you may damage the material itself. 

Copper vs Acrylic

Copper bathtubs enjoy many of the positives that acrylic bathtubs do. They are both flexible materials, able to be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They both are also durable and have good heat retention although copper is much more durable and has better heat retention than acrylic. In almost every way, copper bathtubs are much better than acrylic, providing better durability, heat retention and aesthetic appeal. Acrylic however, is much more affordable, in addition to being a lighter weight material, allowing it to be much more versatile than copper as a result. 

Copper vs Cast Iron 

Outwardly, cast iron enjoys similar benefits to copper as it is a very durable material with excellent heat retention, similar to copper. Cast iron is much more affordable as well, costing about half the price of copper. This is where the similarities end, with cast iron being a material that is vulnerable to heavy impacts. It is also one of the heaviest materials on the market, requiring floor reinforcement to support. On the other end, abrasive cleaners can be used on cast iron where they cannot be used on a copper tub. 

Cost of a Copper Tub 

As discussed previously, copper bathtubs tend to be the most expensive bathtubs on the market. For all the benefits listed previously, a high quality copper bathtub starts around $2500-3,000 and easily can climb to $35,000 depending on the size, features and style of the tub itself. The $2,500 price range describes the small size of copper tub, where $5,000-7,000 is typical for a medium sized tub. Lastly, for $7500-10,000+ is the large size of copper tubs. 

copper tub in bathroom.


Copper tubs come in a variety of sizes, all to suit different bathrooms and their individual needs. The ones mentioned below are common sizes, but of course, you can order a custom size as you see fit. 

On the low end of the spectrum, you have 55 inches and 60 inches in length. These are considered the small size of copper tubs. Up from that, we have 64-68 inches, providing the more average size of copper tubs. These encompass the medium size of copper tubs. Lastly, you have 70-75 inches and beyond. 70 inches and beyond is considered to be the largest sized tub on the market, though if you have additional money to spend, you can certainly go larger if so desired. 

Copper tub health benefits

Since copper has natural antibacterial properties, your tub will always remain a hygienic environment. This extends to creating a healthier environment to bathe in, meaning your water will be cleaner than typical bath water, especially if you like it soak in your copper tub for an extended period of time. 

Are copper tubs safe?

Copper tubs constructed from pure copper are completely safe. Lower quality copper tubs may contain unsafe levels of mercury or lead, which is unsafe for bathing, so you should check your tubs composition to ensure it does not contain harmful elements.  

While they are quite expensive, copper tubs are some of the best on the market. Providing health benefits as well as containing the benefits of all other materials on the market, copper bathtubs are a great choice, so consider one for your home today. 


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