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10 Benefits of a Bathroom Sink with Vanity

Considering a bathroom vanity for your home? Or do you think your bathroom needs to be bigger? Today, we will look at bathroom vanities and see how they benefit every sized bathroom, from large to small and whether you should consider one with your existing bathroom sink.

10 benefits of a bathroom sink with vanity.

What is a Bathroom Vanity, and Why Does My Sink Need One?

A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink and a storage structure. The primary function of the vanity is to provide a secure platform for your sink and to hide any exposed plumbing that extends from it. Over the years, the bathroom vanity has been elevated with its unique design and aesthetics that can either complement or contrast with the bathroom space. When choosing your vanity, your design can be minimalist or intricate, but it is highly recommended that you opt for more storage options. 

Key Benefits of the Bathroom Vanity.

Here are the benefits a bathroom vanity will bring into your space:

1. Keep Things Out of Sight

With toiletries, cleaning supplies, and plumbing, your bathroom can quickly get cluttered. A vanity hides these elements from view, giving your bathroom a much cleaner and more presentable look. In addition, it can also hide any imperfections or damaged areas of your bathroom from view. Your bathroom vanity can also house any storage bins or additional storage containers to keep your space more organized. 

2. Save Space

A large vanity can keep drastically improve the available space in your bathroom. Vanities usually house multiple drawers and large cabinets for storing many of your bathroom amenities, such as cleaning supplies and toiletries. If you install a floating vanity, you can utilize more of your available space and free up the bottom portion of your vanity without losing much. 

3. Better Aesthetic

A bathroom vanity shields unwanted elements, such as pipes, from view and provides a much cleaner and more organized aesthetic. After that, you and your guests can focus on your vanity and your sink rather than the clutter in your bathroom. A good bathroom vanity gives you more organization opportunities and a blank canvas to help set the mood for the space. 

4. Cost-Effective

Storage options are always a premium in the bathroom and vanities provide a cost-effective way of providing both storage and an anchor for your sink. Similar storage options such as shelving and racks will look odd and misplaced in your bathroom, displaying open elements such as pipes and wiring to your guests. A vanity provides both storage and a support foundation for your sinks at a much more affordable price. 

5. Helps Keep the Space Organized

Bathroom clutter can be quite overwhelming, so it’s important to stay on top of it. A bathroom vanity centralizes all the elements in your bathroom and provides a storage solution. Since the vanity is large enough to house multiple items, you can store and easily access them when you need them, keeping your counter space clear for other bathroom accessories you may need. Organization is also key as bathrooms can be quite dangerous with multiple power outlets and the presence of water, so organization is paramount to safety.

6. Can Renew the Look of Your Bathroom

A bathroom vanity provides a blank canvas for you to express what you want for the space itself. You can choose any design or experiment with the material of your choice-so long as it’s sturdy and moisture-resistant. Often times, installing a new bathroom vanity along with a high-quality sink can transform your bathroom into a much more luxurious space and make your sink the focal point. 

7. Increase Home Value

Potential buyers are always on the hunt for storage options. Since storage is a premium for your bathroom, a large bathroom vanity will not only be eye-catching for buyers but assure them that the space is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Even the smallest update of paint paired with a good sink will make your bathroom feel more comfortable than any other fixture. 

8. Customizable

Bathroom vanities are large cabinets which means that many of their components can be swapped out to fit your individual storage needs. You can tailor your vanity with additional compartments, add more drawers or remove them for more cabinet space. You can also utilize the backwall and install a rack for cleaning supplies or other bathroom accessories. And if you don’t like your current setup, you can start over and change it into something you like.

9. Makes Cleaning Easier

Since everything with the vanity is so centralized and organized, cleaning is much easier as you don’t have to navigate different elevations or reach behind anything. You can easily clean your sink countertop, sink, and mirrors. Compared to sinks without a vanity, you would need to reach behind the sink and clean the under-compartments as well.

10. More Counter Space

A bathroom vanity guarantees you more counter space, and the additional space gives you a wide range of options. More counter space means more room for your bathroom accessories, it provides ample space for multiple users and just provides more options for your bathroom. 

Custom vs Standard Vanity

When it comes to selecting your vanity, you have two options available: custom or standard. A standard vanity is a general prefabricated vanity that comes in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 84 inches. Keep in mind that these sizes will cater to a general format, and you have no real control over how much available space your vanity provides as it is already constructed. These vanities will also be much cheaper than custom vanities and range between $300-1,000. However, you are limited in your vanity and countertop material, with metal, wood, and composite being the most common.

On the other hand, a custom vanity will be much more expensive, ranging from $500-1200 starting, but you can customize every aspect. You can designate the size you want, the amount of space you are looking for, and more importantly, you can select what material you are looking for. So in summary:

Standard Vanity Pros

  • Affordable
  • Easy to purchase
  • Easy to install
  • Comes pre-built
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • Quality of service is guaranteed

Standard Vanity Cons

  • Limited material options
  • Limited to store selection/vendor availability
  • Cheaper material
  • Must DIY or call a professional to install

Custom Vanity Pros

  • Highly customizable
  • High-quality material
  • Custom Vanity providers will include installation as part of their service

Custom Vanity Cons

  • More expensive
  • Must contact an experienced vendor
  • Quality of service will vary
  • Must design the vanity yourself

Common Questions

Here are common questions associated with purchasing a bathroom vanity:

Should I DIY the install or hire a professional?

This answer will depend entirely on your experience. A vanity is just a large cabinet, so there isn’t anything inherently dangerous about installing it yourself. However, remember that you want to ensure that your vanity has proper entry and exit points for pipes and wiring. Additionally, you will have to install your sink as well. So, if you are inexperienced, contract a professional to handle everything instead of risking the potential of damaging your vanity. 

What material is best for my vanity?

Any composite material, such as faux marble or stone resin, is recommended for your countertop. Concrete, granite, quartz, and marble are also great options, as your countertops just need to be sturdy and water-resistant. For the bottom half of your vanity, you want a material that can handle the high humidity of the bathroom, so sealed natural wood variant, composite wood, or metal are acceptable choices. 

Can I wall mount my vanity? 

Yes, you can wall mount your vanity to help free up floor space. However, when you mount your vanity, ensure it is properly secured to prevent accidents.

Do I have to replace my entire vanity if something goes wrong?

Most elements of your bathroom vanity are piecemeal, so you can replace parts without replacing the entire vanity. However, this question will largely depend on the damage done. Damaged countertops are a bigger hassle to replace than a damaged door or drawer. 

Can I install a vanity in any size bathroom?

Yes, a wide range of vanity sizes are available, so you can easily fit a vanity into any sized bathroom. 

Today we looked at vanities and the benefits they bring to a bathroom. They help organize the space, provide a solid foundation for your sink, and help to protect your pipes and bathroom accessories. So consider a bathroom vanity for your space to add another vibrant focal point and depth.

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