Countertop Sink WB-05-L

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Material: High Quality Stone Resin
Dimensions: 31.4 x 18.8 x 4.7 in
Weight: 49 Lbs
Color: Matte White, Glossy White

The Badeloft Countertop Sink WB-05-L is a large sink in Badeloft’s rectangle style. Badeloft has redefined this classic design by adding thick borders that bring out the sink’s distinctive hard angles. At the same time, these thick basin edges provide practical space for soaps and toiletries. The flat interior of the basin has a pleasing symmetry, and at over 2.5 feet long, it is spacious enough for multiple simultaneous users. Built to last, the sink is made of stone resin, a composite of marble and limestone hardened with acrylic polymer. Stone resin is non-porous and damage-resistant. It will keep its sheen for years to come with little maintenance. The countertop sink includes a pop-up drain in your choice of color, and it comes in a matte or glossy white finish. Wall-mounted and sink-mounted faucets are compatible with installation.

Note: This sink does NOT come with predrilled faucet holes.

Material: High Quality Stone Resin
Dimensions: 31.4 x 18.8 x 4.7 in
Weight: 49 Lbs
Color: Matte White, Glossy White

Similar to Corian, stone resin is a composite of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. It is an ideal material for high quality bath fixtures as the heat retention is amazing. Our products are manufactured to be eco-friendly using non-toxic materials that are safe for our clients. It is 100% non-porous and is unaffected by external forces such as moisture and humidity.

Because of difference characteristics in the matte and glossy finish there can be minimal differences in the sizes.

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1 review for Countertop Sink WB-05-L

    October 2, 2015
    I needed to cover hexagonal openings in my master bath counter. The best sinks for the size of the opening were the Badeloft WB-05-M. I contacted Tyler at Badeloft USA and he answered all my questions. He sent the 2 sinks by Fedex and we had them 2 days after we ordered them. In our family, I usually do all the handyman jobs, so my husband is not that experienced with working with tools. I was worried about drilling the sink faucet holes, but it was as easy as Tyler had said it would be. My husband even did a little of the work. You are grinding more than drilling so it takes some time, but with the right bit (which is explained on the Badeloft website and available at Harbor Freight) it's easy. Once it was all installed and I was looking at the bright chrome drain cap that did not go with our faucet , I remembered that we could get our choice of cap. I called Tyler and he sent out the caps the next day, even expediting the shipment. I went with the glossy white since that matched the sink and would look good with any faucet I might put on the sink. I was glad that I had not picked the drain plug cap beforehand as then I would have chosen nickel (to match the faucet) and with our hard water, spots would have shown terribly! I was so impressed with the professionalism of this company and how easy they were to deal with. I highly recommend them.
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